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The Cord Cruncher is the latest innovation in headphone technology. Take command of your music experience and tame the cord! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 20, 2012.

The Cord Cruncher is the latest innovation in headphone technology. Take command of your music experience and tame the cord!

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Mashable - "... a practical idea we've been eagerly awaiting for years!"

Gizmofusion - "9.8 out of 10 ... If you are a runner, or sports enthusiast or even just someone who likes to use headphones these are for you."

Discovery Channel News - "No tangles...ever."

USAtoday - "The $20 you give to CordCruncher will not only help rid the world of unsightly headphone cord tangle, it will give you the satisfaction of helping turn a cool idea into a cool product."

TUAW - "Product works amazingly well ... the ultimate in listening comfort."

iPhoneLife - "If this isn't a must have, I don't know what is."

Ubergizmo - "Many years from now, when you regale tales of headphones to your grandkids, you would tell them of the day when headphones were no longer under the menace of a tangled cord – and this was not achieved through the clever implementation of Bluetooth connectivity, but rather, courtesy of the CordCruncher Headphones."

Headphones that Tame the Cord

Does this look familiar?

If you've tried storing your headphones in a gym bag, desk drawer, or pants pocket, you've experienced the frustration of picking apart a tangled mess of plastic. Finding a way to neatly manage your cords can be a challenge, and when more than one is in the same container? Forget it!

That's why we designed the CordCruncher Headphones.

Outfitted with high-quality earbuds, the CordCruncher Headphone's elastic sleeve allows you to customize your listening experience, giving you complete control of your cord length. Adjust it anywhere from 16 inches to 3.5 feet. Finish up at the gym, crunch the earbuds, and toss them into your bag for the next use—all tangle-free, every single time!

How to Crunch

Zip up your headphone cords, tangle free, with just a flick of your wrist. The cord management system is elegant, intuitive, and can be mastered in seconds.

Innovative, Intuitive, Fashionable

Suit up with stylish headphones that allow for complete freedom of movement. The CordCruncher can be worn as a necklace, or doubled up and wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet for easy access. Store and retrieve your headphones without ever diving into your bag or pockets!

CordCruncher Heaphones mix function with style and come in a variety of colors. Color choices for our first manufacturing run includes Pearl Blue, Rocket Red, and iGizmo White.

**Due to popular demand, we are now offering Matte Black as a color option. Note that there will be a shipping delay for all CordCruncher orders that include this configuration. See our update for full details.**

A Dream to Crunch

Thank you for taking an interest in our product. It’s hard to throttle back the enthusiasm we have for the CordCruncher idea. We’ve had amazing feedback from our prospective customers and the electronics industry.

I was introduced to by a Microsoft representative at the CES show this past January. I feel he accurately viewed the Kickstarter community as the perfect launching point for our new CordCruncher headphones. We are asking for your support to achieve two goals:

First, we want to place our product in the hands of informed “early adapters.” A consumer audience who can quickly get what we are offering and introduce the product to their friends and colleagues.

Second, we hope the Kickstarter community will serve as a platform to introduce the value of CordCruncher’s intellectual property to the world. 

We really appreciate your interest in our enterprise, and look forward to collaborating with you, the Kickstarter community.



The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show - Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year, we had a fantastic opportunity to set up shop at The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The CordCruncher team had one of the smallest booths at the show and managed to crush the surrounding competition, attracting the largest and most enthusiastic crowds.  Fans and consumers were blown away by our demonstrations. Check out the reviews below.

“This is a game changer for the headphone industry.”— A.P., Nike

“Freakishly elegant design.”—T.G., Virgin America

“A lock for new product of the year!”—V.T., Samsung Electronics

“Where has this been hiding all these years?”—A.A., Sony Electronics

“This solves the largest problem of small electronics.”—M.R., Amazon

“I can’t stop shaking my head…This is unbelievable.”—A.W., Apex Wireless



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