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A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
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Westward, Ho!

Posted by Horizon Games (Creator)

tl:dr Shipping to the North and South American regions has begun.  Test orders went out yesterday and are likely to continue today.  Hope to complete shipping to NA and SA by end of January.

Mix up means all EU, Asia and Australia orders (and any of the very few US) shipped without extra 60 or 90 card supplemental decks (though this only applies to EXTRA supplemental decks.  All Starter and CE boxes have theirs).  Solutions listed below, so don't rely on tl;dr if it applies to you.


We have completed shipping to all regions other than North and South America.  However, some problems are almost inevitable, which means there are a few backers who have not yet had their shipments sent.  We will, of course, be working to resolve those issues as we begin shipping to NA and SA, so if you find yourself in this situation, do stay in contact with us, but please sit tight as the process unfolds.

Due to the high cost of direct shipping to NA and SA from the factory, our original plan was to load the remaining inventory and send it over via ocean freight, then distribute to individual backers.  But as we were looking at the schedule, we realized that would mean NA and SA would be facing at least 4, and possibly as much as 8 weeks of waiting (or longer if customs got involved).  That wasn't acceptable to us unless it was the only option.

I'm glad to say we've reached a preliminary agreement with SF Express to ship direct to SA and NA.  A limited number of test shipments were sent yesterday, and that experimental process is expected to continue today, to provide the workflow structure for mass fulfillment.  This solution is considerably more expensive, and while we're confident it'll work, it's fair to say that our financial margin for error is pretty tight.  

As things stand, our goal is to get all pledges shipped by the end of January.  Any shipping operation of this size is bound to include damaged or lost packages, mispacked shipments, etc.  Also, we ask anyone who has had to update their address over the last week or so to prepare for the additional risk of mishaps or delays.  If you encounter difficulties with your pledge, we will work to resolve them.  But we ask for your continuing patience in such circumstances.

On that count, we have discovered a systemic error with the extra 60 and 90 card Supplemental Decks.  Due to a communication mishap, our production factory did not understand that Supplemental Decks were available as a separate product, and neither did our fulfillment center.  

Consequently, if you're a backer in the EU, Asia or Australia (or one of the very few NA/SA test shipments already sent) regions and you ordered extra Supplemental Decks, they will not be included in your shipment.  We understand this is frustrating, and we have a number of possible solutions detailed below.

The realities of production scales means we do have slightly more Supplemental Decks than were strictly necessary for the number of Starter and Collector's Edition sets.  Sadly, not sufficient to fulfill all orders for extras, but we believe enough to fulfill all remaining NA/SA orders.  Accordingly, if your pledge has not already been sent, we should be able to fulfill extra Supplemental Decks orders.  However, it is possible that those decks will not be sent along with your actual pledge, but by USPS afterwards.

Essentially, the bottom line is that backers who ordered extra Supplemental Decks should expect that their pledge will not initially include them.  Backers in North America who ordered them are very likely to ultimately receive them, whereas backers in other regions are not.

For those backers affected, we ask for your understanding in resolving this.  We need to finish standard fulfillment, then we can take stock of what exactly the situation is with the Supplemental Decks.  Who got them, who didn't.

For those backers who end up not receiving their extra Supplemental Decks, we do expect to have a few options available.  These may change, but for now, we're expecting backers to be able to select either:

1.  Straight refund of the cost of the decks.

2.  A slightly (probably around 10%) higher amount of store credit.

3.  For backers located in the U.S. and Canada (basically anywhere the cheapest USPS rates apply), if we have any extra Supplemental Decks at the conclusion of everything, we will ship them to you.  This point primarily applies to the very few US pledges we have already sent.  To any NA/SA backers whose pledges haven't been sent, we expect to be able to accommodate your extra Supplemental Deck requests, whether with your initial pledge or during a follow-up period.

Additionally, we will be making the three cards unique to the Supplemental Decks (Buffbot-300, Grav Assisted CargoBot and Grav-Hauler) available in .pdf form on our website, in a format proper for printing.  Backers will then be able to download the files and print the cards themselves, or solicit Print-on-Demand firms to make them.  Again, as these files will be freely available on our website, everyone will be able to access them.

To be clear, this situation applies only to orders of extra Supplemental Decks.  All Starter and Collector's Edition sets have the proper Supplemental Decks included.

If you encounter any difficulties with your pledge of any kind, do inform us, but again, please be patient with us as we're currently trying to get everything to as many backers as we can as quickly as we can, and error resolution is likely to get sidelined until initial fulfillment is complete.

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    1. Horizon Games 2-time creator on

      I should also say that it's possible (not known, because the exact number of extra Supplemental Decks is not yet known with certainty) that there may be an exceedingly small number of remaining extra decks after everything is said and done.

      If backers from other regions are willing to pay for shipping, we'd be happy to send the decks on to them. But again, it costs more to ship these decks than we charge in selling them (let alone the production costs to make). This is why a straight refund makes the most financial sense.

    2. Horizon Games 2-time creator on

      We did inform backers as soon as we knew. It only occurred to us when we noticed everyone was reporting not receiving extra Supplemental Decks. I understand it's disappointing, but there's no nefarious profit motive or hidden conspiracy. It's a simple miscommunication between us and the production and fulfillment centers, that only came to light as backers started reporting missing contents.

      We didn't "prioritize" US backers (an odd accusation seeing as how they're the ones still waiting for fulfillment). It's that we only now discovered the issue, and as we expect NONE of the orders to include the extra Supplemental Decks (the few extra being shipped to our fulfillment center by the factory, but we don't want to wait), it's only the US backers that we can afford to re-ship to cheaply.

      As far as additional core sets, we expect to have a small quantity after fulfillment is complete.

    3. Lindon Paxton on

      @Horizon Games. I had assumed that you had produced the items but for some reason they had not been packed. So a failure to produce enough and obviously not producing any for retail. However, you should have informed backers as soon as you knew that there was a problem rather than waiting until we received our items and found them missing. Also did you prioritise the US for the additional supplemental decks you did have available rather than backers in the EU or Australia that will be harder to service if you do get around to producing them in the future? Do you have a core sets still available?

    4. Horizon Games 2-time creator on

      @Lindon Paxton Actually, we didn't produce them, and that's the issue. Due to a communication mishap, our production facility did not realize we needed additional Supplemental Decks. They were under the impression we only required as many Supplemental Decks as there were corresponding boxed sets.

      Now, the realities of card production and the size of card sheets means that some extras are coincidentally produced, just to use up the entire sheet. So we do have a very limited number of extra Supplemental Decks, but not sufficient for everyone who ordered them.

      This is not a matter of profit. We're not making money from this Kickstarter. Early on, we decided to offer free shipping rather than make profit, and we're hoping our return will come from excess inventory from items we expected to sell retail (which, unfortunately, did not include Supplemental Decks).

      Making more Supplemental Decks is not financially feasible. Our printers would not take an order so small, and yet there are enough decks to make Print on Demand services too expensive.

      But, even if we were sitting on a pile of Supplemental Decks (which we aren't), we also couldn't afford to send them to the non-US backers due to shipping. Shipping costs to the EU or Australia exceed what we charge for the Supplemental Decks. We can afford to send them to US backers because we can just drop them in a first class envelope for a couple of bucks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Di Donna on

      OK they are answering their phone now. Nevermind.

    6. Chris Short on

      In England, it arrived a couple of days ago - and its a thing of beauty.
      Will the extra decks be available at retails at some point in the UK because, of course, more of my group decided they want to join in....

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Di Donna on

      SF Express lists my package as delivered and signed for two days ago but I haven't received anything. They don't list the target address on the shipping info and there's no contact point for me to chase it up. Any suggestions?

    8. Lindon Paxton on

      @Horizon Games. The option I was expecting was ship the missing decks. (Note my invoice states 2 supplemental decks, neither of which I have received). You must have produced them so all you need to do is ship them. Yes it reduces your profit. If I got store credit then what I would want is - you guessed it - the supplemental decks. A refund would not enable me to buy the missing decks in retail. I presume that you are shipping retail copies to wholesalers in Europe so may be get them to send the supplemental decks if this is more cost effective.