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A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
775 backers pledged $56,676 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Brian Williams about 16 hours ago

      Mine came in the mail this week. It's gorgeous. Now to find someone to play with me.

    2. Horizon Games Creator 2 days ago

      I wouldn't say it's impossible, but while we're trying to get people their stuff, it's hard for us to work out next steps.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Prange 2 days ago

      Hi just got the box it looks really nice. I read through the rules any chance of a link to a video play though searched youtube and did not find anything. It is nice to watch others play the game through, to make sure I understand the rules.

    4. Horizon Games Creator 2 days ago

      Yeah, you can just use whatever you want. Pennies are common, or little glass beads. Game stores sell them, though you can get them a lot cheaper (and in more colors) from craft stores like Joanne's or Michael's.

      These are a common type used in card games:

      But if you do a search for "florist beads" or even "Magic the gathering glass beads" you'll see plenty of options.

      Also, the reason the counters don't exist is that they are only given specific agency by that card. Bookkeeping counters don't do anything on their own, as opposed to skill tokens.

      The rulebook explains the distinction between "tokens" and "counters" on page 6.

    5. Ric Van Dyke
      2 days ago

      Some of the cards reference tokens that don't exist in the game. Like "Finch & Cho, CPAa" say "..add a Bookkeeping token to this card" I assume we just use some sort of token to represent these tokens correct? Like a poker chip or such.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Kluskens
      2 days ago

      Arrived, it's beautiful.

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas Metzger 4 days ago

      Game arrived today! Will be sitting down and reading the rules after dinner.

    8. Scott Mohnkern
      4 days ago

      Product arrived today! Wow, definitely beautiful. Now to read the rules :)

    9. Horizon Games Creator 4 days ago

      @Mark Browne We'll have sleeves available for sale on the website, once we've completed fulfillment.

      @unseen Giraffe We'd certainly like to do other ships. The next two on deck are actually the Broadsword and the Patrol Cruiser, but we love the safari ship!

    10. unseen Giraffe 4 days ago

      Just played 2nd batch of 2 player games. Excellent fun! Still ironing out rules, but can see the game expanding as we play. Please, we so need a safari ship!

    11. Mark Browne 4 days ago

      I've received my stuff last week - all very nice, thanks. Tried a solo game this evening, and I like the way it goes. One question about the card sleeves - I have 4 sets, all the blue design. Is there a way to get hold of some more, but of one of the other designs (The Imperial Sunburst for preference)? I'm happy to pay for them, but just want more than one design.

    12. Horizon Games Creator 5 days ago

      @Mark Buckley The circular tokens will be available retail. The hexagonal tokens are the Collector's Edition exclusive tokens, and will not be available after the campaign.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley
      6 days ago

      I notice that the add-on premium tokens are different from those in the Collector's Box - the ones in the Box are hexagonal and heavier than the round add-on ones. Will it be possible to obtain extra sets of either?

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Hawkes 6 days ago

      Received mine looks good so far. Cant wait to get playing. I did have it sent to an old address though which meant it was delayed while I had the local company redirect it though. I figure you downloaded the addresses ages ago and didn't check as I changed my address on backer kit in mid december. Maybe I just missed it? Any way its all good now.

    15. LInsoDeTeh
      7 days ago

      @Doug: Thought the same when I tracked my parcel and it was in Beijing. Eventually it took just 2-3 days from there to Germany. So stay tuned. ;-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug Newman 7 days ago

      Got it working. It's in Beijing. Might be a while!

    17. Missing avatar

      Doug Newman 7 days ago

      I need to read ALL the email don't I? Apologies.

    18. Horizon Games Creator 7 days ago

      @Doug Newman That timeout is your browser complaining about the pop-up SF Express uses as its Re-Captcha system. In order to make it work, you need to enable pop-ups for the site, and disable/whitelist any adblock mods.

    19. Missing avatar

      Doug Newman 7 days ago

      I got an email for shipment tracking with sf-express. But the site keeps timing out. Anyone else seeing this?

    20. Missing avatar

      Thomas Metzger on January 14

      Received my shipping notification!

    21. Ric Van Dyke
      on January 13

      Got my Kickstarter set the other day here in the great state of Michigan in the USA. I have opened it up and everything is fantastic. I'll be out of town this next week and plan on taking it with me to bone up on the rules. For learning I suspect I can just go on a solo mission.

      I did order a set of card boxes to put all the cards in. Just plain ones for now. @Horizon - It would be very cool if you could offer some card boxes with some art work on them, there are a couple of "print on demand" sites that I think could do this. I know you're pretty busy right now just filling orders, but I hope you look into something like this.


    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley
      on January 12

      Ok, great. Thanks!

    23. Horizon Games Creator on January 12

      @Mark Buckley Yes, there will be multiple copies of many cards in a ship deck. We'll have complete card lists on our website, when it is live. We're working out the final kinks, should have it up soon.

    24. Horizon Games Creator on January 12

      @Pat Gallagher I will forward your comment on to SF Express, but my reading of the tracker is that by "delivered" they mean it was successfully returned after a failed delivery (you can see its last entry before delivered is Beijing.

      By any chance, is there another address we can send it to? P.O. Boxes have a high failure/difficulty rate. Please send an email to and we'll figure out next steps.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley
      on January 12

      Arrived in Oxford UK the other day. Looks nicely produced and I think I have everything.

      One question - all the ship decks I've looked at have multiples of each card - is that intentional? I'm guessing it is but I was a bit worried there could be collation errors.

      Also is there a list of cards per deck? If I swap in/out cards I'd like to be able to get back to the original set of cards. After a quick look I didn't see anything to identify particular cards as being from particular decks, but I could have missed it.

    26. Pat Gallagher on January 12

      Hi guys. I’m an Australian backer whose package got bounced back to China because my shipping address was a P.O. Box. Just checking the tracking number I see it’s now listed as having been “delivered”, which obviously it wasn’t. Has there been any decision as to how we can rectify this...? Cheers.

    27. Daniele
      on January 11

      I got the game today! The quality looks good but the content of the box does not seem to match my pledge. I am especially confused about the sleeves that seem randomly sorted. I will check during the weekend and then mail support.
      Congrats on the game, guys! Looking forward to try it out!

    28. Horizon Games Creator on January 11

      @Jean-Pierre Ollivier Kindly send us a list of any missing items to and we'll make it right. Apologies for the inconvenience.

      As far as expansions or further sales go, we do have plans, but right now we're 100% focused on trying to get the game to our remaining backers. Please look out for future announcements!

    29. Jean-Pierre Ollivier on January 11

      Your parcel reached me in Brussels last night. I am delighted. I will inventory it this weekend as I am having trouble locating a few things (Loren Wiseman and Memorial Promo set).

      Question, how can I purchase extras ? Have I missed a website I can go to?

      Kudos and many thanks. I will sign up for expansions !

    30. BoardGameRevolution
      on January 10

      I just tried reading through latest rule book and it’s nearly impossible to understand since you use symbols instead of words without ever explaining the symbols first.

    31. Horizon Games Creator on January 10

      @Nik I contacted you via email, but wanted to follow up here. According to BackerKit, your pledge was correctly packed. If you can wait for us to finish fulfillment, we're happy to see if we end up with any extra sleeves.

    32. unseen Giraffe on January 10

      Just finished playing our first test game. I won! So all good there. A few stumbling blocks, but overall great fun and good 'Traveller' feel to the game. Can't wait to get a full 4 player game going, that will be mayhem. Happy I got all the add on cards and decks now. Happy to see if we get any expansions down the line. Safari ship for the win!

    33. Jonathon Dyer
      on January 10

      My package arrived yesterday (Adelaide, Australia), and it appears to all be there as ordered. The foil ship cards look great, and the production quality across the board is excellent.
      Congratulations and thanks to all involved on bringing such a great product to life. I hope you'll use this list to let us know of future deck releases or other projects.

    34. Lindon Paxton
      on January 10

      @Andy Buoffard. US shipping has only just begun (see the last two updates).

    35. Missing avatar

      Niklas Grundstrom on January 10

      Received mine the other day and was able to try it out with my son today. We quite liked it, bit of a learning curve early on. I ordered the sleeves as well. I remember there was something about the backs, but they're all identical red. Shouldn't some be blue?

    36. Andy Bouffard on January 10

      Haven't received anything yet here in Houston. Have US backer rewards been shipped? Thanks.

    37. Horizon Games Creator on January 10

      @thierry Those would be the "foil stamped cards" exclusive to the Collector's Edition. The cost makes it prohibitive to apply the effect across the board, but we're glad to hear you enjoy them!

    38. Missing avatar

      thierry on January 10

      Gox my stuff (in France). Very nice product, thanks a lot for providing quality materials.
      I noticed that the supplementary ship cards have a glossy metal effect finish that really enhances the art, and not the other cards. I don't know why; however it really calls for the next decks to be with this finish!
      Thanks for this very good work. Can't wait for more!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ian Smith
      on January 10

      Yes, i have Euphraise. Thanks. I presume the Collectirs edition contents were updated once the stretch goal was achieved and so the box contains 2*81 card ship decks and 90 supplemental cards (and not a second set of 90 cards as a stretch in addition to the listed box contents towards the top of the Campaign description on the KS page.

    40. LInsoDeTeh
      on January 10

      Wooo nice, got my copy today! Perfect packaging and the cards are looking really cool! Can't wait to try this game out.

      Please, for the next campaign (which will of course add new expansion cards and decks :-P), please do like Star Realms and add a collectors box (with a corresponding insert), which can hold all existing (and future) cards (grouped by type/color plus space for assembled decks) including all (planned) add-ons.

      Got the starter set, the two extra decks and the two expansions and the base box is already pretty full (put the decks into a plastic bag each).

    41. Horizon Games Creator on January 10

      @Ian Smith "Norah Wells" was renamed "Euphrasie Fleta," and the card should be included in the CE box.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ian Smith
      on January 10

      My set has arrived in good condition but I'm struggling to match my delivery with my pledge. For starters, where should I find the Collector's Edition Norah Wells card?

    43. Ric Van Dyke
      on January 10

      @Richard - I have a similar problem, the backerkit one was supposed to have the "Collector's Edition 90 Card Supplemental Deck" but didn't. I contacted Horizon games and they working on getting me the deck. I'll check the shipment today carefully as I ordered a lot of extras with my Kickstarter game.

    44. Richard Shipman
      on January 10

      Mine arrived a couple of days ago, and I got round to opening it last night. Looks great, but appears to be missing the additional 60 card supplemental deck. It's on the checking list, but wasn't in the box. I did get the starter set, Trouble, Aliens, Subsidized Merchant and Far Trader.

    45. Ric Van Dyke
      on January 9

      Ha! I just got an email form UPS, looks like my Kickstarter one will be here tomorrow. :-)

    46. Ric Van Dyke
      on January 9

      Got a copy in the great state of Michigan in the USA yesterday. Have not had a chance to open it up and get into it. Looking good. I find it a little odd that I get the "extra" copy I ordered thru backerkit but haven't gotten my Kickstater copy yet. I guess that box is heaver so it takes longer to get here. :-)

    47. Missing avatar

      Marcus Peczka on January 9

      Arrived all good in Australia. Looks awesome

    48. Matt Adcock on January 8

      @horizon when will the website go live?

    49. Horizon Games Creator on January 8

      @CTH According to BackerKit ( your shipment is correct as packed. But if you could shoot us a quick email at (easier to handle this directly) we'll see what we can do for you.

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