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A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
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Reprints Away!

Posted by Horizon Games (Creator)

tl;dr  Reprints started shipping.  Extra 60 and 90 card Supplemental decks were printed, so backers who did not receive the extras they ordered originally will get them now.


Reprints have begun shipping to backers.  However, two important things to understand about that:

1)  This entire process has been an unexpected expense, so to reduce costs, we're using a smaller fulfillment team.

2)  Selecting and packing the replacement cards each backer is entitled to is a manual process.

As a result, we expect the pace of shipments to be relatively slower than the initial release, and because the cards each backer is entitled to have to be identified manually, the error rate is likely to be somewhat higher than the first go-around.

In most cases we are shipping via post, so we are unlikely to have individual tracking numbers and the delivery time will be a bit longer.

Even at this late date, if your address has changed, let us know as soon as possible!  We've already sent the shipping lists to our fulfillment people, so if you have an address change now there's a considerably larger risk of misdelivery, but it's better to tell us than to let your cards get lost in the void.

You can check your address on BackerKit by going here:

Note, you will not be able to change any information, but you can always let us know and we'll make the update on the back end.

We will be releasing a complete list of the reprinted cards per set this weekend, so once your replacements arrive, please check them against the correction roster.  If there's anything missing, we'll do our best to fix it for you, but we're looking to complete fulfillment then circle back and address oversights, so we appreciate your forbearance.

In a bit of good news, since we were reprinting cards, we decided to print enough extra 60 and 90 card Supplemental Decks to ensure all the backers who ordered extras would receive them.

This supersedes our update of January 10th, 2018.  All backers who ordered extra Supplemental Decks and did not originally receive them should find replacements in the new shipment.

Again, this applies only to backers who ordered extra 60 or 90 card Supplemental Decks.

We appreciate your support as we work through this reprint process.  As ever, please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns by commenting here, messaging us on Kickstarter, dropping by our forums ( or email (

Thank you!

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Kirkham on

      Ditto. I also have not seen my replacement cards come through. It's been over a month since this announcement, an update (if only to stop us worrying) would certainly be appreciated...

    2. Missing avatar

      Nigel Uzzell on

      Lke Glenn Chambers, I would also appreciate an update as I am now starting to worry about having missed a parcel or something.

    3. Missing avatar

      Glenn Chambers on

      Can we get a status update? I haven't received anything yet and would like to know when to start worrying.

    4. Missing avatar

      Allan Rothberg on

      Nice! Now just waiting for the store to open so I can get more deluxe tokens.

      (Heya, Ric!)

    5. Ric Van Dyke

      Great to hear! I’m hoping to see deck available for purchase soon. I didn’t order the subsidized merchant and really wish I had. Thanks much!

    6. Horizon Games 2-time creator on

      @Perry Tatman Definitely! Right now our main focus is in trying to get our original supporters, without whom none of this would be possible, the best quality product possible. But we've been working behind the scenes on the next sets, which are currently in playtest (anyone interested in helping out with that should come by our forums). We also have a pretty big release to drop in the next few weeks, if all goes according to plan.

      I should like to take this opportunity to re-emphasize the backer specific card rewards (the TAS and Patron member items). As I've said in previous updates, we fulfilled some, but not all, of those in the existing sets. The planned next sets have pretty much all the rest included.

      If, for whatever reason, we are not able to release more sets, we will release the remaining backer specific cards on an individual, print-on-demand basis, similar to how we made the three unique Supplement Deck cards available for download on our website.

      Finally, for everyone entitled to TAS Cards, we're going to circle back to those once the reprint process is completed.

    7. Perry Tatman on

      Thanks guys. Are there any planned expansions to the game beyond this kickstarter?

    8. Horizon Games 2-time creator on

      Virtually all backers were impacted by a printing error we detailed in an update on January 22nd. Except for a very few, who pledged simply to support us and selected no reward, or those who ordered only promo cards, every backer has sets that included improperly printed cards.

    9. Scott Mohnkern

      I must have missed something, these "reprints" are they going to all backers, or just a select set who had defects or something?