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Deluxe Mac&Cheese Kits that are as good as homemade. Our recipe creates an authentic bechamel-cheese sauce & includes a crouton topping
Deluxe Mac&Cheese Kits that are as good as homemade. Our recipe creates an authentic bechamel-cheese sauce & includes a crouton topping
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    1. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rudy 6 days ago

      Ok, this is getting a bit silly. Updates?

    2. Will C on April 12

      Still waiting

    3. Missing avatar

      on April 2

      Still nothing

    4. Jason Ary on April 2

      Not fulfilling his Kickstarter orders nor providing updates....meanwhile you can buy product on his site that ships immediately.

      If you haven’t already, start filing complaints with Kickstarter as he isn’t fulfilling his obligations. A mass refund might be doable due to the backer’s inability to hold-up his end of the deal.

    5. Missing avatar

      Torianna Knettle
      on March 25

      any updates??

    6. Annette Reggio on March 21

      Nothing from me.

    7. Sal DiStefano on March 20

      Still nothing, are they still shipping? Has anyone received anything in the past few months?

    8. Kenneth Shaw
      on March 19

      When could I be expecting the shipment? Thanks!

    9. Dhiraj Dewan
      on February 22


      I would like a refund on my order, I am tired of waiting.

    10. Missing avatar

      Amanda Karr
      on February 21

      Do we have an update on when deliveries are going to be?

    11. Scott Lambert on February 9

      Still waiting! This is getting stupid! I am going to post that this guy is a scam really fast...

    12. Jason Ary on February 1

      Still waiting. He told me several months ago on Instagram he’d be sending them all out and here I am...well over a year later, with nothing.

      I’ve literally backed and had delivered electronic devices in the time you’ve not been able to deliver me 2 stinking boxes of dried pasta and powdered cheese.

      Come on, man. Own-up.

    13. Joel Perkins on January 10

      Yeah so mine came, tried the garlic parm this weekend and I was seriously shocked at how good it was. The wait was worth it! Can't wait to try the other flavors

    14. Missing avatar

      Amanda Karr
      on January 8

      Do we have an eta???

    15. Scott Mohnkern
      on January 4

      Wow, I presumed that when I received my mac and cheese, and also was able to order it online and get it, that all Kickstarter obligations were being filled.

      It appalls me how the creator has treated and failed to deliver promised product to over 1/3 of his backers while investing in, and expanding his business.

      I guess the only way I was able to get delivery was to file complaints with the stores that were purchasing his product about the creator failing to meet his obligation.

      That and a complete lack of transparent communication is absurd.

      While you may have a good product sir, I will not be a repeat customer.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kathy Koons
      on January 3

      This is the response I got from Kickstarter after I reported that the creator has not delivered the rewards to all of us, has not responded to messages through Kickstarter and has not responded to email:
      Thanks for reaching out and taking the time to bring this to our attention.

      I’ve reached out to this creator and offered our assistance. In my note I've encouraged them to provide an update on their project for backers, as well as respond to any messages sent through Kickstarter. My goal is to open the lines of communication and encourage them to update more openly moving forward. You should continue reaching out to them on your end as well. Through this joint effort, we’ll be reminding the creator to check in.

      I really appreciate you reaching out and being an active backer. The creative process can sometimes unpredictable, but we hope ultimately worthwhile for you as a backer.

      I hope you hear more from the project creator soon. Please be in touch if that's not the case.

      I have not heard from the creator.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Brown on January 2

      Still waiting for mine. Not a word

    18. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rudy on December 31

      What about all of us who haven’t received anything?

    19. Missing avatar

      on December 26

      still no word on mine either

    20. Jonathan Vanderford on December 26

      Also have not received or heard anything

    21. Missing avatar

      Kathy Koons
      on December 17

      Still nothing. No response to email, either.

    22. Dorian Henao on December 17

      I’m still waiting also. I’d appreciate an update.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rudy on December 17

      Still waiting

    24. Tricia Fajen on December 12

      Happy for those who apparently received, BUT WHERES MY MAC N CHEESE?!?!?

    25. Pamela Blossom
      on December 9

      I’m very disappointed in this Kickstarter project. As a Superbacker I’ve supported a great deal of new concepts, and I had high hopes for this one. A year later still no product, and no ‘fake news’ delivery promises either.

    26. Missing avatar

      Tom Bohrer on December 8

      Well my family seems to love it. Thanks!

    27. Daniel Berg on December 7

      Hard to believe after the delay but I want more NOW! Please sell on Amazon

    28. Missing avatar

      Alan M. on December 4

      Just reeived...

    29. Missing avatar

      William D Childress on December 4

      Am I going to get mine someday?

    30. Missing avatar

      niki carlson
      on December 2

      Nothing here!

    31. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rudy on December 2

      Still nothing!

    32. Missing avatar

      elizabeth mccloy
      on December 1

      Just got mine. I was super surprised he followed through.

    33. Missing avatar

      Kathy Koons
      on November 30

      I have gotten nothing.

    34. Tricia Fajen on November 29

      when will i get my box?! i’d love some mac and cheese

    35. Missing avatar

      Tanisha Stukes
      on November 23

      I got mine!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jentry McGee
      on November 19

      I just got my mac & son mac and cheese and i wish i had bought a case instead of one package! My whole family loved it especially since its real and not artificial. When are you planning to sell on amazon??

    37. Sidney on November 18

      Still patiently waiting on my pledge...

    38. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rudy on November 15

      Nothing yet. Fingers crossed!

    39. Brooke on November 15

      No shipment notification yet, but keeping my fingers crossed I receive one soon. Excited to try this product!

    40. Kurt Garcia
      on November 13

      I got my notification. Thank you. I am going to save the bags for Thanksgiving!

    41. Sandra Karolus
      on November 12

      I got my shipment notification—can’t wait to try it!

    42. Thomas McCalmont
      on November 11

      Really hoping for my shipment/notification soon... I promised someone this for last Christmas and am hoping to get it before this one. �

    43. Missing avatar

      Anthony Janke
      on November 10

      Oops. Jumped the gun on that post...

      No shipment notification or anything for me yet. I forgot if filled out the survey way back in March. How has it taken another 8 months to ship out our orders? Did the Creator expect everyone to fly to NYC to pick up mac and cheese?

    44. Missing avatar

      Anthony Janke
      on November 10

      Nothing for me

    45. Lindsay Richman on November 10

      I missed the pick-up!! Anyway I can still get mine?

    46. Jason Bierz
      on November 7

      I wanted to wait and try it before I posted a comment. And I sure am glad I did! This is some of the best mac & cheese I've ever had. This is some seriously good stuff! I'll definitely have to buy more than just these 6. And I do apologize for my words previously. But a little more communication would have been nice. Thanks for coming through with a good product though.

    47. Scott Mohnkern
      on November 7

      It seems like shipments are going out slow, Has anyone not gotten a shipment notification yet? If so, I'd contact him via email.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jerry Harris on November 5

      haven't received mine either. :-(

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