Traveller Customizable Card Game

by Horizon Games

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    1. Ric Van Dyke


    2. Dennis Beebe on


      will the backer surveys be when we can do add-ons?

    3. Dennis Beebe on

      and increase our backer amount accordingly

    4. Horizon Games 2-time creator on

      Some of the details regarding the survey are not yet settled. We'll have more information in a day or two.

    5. Craig Oliver

      Thanks! I bumped up my initial pledge to cover a one of the add-ons, and have not decided (depending on finances) about additional bumps. So hopefully we can adjust accordingly.

      And congratulations on funding!

    6. Jean-Pierre Ollivier on

      Congratulations! I will have extra add-ons too. This is lovely news.

    7. harrio

      you had me at traveller...congrats.

      someone told me about the notes section in the pledge viewer. now i can keep track of my many

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeff Zeitlin on

      Bumped pledge up to cover Trouble on the Mains and the two new ship decks; would have liked to bump again to cover Aliens of the Imperium - but even though it was over the goal, it was still listed as locked, and the kickstart had closed - is there any way to purchase the addon later?