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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Joseph Pilarski on

      Still have not received my base game it has been years

    2. Adrian D on

      Hi, if I don't need to update my address do I still need to email to confirm that to still receive the Jiangshi and Bridge set, or will they just ship to the same address as the core box without me doing anything?

    3. Zaid Fouquette on

      "Hi Zaid,

      Could you please send us your address info so we can proceed with the Jiangshi set shipment?
      As we cannot deliver the package to PO Box.

      Thank you,
      Best Regards,

      Hon Ho
      Marrow Production"

      Things are moving! (I hope)

    4. Hubert on

      Jiangshi and Plastic Bridges update


      REALLY? I mean really?

    5. Chris on

      Hey guys your email isn't working, is there another we can send to?

    6. Mad Martigan on

      Thank you for the update.

      Thank you for giving people a mechanism for letting you know about address changes.

      Thank you for demonstrating that you are working on building relationships and support so that you can produce the items that we are still owed.

      Thank you for showing physical evidence that this is still being worked i.e. pictures of new product. What we need now is an idea of when you will be sending these out. It doesn't have to be specific day of a specific month immediately but give an indication on whether it will be this Quarter. We also need an idea of approximate shipping times for each area of the world i.e. HK,China, USA, Europe, Australia etc.

      Previously, you have not given specific dates to avoid disappointment if dates slip. Things happen and dates do slip. If you communicate properly about why dates need to change, this need not be a problem.

      If there is a problem holding up the shipping of the JiangShi and Bridge Sets, tell us what it is.
      We cannot understand or be sympathetic if you do not explain why.

      There are multiple people still awaiting resins. Give an update on this please.


    7. marc tarrington on

      I feel the same as steve just got the core game nothing else ,was my first kick stater

    8. Missing avatar

      Steve Watmough on

      Good to see we will be receiving something soon. Just echoing @PeZet - will the resins be shipping along with the bridges? My cousin also backed this project but at a lower level (Single Journey as opposed to my Premium Journey) and he received the four resin pilgrims with his original game, whereas I have invested more heavily and haven't received a single resin model yet - not even the original four? Highly disappointing.

    9. Zaid Fouquette on

      I wish I could be as understanding and forgiving as some of you, but I'm not. I'm going to echo some of the sentiments of Madmartigan (he may be gone now) and add some of my own -
      Not paying themselves a salary was a mistake. Keeping this a 2 man hobby project was a mistake. The scale and organization of this has been a mistake for however many years it's been and however many years it will continue to run. We've seen so many things that would have been worthwhile and I have a hard time imagining how any of what's left could be delivered.
      And for that matter, I don't understand how the game could win an award for Best Young Property: the game has been out for years and the Web store continues to sell the box we all got in exactly the same presentation it has always been - meaning the retooling for a smaller box with a lower pricetag we'd heard about never materialized.

      I know we're not shareholders and we're not investors so we aren't owed the explanations owed to such - which is why we've never gotten such - but as the years and years continue to drag on with this elusive second shipment always about to come, always about to finish development and always about to ship I can't help but feel these updates are lacking any real information, company or production wise, and I may as well imagine it's the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus dropping the product off at my postbox...

    10. Kosongz on

      Well, this is amazing news. I am so glad I keep the faith with you guys.

    11. ray bans

      @magisystem: well said.

      @xavier: there are a lot that got caught out on that, not realising the pit falls in going to far.

    12. Xavier

      I think they have seen to big when they have made theit KS. But at that time everything was crazy. Zombicide, Kingdom Death, Robotech and others where all about lots of free SG and new add ons. At the same moment they where doing Journey their was Shadow of Brimstone who was one BIG KS. But it was a time before we could see how some KS could go crash
      Now most of the KS play it safer and they would have done it safer if they made the game today. Less SG, less Add ons. But at that time they hade to do that to shine, like evryone else.

    13. Alex Bass on

      Thanks, guys! I'm very happy this game is still being worked on!

    14. Missing avatar

      PeZet on

      I am so happy for you. And how are my resins? Not so well, I take it.

    15. Christopher Bragg on

      I still believe in you guys (heart face) - keep up the amazing work and I will finish this ... Journey, together! X

    16. Pressureman on

      @magisystem: Fully agree with you, well expressed.

    17. magisystem on

      @Puschel: to be fair, The Marrow team consists only of the two people you see in the photo. They are not a big company. and the money they collected through the campaign ran out several years ago (pretty much during sending out the base games). Other companies, bigger ones, would have just called it a day and abandoned their project entirely. But those two guys work fulltime to make a living, and make everything campaign related in their free time and from their personal money that they earn from their jobs. That they still didn't give up after those years, and still do everything they can to deliver, is really impressive imho.
      I am happy that they still work on that project, since the game is a lot of fun, and even if we have to be patient, there still is progress, while I saw a lot of projects getting abandonded over the last years.

    18. Missing avatar

      Puschel on

      Update Nr. 142, April 2016:
      "We are beginning to plan for Wave 2 production...
      Wave 2 will include some small packs and one full expansion:
      • Jiangshi Boxed Set
      • Plastic Bridges Boxed Set
      • Bone Demon Expansion
      .... We do not want to miss more deadlines, so we are not giving you a date, but to set expectations, you will not receive Wave 2 before Q4 2016"

      Marrow, you are right. We will not receive Wave 2 before Q4 2016. But nearly THREE YEARS! And nothing to see from the Bone Demon Expansion. Some rules, some tiles, one! mini.
      What are the plans for the rest of all the stuff we have baked? 20 Years?
      You are really, REALLY kidding us!

    19. Missing avatar

      Anthony W on

      Would love to see some updates on the stretched goals

    20. S Buntenbach

      Please give us the sg 's in the Same shipping (min. the double once)

    21. Nicole Persram

      @Nakano - Cool, cool. Just figured I'd ask cause my address changed. If/when those ever get sent out, I should be able to update it then. Thanks.

    22. Nakano

      @Nicole Stretchgoals haven't been sent at all. If fulfillment one day gets that far, those are probably the last items to be sent to us (as we unlocked some expansion characters and those expansions haven't been completed yet).

    23. Nicole Persram

      @Nakano - Yeah, I don't mind. All stretch goals, or were some sent already? Just want to make sure I'm on the right page. Thanks!

    24. Nakano

      @Nicole You have a long wait ahead of you, you're waiting stretchgoals.
      @Marrow Does these ship directly from China and not through local hubs? Comment if you read our comments.

    25. eng621 on

      When do you expect to start shipping?

    26. Nicole Persram

      It's been a long time, I honestly can't remember. If we got the base box no addons, what are we still waiting on? Thanks.