Journey: Wrath of Demons

by Marrow Production

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    1. Middletone on

      and what... We want our expansions or our money. ;(

    2. Kosongz on

      Thanks for the update.

    3. Pressureman on

      Thanks for the update, I really appreciate the effort you have made to keep posting regularly over the last several months, and am looking forward to seeing the bridges and Jiang-shi in 2019.

    4. Christopher Bragg on

      Thank you for the update. :)

      @Middletone - I understand your annoyance, I'm $385 deep into this project and can emphasise greatly but the only thing we can do now is to encourage any development we can and hope for the best.

      @MarrowProductions - A lot of us have moved house since the initial dispatch date of this project. I recommend creating a brand new pledge manger just for the items you have to dispatch in January, just so we can send across our new address which is connected to our pledge number.

      Good luck with the trade shows as increasing your retail presence will certainly aid in generating funds to help us backers get our goodies. :)

    5. Paint'Riot Studio

      Thanks for update !

    6. S Buntenbach

      Hope we see the sg in the shipping too (special the double minis)
      It takes so long time for us backers from the First hour

    7. Painted Armies on

      Please work on your initial commitment to fulfill pledge. I’m still waiting for resin figures, as well as a lot of other goodies. Yes, I’m $350+ in the hole with this project too.


    8. Balgin Stondraeg

      Thanks for the monthly update. The Jiangshi and bridges would be a most welcome reassurance that other things might eventually be on the way.

    9. Azazel A on

      Will you also ship extra figures from the core set (which you should have in hand - and we paid for) alongside the bridges? It should save a bit of cash on your end to combine them into a single shipment.

    10. Denis Maddalena

      I swear we've been seeing this "Jianshi any day now" message for two years.

    11. Jeff N

      Glad to see this update and I'm looking forward to getting these. I think the recent updates are a nice improvement -- keep up the good work!

    12. Mad Martigan on

      Thank you for the update and thank you for starting to include details of progress and expected timescales for outstanding items as well as developments on the retail version and your visits to trade shows.

      Most of us have the Kickstarter version of the game (if there are still people who don't, you need to sort this as soon as possible) so our only real interest in the retail version and the retail shows are because they get you enough money to speed up production of the outstanding add-ons.

      Please continue to have details of progress on outstanding items especially with timescales in every monthly update.
      If these have to change, tell us sooner rather than later. If we know and understand why then we get less frustrated than if you do not tell us anything.

      Have a good Christmas and New Year.

    13. Nakano

      Is shipping directly from China and not through local fulfillment centers?

    14. Hubert on

      "we are about the receive the Jiangshi set and Bridge set productions from the factory and we are aiming to ship them out during January"

      HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH. what a joke

    15. Nick Knight on

      i need to update shipping address, where do i do that? i sent a message but no response.

    16. basement.dweller on

      Hey Marrow, looking forward to getting some more of my stuff. I have an order email if you need it - and let me know if you need an adress. Thanks.

    17. BOEVER Daniel on

      Still witing for the rest of my pledge..... :-(
      Update or infos would be nice
      waiting several years......
      are you serious????????????