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A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
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Those pesky Chamax...

Posted by Horizon Games (Creator)

tl;dr  Printing errors of varying severity discovered, some more easily resolved than others.  Make sure to bookmark our website's Downloads section to get the latest versions of the rulebook, rules inserts and errata.

Also, shipping to backers ~75% complete.


As of today, we have shipped to 609/799 backers, or a shade over 75%.  1/31 still looks like a reasonable date for the end of main fulfillment.  Cases involving shipping or receipt difficulty will be processed once that is complete, and will take into February.  

Unfortunately, we have discovered a few problems which we did not expect, and only even came to realize as backers posted questions on our website and elsewhere.

We, as the producers, are solely responsible for the state of our product.  In detailing the errors and what occurred, I don't mean to shift blame in any sense.  In fact, I don't think blame is really a useful concept in this situation.  Rather, it is our goal to explain the process, where it went wrong, and what we can do about it.

Right before full production printing, we approved what are called Proof Sheets.  These showed the cards as they would appear in their final versions (but before cutting, hence the red dielines).  Here's an example of one card, Bulk Hauling.

Bulk Hauling:  Proof Version
Bulk Hauling: Proof Version

Unfortunately, what was printed was an older and incorrect version.  Note the three yellow Passage icons, rather than the three green Cargo icons.

Bulk Hauling:  Print Version
Bulk Hauling: Print Version

Apparently, after we approved the proof versions, an older set of files were used to produce the cards, the rulebook, and the rule inserts.

The files were a previous version, and though in the vast majority of cases identical to the proof version, there were a few misprinted cards and the rulebook and inserts are all outdated as well.

We believe the outdated printed materials are limited to:


Quick Play and Card Anatomy Inserts

and the following cards:

Bulk Hauling (adventure card)

Tukera Lanes Subcontract (adventure card, and actually just the complication half, Cryptic Rider)

Lt. Cmdr Sir Sandar van Othlezee

Time is Money

Dramatic Renegotiation

Q-Ship Conversion 

On the Lam

Neural Gun

In some cases the errors are relatively minor, in others very drastic.  While any errors are annoying, if this were the sum total of the issue, we may have just swallowed it.  Unfortunately, there's a much bigger problem.

Crew skills are supposed to be represented by an icon within a geometric shape, bounded by a colored border.  Unfortunately, crew cards have been almost entirely misprinted.  Except for a very few crew, the skill icons in the crew skill slots were not printed correctly, and as a result, they don't have borders on the icons, which makes it much more difficult and confusing.

Here's an example of the correct version:

Correct Skill Icon
Correct Skill Icon

 Notice the gold border?  Unfortunately, almost all crew cards have been misprinted:

Incorrect Skill Icon
Incorrect Skill Icon

Initially, we were 100% baffled by how this could be, because we never produced borderless skill icons.  But interestingly (at least if you find printing interesting), the borders actually do exist, they're just covered by the black ink.  Neither we nor the printers entirely know why this has happened.

But since it impacts almost every crew card, the issue is pretty serious.  We're still working out exactly what kind of solutions we can offer.  At this point, nothing is certain.  The factory is working with us with the aim of reprinting the erroneous cards, which we would then ship out to backers individually.  This is our preferred solution, but it is the most expensive.  Other potential fixes include offering the cards on our website so individual backers could print them or retain print-on-demand services.

If reprinting does happen, this would be a process that would stretch out for weeks.  In the meantime, we've produced a guide (included below at the end of this update), which will also be available in the downloads section of our website, which shows the icon equivalence (the correct rulebook and insert files are already available there).

We're severely disappointed by this turn of events, which honestly came at us out of left field.  All of us feel very keenly our obligation to our backers and the wider Traveller community, to put out a high quality product.  

We will keep the community updated as this process unfolds.  in the meantime, we're going to continue with fulfillment, and we're doing our best to get packages out to everyone as quickly as possible.  

It's impossible for us to express our appreciate for our backer community.  We're going to do our best to do right by you all, and that commitment is driving every aspect of our efforts.

Crew Skill Icon Correction Sheet
Crew Skill Icon Correction Sheet


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    1. Declan Fallon on

      I never received my game; I got a successfully delivery message (which wasn't), then a redelivery request which failed, then nothing... Emailing the delivery company repeatedly got no response. Anyone else not get their copy?

    2. Steve Burchett on

      I would like to add my vote for reprinting the cards, but would definitely settle for PDFs of all of the cards I received, as I will never play this game in person.

      The printer ALWAYS picks up the expense for their mistakes, but the shipping is the problem, I am sure, which the printer is NOT responsible for without a lawsuit.

      I am willing to pay shipping and handling costs for the reprints, as will be many of those who are wanting reprinted cards. Do a survey! :-)

    3. Lindon Paxton on

      @Horizon Games. I have been to your website Downloads section and the Crew Skill Icon Correction Sheet is not there still (and has not been since shortly after posting this Update!)

    4. Ric Van Dyke

      @Charles Dexter Ward- With younger eyes I would agree that it's not that "big of a deal" but the back icons on green it's hard for at least for me (and others apparently) to see. Yes the game is playable, it would just be a lot easier with the borders on the skills.

    5. Charles Dexter Ward

      Not sure what the big deal is about the icons. They are different shapes anyway at least.

    6. Missing avatar

      Neal Sofge on

      Correction -- "Made the border wider while doing that"

    7. Missing avatar

      Neal Sofge on

      I'm guessing your icon problem is due to black ink flow from both directions. Or it could be a bug in the printer's imposition software that did a black spread or choke when it shouldn't have. Another poster had the idea to just do gold borders on expert only, and leave the trained alone. If you made the border while doing that it would help with both of the above failure modes.

    8. Craig A Glesner on

      As problems go, this is a pretty nice one. Not too bad as we can still use the cards.

      Speaking of errata and misprints. On page 31 of the beautiful manual, the example card "Iriana Tynkova" there is a white line which I think used to be the pointer for "4 Traits" as it is under that and bleeds on to the picture.

      None the less, thrilled to have it and seeing my name on yet another Traveller product. :)

      Thanks again.

    9. Anestis Kozakis

      Would prefer to have the cards reprinted and shipped, at the printer's expense since it is their fault and you shouldn't have to wear the cost of it all.

    10. David Spangler on

      Also, thanks for the solo mode. This will definitely come in handy as I can't always find a willing opponent.

    11. David Spangler on

      Hmmm...I've had bad luck with stickers. Would prefer reprinted card.

      My copy arrived looks beautiful, so well done! Congratulations. You are doing Marc's legacy proud. Played Traveller games endlessly back in the day. This is like a trip down memory lane, but better! Sorry about card problems, but overall, you folks have done a fantastic job!

    12. Dennis Beebe on

      got mine yesterday!

    13. John Debnam on

      I don't have mine yet so can't speak towards playability issues.

      Do a reprint at the printers expense since it is their mistake.

      How many cards total are we talking about?
      A 3oz large envelope is about $1.50 to ship.
      Make a purchase option available on your website, with coupon even, where we can get all the reprinted cards, with reduced shipping.
      I am sure you can work with the printers to try to recoup any additional costs.

      I also agree that if it is just icons, a sticker sheet would work.
      Again, either shipped from your site for free or reduced cost.

    14. Missing avatar

      MichaelSTee on

      Please consider the reprint, but as another suggestion: would sticker sheets work? Small stickers of the correct icons to stick on the cards.
      (What Traveller edition would not be complete without errata? :) )

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley

      Certainly in the short term a list of Crew cards and their skill levels would be useful for reference.

      The difficulty without the border is that it's a small black circle or hexagon on a dark green background. I certainly find them difficult to distinguish.

    16. unseen Giraffe on

      Must say I never noticed much while playing with the print problem. To be honest I thought the skills should have been triangles and circles as they are easier to tell apart. It's not a deal breaker while playing to be honest, just avoid poor lighting. Reprinted cards? Be nice, but I can live without if it would mean more ship options down the line.

    17. Ronald Schachtner II

      Hopefully, you come to an agreement somehow about reprints. I am one of the 190 backers whom still doesn't have nay fulfillment information, so I am unsure how much this actually will impact playing. Some of the issues seem slight, like the crew cards if the emblems are the only thing impacted. Others seem quite impacted and look to be nearly unplayable. Rulebooks are expected to be revised rather frequently in a CCG that has continually content coming out.
      Just remember how this plays out will determine how much I want to continue purchasing products for TravellerCCG, either via Kickstarter, Retail, or Website.

    18. Jamie Sanchez on

      1.5 mini-Kickstarter with options to buy more stuff...?

    19. Eternal Che Kurono

      Reprint and will pay for shipping. Worst case scenario print on demand drive thru high quality.

    20. Irfon-Kim Ahmad on

      I sincerely hope the reprinting solution works out. If things go the "we'll post the and you can fix or reproduce the cards yourselves" route I'll most likely just not bother playing the game and if I hear good things about it, I might buy it retail at a later date. Maybe the faulty version will be worth something?

      I realize there are risks in Kickstarter backing, but I find it more disappointing when as a backer I wind up with a worse product than people who bought it retail than I do b when a project simply declares it a failed exercise and cancels.

    21. Craig Janssen

      I will agree with the majority and vote for a re-print. I would be willing to contribute to shipping as well. I will echo Gary Thomson on this - Perhaps it could be shipped for free if purchased with another item, e.g an ship deck or accessories?

    22. Gary Thomson

      Yes, I'd have to agree that a reprint would be preferable. Again I'd be happy to contribute to to shipping. Perhaps it could be shipped for free if purchased with another item, e.g an ship deck or accessories?

    23. Missing avatar

      Ian Ward

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with the others, a reprint is absolutely required. I would be very disappointed to have backed the Kickstarter, only to receive a product markedly inferior to the final one. Clearly the printer is at fault and should be pursued for damages.

    24. Matthew Gorsky on

      Hex Trained, Circle Expert... seems easy enough :) If the reprint does happen, I know I myself would be willing to defray shipping fees

    25. Missing avatar

      Gary Barber on

      I'm also for reprinting the cards concerned. It looks like the errors will be stumbling blocking to a smooth game play. I have a concern with the costs for the shipping of the corrected cards. Happy to wait.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ian Smith

      I'm afraid we definitely need reprints of the cards with incorrect icons with one possible exception: with the crew cards maybe you just reprint the escort cards with gold circles, leaving the others unchanged. The main point here is to easily differentiate and gold circle vs no outline might be easier to differentiate.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley

      Ditto for reprinted cards if possible (costs covered by the printer). I would be happy to contribute to P&P (and probably with some extra stuff from the shop).

      I was wondering why the skills were so difficult to discern - I did notice that some characters do have an outline on their skills.

    28. Reg Langford

      I, also, would prefer reprinted stuff. I think the printer should pay for their mistake, but I’m more than happy to pay whatever the additional freight cost would be, to get proper cards/rulebook that match the existing product. These things happen, of course, but the product is so impressive that I really don’t care what it costs me to get it “right”.

    29. Dyne1319

      Reprint is nessicary for sure. Having so much invested in the project and have to print out cards that either won't match the other cards in the deck or will be on different card stock will not work for me and if it makes the game unplayable then that's a huge problem (crew skills). If nessicary I would rather pay u to have cards reprinted as a pack or at least pay for shipping or something to have everything printed right.

    30. Jason Broadley

      I'm all for reprinting the erroneous cards as well. Having to refer to errata is going to lead to more confusion and anything that can be done to minimize that is good. I'd even be willing to throw a few bucks your way to help cover the shipping costs if needed. I also don't mind if it takes weeks to get done, that's to be expected.

    31. Lindon Paxton on

      May be you could combine this with printing the missing supplement decks (increase the production for your retail sales or your expansions (that I have seen some talk of).

    32. Missing avatar

      C on

      mine hasn't been sent yet and I'm happy to wait until the new version is printed if that helps.

    33. Ric Van Dyke

      OK, I thought it was odd that "bulk hauling" was passengers not cargo. And I have struggled with the crew skills. It took a while to figure out who was trained and who was expert. And I thought it was just me and my old eyes. :-) Thanks for the update and I hope that a reprint can be done. I have another project that had a big print failure and the printing company stepped up to make it right. I hope you can work out something with them so you don't have to front all the cost at least. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It's a fantastic game and these corrections will make it even better.

    34. Dennis Beebe on

      i actually find those border-less icons easier to read!

      and as a megatraveller fan back in the day, trav errata is par for the course ;)

      thanks for the updates!

    35. David Spangler on

      I would go with reprinting. I know it's hard and expensive, but having to refer to a sheet or booklet everytime one plays destroys any immersive quality in the game; makes it too much like bookkeeping. I would think the expense should be the printers, not yours as it was apparently their mistake.

      I would rather wait and get the reprinted cards and have a good game to play than otherwise. My two cents!

      Thanks for letting us know. You all do good work!