Journey: Wrath of Demons

by Marrow Production

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    1. Mantichor

      What exactly IS being shipped? I guess none of the expansions?

    2. Nakano

      @Mantichor Jiangshi and/or Bridge set if you ordered them. Items are shipped directly from Hong Kong.

    3. Harry Freeman on

      Should I have received my order also game yet? It's been years and I still haven't received a thing!!

    4. Mad Martigan on

      Thank you very much for another on-time monthly update and for the progress on the Bridge and Jiang-Shi.

      Good luck with the Chinese rules, hopefully this will lead to more sales, giving you the necessary funds to complete the outstanding expansions sooner rather than later.

      Thank you for the improved communication.

    5. Kosongz on

      Thanks for the update and Happy Chinese New Year to you!

    6. Zaid Fouquette on

      Lest I forget...
      - Jiangshi + Coffin Set (Halloween Special) (Plastic) - being packaged.
      - Soul Hunters + Cleansers Set 2 (Plastic) - no news
      - Ugragosa Centipede Demon (Resin) - no news
      - The White Bone Demons Expansion - in development
      - Single Journey (Second Early Bird Special) - CHECK

      No bridges but all in all good.

    7. ray bans

      Keep working and plugging away

      it is refreshing to see a creator that keeps working towards fulfilling the project, when so many that I have seen just give up and disappear.

      remembering, backing kickstarters is a risk, and not guarantee, it is wonderful to see you still working on things to bring it about.

      thank you for your perseverance and not taking the easy option.

    8. Missing avatar

      khoshmar on

      Where, exactly, are these being shipped to?
      I've moved multiple times since the kickstarter began.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tom Snider on

      @Khoshmar - They’re sending them to the addresses they have on record, as updated by all the emails they got after the last update where they specifically asked for address changes. You may want to get on sending them that email.

    10. Missing avatar

      Wolf Lord on

      Thank you for continuing this project. It is a wonderful game.

    11. Balgin Stondraeg

      I'll be eagerly anticipating notification of a new shipment.

    12. Fly Fish Head on

      Did I miss comments on the resin set? I have not received my set.

    13. Missing avatar

      radek on

      Hi guys! Glad u r making progress. Even small progress is progress. But why not wait for more stuff to be shipped, instead of using ur limited funds already now on shipping this small pack and kinda throwing money out of the window?

    14. ray bans

      I agree Radek, but they have been getting so much pressure from others,

      they probably feel obliged to ship something

    15. Kosongz on

      I have received my jiangshi set and the demon gates! Thank you and Happy Chap Goh Mei to you!

    16. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Got my package yesterday in Canada, let's hope the rest comes in faster.

    17. Missing avatar

      KunHsin on

      Did I miss comments on the resin set? I have not received my set.

    18. Chris on

      Still trying to get in touch to update new shipping address as I have moved since the original box got sent out. But glad to see progress happening

    19. Missing avatar

      KunHsin on

      Did I miss comments on the resin set? I have not received my set.

    20. Zaid Fouquette on

      Package arrived, got Jiangshi. Very nice box. I probably won't be able to play for a little while, since I have to take my game out from storage and relearn the rules, but I hope it'll be enjoyable.

      While it's been a hell of a ride between now and Update 142 (Apr '16) when wave 2 was first presented I'm glad it's being completed. Can't wait for the Yaus.