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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Monthly update


Hello backers,

This month update we would like to show you some more info of our White Bone Demons expansion.

The White Bone Demons play very differently to the Bull Demons, being faster and harder to cleanse. Faster means it is easier for the Pilgrims to get overrun. With the Cleanse Ritual being less effective, Pilgrims will have to risk more kills and Bad Karma. You will need new strategies to defeat the White Bone Demons. Also we have made some new elements into the quests as well. Below are the final artwork map tiles for this expansion.



As all the bridge boxes are almost complete with their packaging, here we have the first two painted bridge ready for photo shooting.


Here is the final master for White Bone Demon Warrior in all his glory. As you can see, there are far more details in the sculpt now, compared to the work in progress we showed before.

Last but not least, as we have mentioned about our distribution deal in the previous update, we are delighted to announce that Edge Entertainment will be our official retail publisher. Also we are thrilled to see that Journey has made it to Gencon with a demo game!

 More info to follow!

Monthly update


Hello backers,

This month update we would first like to show you some shipping update for the resin packages. We were busy packing and some packages have been shipped out already.


Next is the preview for the rest of the Yau Demon rulesheet with all 3 quests. These events take place before the Pilgrims fight the Demon Lords in Volcano City in the final battle of the core game. By playing these Quests, you will not only learn the rules for the Yau Demon AI, but you will see different ways to incorporate the Yau Demons into existing Quests, or Quests that you have created yourself.


Also we have taken some close up shots of the further sculpting progress we have on the White Bone Demon Warrior. We have spent quite a lot of time to configure and adjust the sculpting of the armor which can fit best on the White Bone Demon Warrior.

And last we have some important news to share. Basically, we saved enough money to complete the project, but there is no money to pay ourselves. So the problem has been finding time to work on the next wave of expansions, because we need to work at our day jobs.  

All along, our plan was never to pay ourselves from the KS funds: we hoped that retail sales of Journey would be the source of our income. Unfortunately we could not get Journey: Wrath of Demons into retail sales. It was simply too big and too expensive for us to handle. And luckily we have finally struck a retail deal. Because the distributor wants to control the roll out, we can’t give too much information at the moment. But just the fact that we will start to have sales is good for our backers, as we can start that plan to free up more of our time to work on the expansions.  

To take Journey to market, we had to change the game. So now the Kickstarter box is a special version, larger in every way; it has more miniatures, quests, map tiles and cards. The smaller retail edition has exactly the same quality components and gamers may be able to buy the components we removed as expansions produced at a later date. Other than the way the components are bundled into packs, there will be nothing available to retail shoppers that backers do not have.  

Once the distributor makes an announcement, we will pass on more information about the changes.  

At the moment, we do not think this affects the packaging of any Journey’s game components. For example, the retail version of mini expansions, such as the Jiangshi and Yau Demons, or full expansions, like the Bone Demons, will be the same as we deliver to our Kickstarter backers. And backers will receive the items before reaching to the retails.  

More info to follow!

Monthly Update


Hello Backers!

Apologize for the delay of this monthly update due to our illness; we caught some nasty disease at the studio and we were not able to work properly. This month update we are going to show you our recent visit to the factory to check on the production progress.

Below are some images we took at the factory. The bridges require very simple assembly and we did a quick assemble for each style of the bridge and took some photos.




 Overall we are quite satisfy with the quality of the casting production. 




 Next is the Jiangshi Set casting production, a group shot of the miniatures of both Jaingshi and Coffin.  

 A close up image of the coffin. 

 A lot of Jiangshi miniatures. Quality looks good too.


There are some final details to review on the printing files for both Bridge set and Jiangshi set. Soon we will begin the printing production for the packaging. 

Also we are working on the layout and all the printing element for the Yau Demons set. Below is a preview on the Yau Demons Rulesheet.


Regarding to the resin packages, currently we are waiting for some restocks from our castor and should be ready and ship out the packages during July.  

More info soon!

May Monthly Update


Hello Backers!

This month update we are going to show you further sculpting progress on the White Bone Demon Warrior. In this image you can see there are lot of details going on with the sculpting, especially we liked the muscles appear on both arms and legs. The armor will be add on next and it should be complete in our next update. We hope you like it so far.

Next we want to show you some preview of the Yau Demons quest. Below is the map for setting up the introduction quest of the Yau Demons.

Yau Demons do not normally Spawn from Gates like other Demons. Instead, they inhabit a specific Territory on the mortal plane. They are strongly tied to the Territory and can only be banished from this world for a short while.



As Yau Demons do not use the Demon Rage game mechanic. The maximum number of Yau Demons in the game is equal to the number of Haunting Tokens placed during the Quest setup. And this is how the Haunting token look likes.

This month we have been focusing more on the production side with both casting and printing factory. We have some correction to make on the packaging and printing sample to receive.


During June we will visit the factory and have quality check on the production on Jiangshi set and Bridge set. We will be showing more of the production update from the factory. 

Once again, we would like to ask if any backers would like to receive their resin package, please kindly contact us via message and we will get back to you regarding the shipping charges and the detail of your packages. Thank you once again for your continue support.

Until the next update!

April Monthly Update


Hello backers!

Here is a monthly update to show our current status and process. We believe a picture paints a thousand words, so we will try to show more images of what we have been working on the pass few weeks.

First of all, we would like to show you the pictures of the process of how we separated the Yau Demons and ready for molding. 

Some painting process of Jing Yau. 



The painting was completed and ready for some studio photo shooting. Notice that the Zing Yau on the left was painted by Roman Lappat from Massive Voodoo. It was such an honor to have Roman painted the Zing Yau for us!

 Different angle of Zing & Jing Yau.



 Also some more preview of the Jiangshi rulesheet. 

Last but not least, the new sculpt has began for the White Bone Demons expansion.

Below you can see all 4 White Bone Demons wired structure. Front is the White Bone Queen, on the right side is the White Bone Beast, left side is the White Bone General and White Bone Warrior. 

A close up shot of the main body of the White Bone Warrior. 

We would also like to mention currently we are working on the resin package shipping and are overwhelmed with all the support from our backers. We have quite a lot of packages needs to be prepared and ready. Please give us some more time and we will contact the backers one by one regarding to the shipping charges and details of their packages. We are still trying our best to find the most suitable option for shipping out these packages with lower cost possible.

Until the next update!