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This patent pending key chain, will light an indicator, when put next to a wet diaper.
This patent pending key chain, will light an indicator, when put next to a wet diaper.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brandon Hulette on

      Just wanted to say thanks, I've been using this off and on with our 3 week old and it's saved a lot of messy fingers.

      Great little gadget!

    2. RichHeart on

      Maybe I am the only one with a problem with this. Quite puzzling. Anyone else having so many false readings as to cease using it?

    3. RichHeart on


      OK. Dissapointed

    4. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      RichHeart, I sold to over 700 people of which 4 had difficulty and most I was able to resolve by privately messaging them. I delivered what I promised virtually breaking even in the process. The description said that I have not tested it under all situations. I am sorry you don't like the product but I am not refunding your money. I already paid to build your products and to ship them. I have even sold to many repeat buyers some of which are buying 20 at a time (probably to resell).

    5. RichHeart on

      Sorry Eric. 4 units, 4 different users, all have said... unusable, unreliable. Frankly, I'd like a refund please.

    6. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      Hello Chris I am sorry you are having trouble. The detector signal has to be blocked by a dry diaper of paper towel of a certain thickness. If the paper towel or diaper is not thick enough the signal will still get through and light the LED. My suggestions: 1) Try it with the cap on with your baby. 2) Go to the next size up diapers. 3) Press the button closer to your child, like a foot away. This makes it less sensitive. If that doesn't work try 6 inches. The next version will have an adjustment.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Keenan on

      I tried this with a dry paper towel it doesn't light up which is correct. I try it on a damp towel it lights up, again correct. However placing the device cap on or off against my stomach with a dry shirt on it lights up. I put the dry paper towel I used earlier under my shirt and it lights up and I'm pretty sure I didn't just pee myself. Like some other people, everything I touch it lights up even on a brand new diaper on my baby with no pee in it.

    8. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      Richheart I think I know what's wrong. The detector is very sensitive. There were times I thought I was getting a false positive and it turns out the diaper was just very lightly wet. Not even wet enough for the little ink strip that the diaper vendors put on. I had one other person complain about false positives and I asked them to check next time they got one. It was lightly wet. As far as not going off, it won't work in front of zippers. If used with jeans it has to be off to the side a bit. I hope this helps.

    9. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      USPS tracking number 9400111899560848578515 says delivered 4/26.NEEDHAM, MA, 02492, US April 26, 2014 13:39:00 DELIVERED

    10. Missing avatar

      Joseph Duong on

      Hi Eric - I still haven't received my order.

    11. RichHeart on

      Well I don't think the sensors are damaged. We are just unable to reliably repeat results. If it is not very (not 100% but say 90%) reliable, it cannot be usable.

    12. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      I have sold these to over 700 people with many repeat orders. I have had 6 people have issues. 3 of them were resolved with videos and better directions on my website, 2 had sensors that were damaged in the mail and then you are the last one. If you go to my website you can see the comments I have received back. I am not sure why you don't like it. You said you followed all the directions. Its possible to get a sensor damaged in the mail, but you bought 4 so I doubt that's the case. Several possibilities are that the LED maybe isn't being seen. Its a little dim I plan on fixing that next version. Pressing too hard can cause false positives, so can thin diapers. Not calibrating the device properly would cause it not to go off. Its covered in the 2 videos I posted.

    13. RichHeart on

      It would nice to see more feedback on here.
      Is my case isolated or are the sensors unreliable?
      Creator, what do you propose?

    14. RichHeart on

      Device is not played with by children, just the chain is tiny and these mechanisms do have a habit of opening themselves or tearing. I just wouldn't want to be the source of an anguished parent who lost the chain.
      re clothing: just switched from light winter to early summer so if anything the clothing would be less of an issue. Pampers (made in Israel).
      All 4 adults are perfectly techno aware and demonstrated their ability to use the detector. Just it sometimes did not light up (when diaper was wet) and vice-versa. So all in all, pretty much a waste of time, as they have merely put them away.
      $55 for no gain :(

    15. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      Sorry to hear that. You are actually the first one to say that and I sold 1400 of them. Let me know if you have more specific feedback so that I can improve the device. Was it certain clothing? What type of diaper were they using? The device is not meant to be played with by children. The chain shouldn't be any more of a choking hazard than anything else around the house.

    16. RichHeart on

      Received my 4 a couple of weeks back. Waited to get feedback from the 2 sets of parents who I gave the first 2 to.
      Both hi-tec ofay sets of parents.
      They are not using them, they find them unreliable. Yes they know how to use them.

      a note on the small chains. I received mine (they were separate, in the package, small and easy to miss), I threw them away as I feared they were an additional choking hazard.

    17. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      I would like to share an idea I have to share my profits with all of you. Its simple. By going to this link you can sign up to promote the diaper check. When you click submit you will be given a custom URL. Simply paste this URL to sites you visit everyday (facebook, blogs, café mom) and when anyone buys through that link I will give up to 15% of my profits, from those sales, back to you. Just sit back and at the end of the month I will send you money to your paypal.

    18. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      The battery that is in it will last 5-10 years. No need to charge it. The USB was just used as an electrode but I found that the height of the connector was causing false positives because it hit the leg. Sorry about the chain, your local hardware shore should have it. Its just a ceiling fan ball chain.

    19. Matty Hakim Ariel on

      Received mine today in Israel, though it arrived without the chain it seems to work great (my baby's birth is due in a month so I'll only know for sure then),
      how do I charge it or replace the battery? in the original project video the detector had a USB plug which I assumed was for charging but the new version doesn't.

    20. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      Yes, several your diapers maybe thinner than what I tested with or you maybe pressing too hard. Here are my suggestions. 1) Press more softly, just lightly touch the clothing. Practice with a dry diaper. 2) Instead of holding it away from your body hold it closer to the child when you press and hold the button. The closer to the child that you press the button the less sensitive it is. 3) Try it with the cap on.

    21. Missing avatar

      João Barbosa

      Received mine today! However, the light ligths up in everything it touch... My arm, a dry diaper, wet diaper and so on... Any sugestion?

    22. swich on

      Received mine today in Germany. Works great. Thank You!

    23. Mikael Abrahamsson on

      I've received mine just now (Sweden) and it's working great. Thanks Eric!

    24. Missing avatar

      João Barbosa

      Thanks Eric

    25. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      They went out last week, should be any day.

    26. Missing avatar

      João Barbosa


      Any update for international backers? When should it arrive?


    27. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      I thought about that but I made the decision to design for battery life over brightness. I may change that on the next round. Thanks for your feedback and glad you like it.

    28. Missing avatar

      Keaton on

      Got it and it works great. It'd be great if the light were brighter.

    29. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      Hello everyone. I have had to walk several people through the use of the diaper check. Some were testing it on things like paper towels. Some were not pressing the button at the right time. Here is another video Demonstrating.

    30. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      If you are still having problems message me. Part of my intent with this kickstarter was to find a tuning to make everyone happy.

    31. Marty Fleser on

      Thanks Eric. I will try that.

    32. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      One more thing that could help. You don't have to press it hard. Make sure you are just lightly touching the clothing.

    33. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      You also have to make sure you hit the diaper. It will go off if you hit the leg or anyother skin that doesn't have the diaper between it.

    34. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      Sorry to hear that Marty. The way this thing works is the dry diaper blocks the sensor from getting to the child. That is why it works on your arm, there is no diaper to block the signal. As I stated in the ad, I have not tested it with all diaper combinations so a thinner diaper than what I tuned it for would give a false positive. There are two ways to compensate for that but I haven't posted the video yet. 1) You could leave the cap on. That would make it less sensitive. 2) Right now I say to hold it away from you child and press and hold the button. The closer the checker is to your child when you push the button the less sensitive it is. So you can start say 6 inches away, push and hold the button, then move it in. It doesn't have to be that exact distance every time just roughly. You should be able to find a distance that doesn't false trigger.

    35. Marty Fleser on

      I got mine the other day and I don't think it's working correctly. I get a light on a dry diaper and I tried it on me on my sleeve and my pant leg where I knew I was dry and I got a light showing wet.

      I just glad that the diapers we use on my son have the color changing strip to show when he's wet but it would be nice to know without taking most of his clothes off first.

    36. Russell Clark on

      Hi Eric

      Got my detectors and am pleased. Dude, if you need a better website I would be willing to trade product for web design services. Let me know.

    37. Javier Palenzuela

      I got mine.

    38. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      My wife is a huge reason this went so well. While I was at work she assembled 1300 of them. She clipped all the chains and she packaged them up.

    39. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      Ellis congratulations on your new edition. I am glad you feel that way. My main learning from this is the lead time on my PCB's. I am working on expediting next time.

    40. Missing avatar

      Elrac on

      I just received mine. I won't have a diaper to test it on until June, but it works on my arm. This was a well managed project. Thank you.

    41. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      I have gotten questions about how the device works. There is an instructional video at

    42. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      That's what I like to hear. Sorry for the delays.

    43. Tim Blais on

      Received mine in the mail today and seems to work great. Thanks!

    44. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      If I get more wholesalers selling I will increase the minimum quantity. Right now the site is for everyone.

    45. Missing avatar

      Keaton on

      @Frank - if you check it, you're able to buy as few as 1 for $12 plus $5 shipping.

    46. Frank Cona on

      Great to see things coming together Eric! Am I understanding you correctly that the website is geared more towards wholesale orders and not the public unless they stumble upon it?

    47. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      My web site is up More can be purchased and the instructions are on it.

    48. swich on

      Totally agree with Keaton. Thumbs up!

    49. Missing avatar

      Keaton on

      Thanks for honoring the KS backers' orders first. That's a first class act!

    50. Eric Schuh 3-time creator on

      Hello Nancy, my website will be up today where you can buy more. The more you buy the cheaper it gets and you can sell it for whatever price you can get. I didn't think it was fair to sell more when I hadn't fulfilled the kickstarter orders. All the orders are not packaged and I have shipped about 30% of them out. I expect early next week to have them all out and I will have 1000 pieces in inventory so future orders will be much faster.

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