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A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
A card game with trade, exploration and combat in Marc Miller's classic RPG setting, The Third Imperium.
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    1. Horizon Games Creator 6 days ago

      @Joe October There's several things to unpack, so it's understandable if you're a little confused.

      Unfortunately, older files were used to produce the inserts in ship decks and all the cards. Now, the vast majority of the cards are still fine, but a small number had errors serious enough to warrant reprinting.

      Additionally, virtually all the crew cards were misprinted in that they lacked borders on the skill icons. They're still playable, but distinguishing the level of skill they possess is more difficult than it would be otherwise, so we're reprinting those as well.

      While the rulebook in the starter set is correct, the little inserts in the ship decks which were meant as a kind of "quick start" rules guide are older and incorrect. Fortunately, updated versions can be downloaded from our site. These will NOT be reprinted, owing to the high expense of involved.

      The replacement cards will be shipped to backers after they've been printed.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joe October
      on April 13

      Sorry if this is a repost. I'm not exactly following the messages regarding cards. Could someone clarify?

      From what I read, the rules are out of date in all of the boxes? (Go to Website, get new copy).

      Some of the cards are wrong for the crews? (Is this all sets? or only if we detect them and report the issue?) New cards coming automatically?

      Sorry, I haven't opened my copy yet .... do I need to do anything to get current when I do tear it open.

      Thanks all. I know this is complicated business. Love Traveller and have played for 30 years easy.


    3. Tony Yin Collaborator on April 13

      @Glenn Chambers- our printer also uses Pantone system too, but identical-spec paper stock from different suppliers and identical-spec surface treatment throw the final colors off just a small bit (93% match vs 100% match), and getting close to where human eyes can't see any difference (at all angles and lighting conditions) lies between 93% and 99.9%.

    4. Missing avatar

      Glenn Chambers on April 13

      Re new update:

      In a past life/job, they used Pantone numbers to specify inks. I don't know if they exist in this industry, and the horse has left the barn in any case. Just something to look into for future projects.

    5. Ric Van Dyke
      on April 4

      So we're into April now and I'd just like to know "Where are we?" It's been 2 full months and no updates. Just would like to know what's going on. Thanks!

    6. Ric Van Dyke
      on March 31

      For deck boxes I got boxes from I got the Plain Rigid Box for 90 Poker Cards boxes, which is more expensive then a tuck box but I think worth it. Then photo copied the ship cards on to a full sheet label and cut them out and put it on the box top. They look great and do fit in the collector box.

    7. Scott Chisholm
      on March 27

      Horizon Games - Thanks for the reply.

    8. Horizon Games Creator on March 27

      @Michael J. Raymond, according to SF Express tracking (you have the tracking number we sent to your email), your package was successfully delivered on 1/24/18. Kindly drop us an email at

      @scott chisholm We don't have any plans to make the tuck boxes available for download.

    9. Scott Chisholm
      on March 26

      I may be having an out of mind experience.... Was there a download for Scout and Beowulf tuck boxes? I could have swore I saw something....


      Scott Chisholm

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael J. Raymond
      on March 26

      Has this been shipped to the USA?

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean Chitwood on February 20

      So, I haven't received a tracking number or my cards. :(

      I did change my shipping address right at the end (January of this year), so maybe they were shipped to the wrong location?

      How can I check which address it was shipped to? If it's a Port Townsend WA address, it's right, otherwise I'll have to plan to swing by my old place and see if they have it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Daryl on February 14

      Is there a website that shows the various cards so I can confirm my order? For example, my shipping list says "Memorial Card Maximum Copies" but I don't know what card that's in reference to. My total cards does not appear to match the cards listed in my order, but I'm not sure how to confirm whether that's the case or not without knowing what each of these items is in reference to. Any ideas?

    13. Missing avatar

      Daryl on February 14

      Just got my shipment! YAY!!! Shipping box was heavily damaged, but so far it looks like the contents survived. I don't have time to open it all right now, but I'm very excited to do so! :)

    14. Ric Van Dyke
      on February 13

      Very odd. Now everything is fine. Ghost in the machine. I'll let you know if I can figure out what happened. But all is fight in the universe again, for now.

    15. Tony Yin Collaborator on February 13

      @Ric Van Dyke- I just logged into and things look right to me. Maybe reboot and try again?

    16. Ric Van Dyke
      on February 13

      There is something very wrong with today. I can't log in and all the forums seem to have disappeared. I try the "forgot my password" and it says I don't have an account. I think we've been breached!

    17. Jim Tetrick on February 11

      Hmm. "Failed to deliver the shipment due to failure to contact receiver temporarily. " If they have tried to call me, they have not used the number I put in the Backerkit survey. Why does SF Express need to contact me to deliver a box anyway? And why don't they have a way for me to contact them if it is so important?

    18. Horizon Games Creator on February 6

      @Ed Farnbauch We've posted about this a few times, but in an update posted on October 20th, 2017, we informed the community we'd been obliged, due to high set up costs and low order volume of some of the designs to contract sleeves to just three: Adventure Card Back (red), Captain's Card Back (Blue) and the Imperial Sunburst.

      We converted the cancelled packs into one of the three designs, so you should have received the correct number of packs. Please let me know if that isn't accurate in your case.

    19. Ronald Schachtner II
      on February 6

      Not sure which of the two venues Tony Yin responded from; however, he quickly dealt with the damaged box and contents. I would defiantly suggest that if you have similar issues to contact him via the TravellerCCG Website Forums. Maybe they can make it a little easier to contact them.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ed Farnbauch
      on February 5

      Received mine today, however I seem to have the wrong card sleeves.

    21. Ronald Schachtner II
      on February 5

      So got mine today, box arrived with heavy damage on it. Despite expert packaging looks like half of my Aliens of the imperium Card have a crinkled corner. Talk about excitement melting away to sheer disappointment.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gerry Smit on February 5

      Wow! What a box of stuff! Just got mine, and is it heavy!!
      Thanks guys!

    23. Missing avatar

      Daryl on February 5

      Just got my tracking email today! Woo Hoo!

    24. Rob Kamm
      on February 3

      @HorizonGames - and it arrived last night. So no worries about the tracking information. Thank you!

    25. Rob Kamm
      on February 2

      @HorizonGames - yes, I checked the email's instructions. The time out message appears very quickly. Chrome tells me when it blocks a pop-up but that message doesn't appear. Whitelisting made no difference. I'll try it on another computer and see if that helps.

    26. Matthew Gorsky on February 1

      W00T! Got my stuffs! Chester, VT, USA

    27. Andrew Binsack
      on February 1

      Thank you for the update on the cards, and the acknowledgement that they will be replaced.

    28. Pat Gallagher on January 31

      Hi guys. I'm an Australian backer whose pledge got bounced back to China because I use a PO Box. I supplied you with a street address a while back as asked, but have had zero response/info since then. Any idea what's going on? Thanks.

    29. Mark B on January 31

      A box full of awesome arrived at my house today! I'm just now sorting through it. Great job on the packaging! So far everything looks in great condition.

    30. Jim Tetrick on January 31

      Hm. 90% shipped, and my status on Backerkit still says: "Answered." Not "Ready to Ship," or even "Processing." ... sigh.

    31. Missing avatar

      Doug Newman on January 31

      Mine has been 'in transit' since Jan. 17th. Waiting. Patiently.

    32. Vincent E. Hoffman on January 30

      Thank you for your response. Just got the shipping notice.

    33. Horizon Games Creator on January 30

      Yeah, we only just passed 90% shipped, so 1 in 10 of you are still (unfortunately) stuck in the waiting boat.

      Also, @Vincent E. Hoffman, I'm willing to bet you're not actually missing items, it's just that because you had three orders, they were all shipped separately. I noticed your third tracking email went out today, so when that package arrives, let me know if anything is missing. Otherwise, I expect it should have what you're currently short.

    34. Missing avatar

      Daryl on January 30

      Heard back on FB. They just haven't gotten to me yet.

    35. Missing avatar

      Daryl on January 30

      @Tore Hatlen No, I still have not received anything, nor do I have a shipping notice yet.

    36. Royal Blacksmith on January 30

      @Horizon Games: I know you may think your'e joking when you say "We jump on every box on purpose before sending them out" as a response to me, but when that's combined with a lack of response to my email, it sends a very bad message.

    37. Horizon Games Creator on January 30

      @Rob Kamm Did you try the steps I detailed in my email? Allowing pop ups and disabling or white listing adblocker?

    38. Rob Kamm
      on January 30

      I got a tracking number last Friday. However, SF Express is timing out whenever I try to track that number. Has anyone else been having trouble with their site? I've tried a couple of browsers but no change.

    39. Horizon Games Creator on January 30

      We jump on every box on purpose before sending them out.

    40. Royal Blacksmith on January 29

      My box was received today, but the nice game box of the main box is damaged - nice sized dent in the middle edge of one side.

      I've sent photos off to Horizon about it, but I'm annoyed. At this point, I don't want to open up the game until they respond, but I'd like to see what's actually in the box.

    41. Joseph Pilkus
      on January 29

      Horizon Games: The package arrived today and I look forward to delving into Traveller! Thanks for creating what appears to be quite an engaging game.

    42. Vincent E. Hoffman on January 29

      Gentlemen, Received my copy today and I'm very pleased with the end results. However two items are missing from my order. Where can I contact someone regarding the missing items?
      thank you for your assistance.

    43. Charles Dexter Ward
      on January 27

      Missing 5 packs of card sleeves and I can't find the Loren Wiseman memorial card. Email sent.

    44. Charles Dexter Ward
      on January 27

      Trying to find the update (I think it was an update) that mentions the card sleeves. I ended up getting only half of the card sleeves ordered.

    45. Dan 'Grimmund' Long
      on January 27

      Got my copy Friday, in Green Bay, WI, USA. SF Express handed off to UPS once the package was stateside, UPS handled it as 2nd day air delivery in the US.

    46. Tore Hatlen on January 26

      Got my game today and am excited to start reading through the rules and learning to play. It looks great and brings back some memories of adventures on the Spinward Main

    47. Mark Urbin on January 26

      Received mine a few days ago in central Massachusetts. Haven’t opened it it. Waiting until I can properly record the unboxing.

    48. Ric Van Dyke
      on January 26

      @Horizon: Suggestion, if you could add the sequence of play on the play mat that would be very nice. I know it's rather simple, but in my head I have about 1000 different game rules and play sequences bouncing around. Having the sequence of play on there with the icons would be rather convenient. But I understand that play mats are "done" so it's unlikely to happen to the ones already setup, maybe for future ones.

    49. Horizon Games Creator on January 26

      Our website has a Player Locator. Of course, it works best if more people register...

    50. Michael Lingefelt
      on January 25

      Mine came in yesterday in Tampa Fl. Box, cards and rules look great. Can’t wait to play. Any one local want to play a game?

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