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A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
775 backers pledged $56,676 to help bring this project to life., now no longer an Amber Zone!

Posted by Horizon Games (Creator)

tl;dr  Website is live at  Shipping is around 2/3rds complete.  Main fulfillment should be done (as in shipped, not necessarily received) by 1/31.  Tidying up the loose ends will take into February.

TAS cards coming after fulfillment.  Remaining individual backer cards in future sets or print-on-demand (see below for details).


Our website, is no longer on Imperial Interdiction.  We're open for visitors!  

The Kickstarter forum flair that is part of your backer rewards package is a medal attached to your profile on our discussion boards.  In order to claim it, you need to sign up to the forums using the same email address you supplied to BackerKit/Kickstarter.  Then, you should be awarded the medal automatically.  

If you encounter difficulties with your medal, or if you no longer have access to that email address, you need to make an account and send me a private message on our forums, and I will sort it out.  My account there is Horizon Jeff

Visitors will notice our site has a store, but while you may browse, it is not currently possible to purchase anything (all items have been set to Out of Stock).  We will not sell product while main fulfillment is still underway.  We don't think it is appropriate to offer sales while backers are waiting for their pledge, and we're 100% focused on finishing shipment.

That's a good segue into a shipping update.  As of today, we are approximately 2/3rds complete with main fulfillment.  We hope to get virtually all the packages shipped by the end of January.  I say virtually all, because there are a few (and likely to be a few more) that, for whatever reason, encounter difficulties of various natures.  Depending on when they occur and what the difficulty is, those unfortunate cases may linger into February.

Backers entitled to TAS cards will notice their order does not include them.  We are still in need of information from some backers, and we'd like to place the orders all at once, so after fulfillment is complete, I am going to circle back and get those done.

Also regarding TAS and Patron awards, as I indicated back on 4/1/17 in update 20, many backer cards are still outstanding.  I laid out the reasons in that update, so I won't repeat them.  

Here's what we're doing about it:

We already have the next sets planned, and they include many more backer cards.  Now, we're only going to be able to make additional sets if we manage the sales to support it.

But what if we don't?

Obviously we hope our game is a success, but in the event it is not, we will produce the backer cards and make them available on our website for download suitable for print-on-demand for everyone.  We'll also send physical cards to the specific backer in question.

What's next?

Right now we honestly are 100% focused on fulfillment.  After that process is complete, we will be offering our remaining stock for sale through our site.  We're also working through options to have our game in game stores, so a retail distribution is a possibility in the future. 

Our first goal is to finish fulfillment. Our second is to translate the amazing, patient and enthusiastic support of our backers into the core of a growing user base.  So if you are interested in the future of the Traveller Customizable Card Game, I invite you to join our website, follow us on twitter (@travellerccg), on Facebook, Boardgamegeek and elsewhere on the web.



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    1. Robert Murphey on

      I had a nice surprise waiting in the mailbox yesterday - my set has arrived. I know its been a long road, and while the history of Traveller kickstarts may have some dark spots - this isn't one of them. The constant updates even with delays were welcome, and at no time did I have anything other than a feeling of anticipation that we'd eventually get there. For me, that paid off yesterday when I got to open the box. It is very interesting to me that the pictures don't do the product justice. For example, the metal foil cards especially look *classy* not gimmicky or gaudy. While I have played or collected every version of Traveller since CT, this is only the third CCG I've ever been tempted by, and ... well... you set a good example for what a CCG could be, in my opinion. Kudos on a labor of love and making it to the finish line, with your sanity intact. P.S. on the TravellerCCG site, make sure to have a suggestion box so I can drop a card in it asking for Reticulan parasites to get added at some point... hehehe happy 2018 - it looks like we have some fun in store!

    2. Horizon Games 2-time creator on

      @Matt Adcock Thanks for signing on. As far as we're concerned, what's good for Traveller is good for us, and we're all in the same boat.

    3. Ric Van Dyke

      I'm in.

    4. Matt Adcock on

      The website looks great. I've signed up and I'm really looking forward to being part of the community. It was a nice touch to include links to the various Traveller RPG sites and forums. Well done guys.

    5. Horizon Games 2-time creator on

      Sorry, I thought the answer would've been obvious by process of elimination and the fact that the art had appeared in the updates about playmats.

      I shot you a reply.

    6. Anestis Kozakis

      I sent you a message via KS regarding the Norah Wells Promo Card, but I haven't received an answer.