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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.

Important: Update Your Address Now!

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We have good news to share, but you must read the new paragraph carefully. Printing, packaging, shipping, etc, is on track, with printing being complete. We have a true production sample. So now is the time we need your correct address.

We have good news to share, but you must read the new paragraph carefully. Printing, packaging, shipping, etc, is on track, with printing being complete. We have a true production sample. So now is the time we need your correct address.

This is the important part: We must have your correct address before Sunday May 3rd (Hong Kong time). You have been able to change your addresses in the pledge manager for some time now and we hope most (all!!!) of you have given us a correct address. But we know this project has taken a long time and you may have moved and forgotten, etc, so this is your last change reminder. Send an e-mail to the address below with the subject set to “Shipping Address”. Include your name, Kickstarter username, the full address you want us to ship the core game to and a daytime contact phone number.

If you are moving or on vacation at the estimated delivery time, we suggest you use a friend’s or relative’s fixed address.

This is the fun part: We finally have a production copy of Journey in the office!!! You cannot imagine how nervous we were to open the box. If we saw a problem, it would have been too late to fix. But it was beautiful, much better than we expected.

We have seen many samples, but this box had two important differences from anything we saw before. First, this is the first time we have seen many of the finished items. For example the cards: we saw samples printed with the correct ink and we saw white cards embossed and coated. This was the first time we have seen our finished cards. Second and more importantly, this is the first time we have received all the items together, packaged correctly. In the past, we were shipped an empty box or a manual in an envelope, or bags of minis, etc. To unpack the box and see all the parts in their glory was eye opening. Here are some details and photos.

We have to start with some minis, even though you’ve seen them before. These come protected in a molded plastic tray, housed inside a Kraft paper box. They are extremely well protected. With luck, we expect to have the minimum amount of shipping damage.

We were really pleased with the printed material. As we told you before, we were at the last hurdle with our first printing company and the arrangement fell through over some final issues. We are sorry for the delay, but those last two problems were a stroke of luck: switching companies was the best thing we could have done. The new printed material is much brighter and more vibrant and the details are much sharper, especially in the manual. It’s like switching from DVDs to Blu-Rays; we were perfectly happy with DVDs and did not know things could be better.

 The texture and finish on the cards is perfect.

The heavy card stock is impressive. The compression step at the end takes the thick cardstock and makes it thinner and harder, but just as heavy, of course. It is really solid. When you get your box, we want you to hold up a map tile and tap it with your knuckle. It makes a great ringing noise and feels really hard. We have never handled card like this before. And the rule book was compressed too, it feels slimmer and the fold is well creased.

The tokens got the same treatment, so they are hard, vibrant and have a linen texture embossed on them. But the thing that impresses us the most is how they press out of the sheet. They are firmly in place and won’t slip during shipping, but pop out cleanly, with no damage.

We were up late making the obligatory “Unboxing Video” and we’ll edit and post it as soon as we can. It shows a few more details.

Hey! Do we have your correct shipping address? If not, stop looking at the eye candy and send us an e-mail or message in Kickstarter.

More info to follow.

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    1. BOEVER Daniel on

      When will it be delivered here in Europe????

    2. David Pawley on

      Is it too late to update my address?

    3. Demented Games on

      Are the resin versions of the models shipping too?

    4. TAMN on

      That sure is a beautiful sight to see. Well done guys. Looking forward to the unboxing video and looking forward to getting the game in my grubby little paws even more. Great news and a good job well done :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Kumquat on

      looking great, cant wait to get my hands on it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Robb on

      Could you please provide a link to the pledge manager once more?

    7. Critical Mass Games on

      That is great news, well done to you all, it looks amazing and I am really excited to get the game and start playing. Thank you for your efforts with this you guys are great!

    8. Missing avatar

      Warren Scherich on

      I cant wait to get some paint on those miniatures!

    9. Daniel Cassidy

      If i hadn't backed KD:M this would be on its way to me '_'

    10. Les Fulbrook on

      Brilliant! I've sent a confirmation email to you guys, only because i wanted to confirm it'll go to my work address and not my home (there's always someone in the office ;P)
      Once again I'd like to thank you for all your hard work and diligence. The quality control you guys have put in is exemplary and just about every other kickstarter could learn from this. The project may have taken longer than expected initially but it's clearly a labour of love and from what we've seen so far it's been worth every second you guys have taken. when you combine this with the clear updates and good communications I think you should be rightly proud of yourselves and your forthcoming game. Brilliance all round. Thank you again

    11. Godfather Punk

      Thanks @Marrow but the previous update also said 'Take this with a pinch of salt ' :^)
      If you're using USPS then there's no problem; I'll have 14 days to pick it up at the post office. But other couriers (DHL) only give you a 1 week window to arrange another delivery.

    12. Zombieversteher on

      i am sooooo glad i baked this project even when i was one of the slower backer´s.

      The figures itself are worth the money and setting for me a new standard and scale for every other boardgame figures...

      i wish shadow of brimstone figures would have half of the details of the Journey figures-_-

    13. Ephasian on

      So excited for this one.
      When can we see some models of the expansions?

    14. Marrow Production Creator on

      @JH if it is same address, no need to change it.
      @Ben - the estimate date we have mention it in our last update :-)
      @weebph - yes!
      @Godfather Punk - the estimate date it is mention in our last update. For EU it will proper during July to early August.
      @Stampede @Hubert - yes, all EU rewards will be ship it to a local distributor.
      @Dremacon - the measurement of the box is 495mm (L) x 326mm (W) x 110mm (H)

      And please send us email only if you have changed your address. You do not need to update your address if it is the same one.
      Thank you everyone!

    15. Dremacon on

      Also wondering what preliminary delivery window we're looking at, but for Hong Kong.

      Another question; what are the measurements for the box? Living here I'm sure you know how cramped it can get and how hard it can be to find space for a massive game box... need to start thinking where to put it.

    16. Hubert on

      I follow the requests from below. Delivery time for EU and ship from location for EU details

    17. Stampede

      @Marrow: How is distribution handled to EU? Are you shipping to a local distributor covering import taxes etc? Speaking of being EU friendly.

    18. Artem Filatov

      Good news!
      I have interest also when there will be expansions for the game.
      Maybe it would be quite good to start the second Kickstarter for expansions...

    19. Godfather Punk

      @Marrow Productions - "If you are moving or on vacation at the estimated delivery time"
      When is this estimated delivery for Europe, please?

    20. Stuart Witcombe on

      All those goodies in one box. I'm looking forward to this. Great job well done.

    21. Pete on

      @Marrow - Please tell me you guys ship to P.O. Boxes!?

    22. Missing avatar


      Wow, those look beautiful! I've had the occasional days where I wondered what I was thinking when I pledged so much for such a niche game, but then another update comes along and removes all doubt. Thank you, guys, for helping to keep me excited all these months!

    23. Mark Kessell on

      whooops, i mean marrow productions :o

    24. Mark Kessell on

      @JH i'd email them anyway what ever it is. just to be sure they have the correct address.

      @GBG it looks awesome. cant wait to get my copy. :)

    25. Balgin Stondraeg

      Oh how wonderful this update has been :).

    26. Missing avatar

      weebph on

      @Marrow Productions - Aside from resin scenery, what else will be included in the first wave of shipping? Will resin versions of the 4 pilgrims also be included?

    27. Ben Stones on

      What is the estimated delivery date mentioned in the update - for those of us considering whether we will be moving or away

    28. JH on

      I'm a little confused. Do I need to update my address if it hasn't changed?

    29. Steve Billups on

      Looks great. Congratulations!!