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The Cord Cruncher is the latest innovation in headphone technology. Take command of your music experience and tame the cord!
The Cord Cruncher is the latest innovation in headphone technology. Take command of your music experience and tame the cord!
1,548 backers pledged $66,689 to help bring this project to life.

Retail Presentation Preview

Whoever said starting your own business and taking a product from concept to market was easy?

Probably nobody.

We've been working hard here in the Cruncher-verse, and in an effort to continue to involve the CordCruncher-Kickstarter community, thought you guys might enjoy a preview of our latest product presentation designs.

Here are the blueprints for our individual unit packaging:

The front face of the retail card:

And the back:

Let us know what you think! Retail packaging will unfortunately not be included with units ordered through this Kickstarter campaign, but with any luck, you'll see a design similar to this popping up in your local retail chains as early as late June.

P.S.- Coming soon, we'll be posting an update detailing the next phase of our mic'd CordCruncher prototypes. We hope it produces a dialogue as enervating and intriguing as the last!

Thank you for your continued interest and support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    2. TheEdge on

      The retail card front really needs work, guys. Two basic problems. First, I really have no idea what product is being advertised or displayed. More focus on the product. Even someone using the product still needs to have a basic understanding of what they're buying. Are you selling exercise equipment?

      Second, the card looks very retro 70s. Looks like a thigh master ad!

    3. Missing avatar

      T. L. on

      This project does update more frequently than the other projects I've backed. I actually like being involved in the process. If a project's updates feel spammy to backers, they do have the option of clicking on the "Unsubscribe from this project's updates with one click" link at the bottom of every project email update they get. I haven't tried it myself, but I think that even if one does unsubscribe, they will still see the red badge on the world-shaped Activity icon. Then the backer can decide whether or not to view the update by selecting it on the drop-down Activity menu.

    4. Ryan on

      Fewer updates, please. As excited as I am to receive the product, I'm OK not knowing the details of every step toward shipment. :) Thanks!

    5. Sonya Macey on

      Well this won't be the first time I've disagreed with other commenters.

      I don't have a problem with the girl - she is healthy and good looking - not a sleazy bikini-clad bimbo. (I am a woman.) The exercise equipment however does bother me. I think it clutters the look of the front and will distract from your product being on view.

      Perhaps amputate the lady at the waist. She is demonstrating (I think) a crunch in action and is young enough to be both cool and hip. Don't lose time trying to come up with some bold innovative packaging- your product IS bold and innovative and we want to get it now.

      Packaging is no doubt helpful for a product that doesn't create enough demand on it's own. I think you could sell cord crunchers in paper bags - they are that appealing. If you have a great idea for bold, innovative packaging later - great - go for it then but let's get the product out there now.

    6. Missing avatar

      Patricia on

      Same here I don't like the girl seems unnecessary. More like you are trying to sell sex. You don't need her.

    7. Bob Manley on

      I have to agree with the previous comments. Your images looks like a late night infomercial for a new exercise device that will soon be found in a yard sale near you.

      You have a really cool hip new product, nothing in your packaging says cool or hip!

      Even the shape of your packaging says mediocrity, it is the shape of every headphone package you see. Break the mold, be daring, fresh, new bold!

      I love your product, and really hope you do well with it, but I think you are on the wrong road with your packaging!



    8. Constonce Ton on

      Yeah I'm not really adding anything new but I was indeed disappointed to see the girl there(no hard feelings for the girl). Advertising has moved beyond that; any images, if at all, should be rather diagrammatic and the text used in the name of that brand REALLY needs to be revamped. Overall it looks outdated and rather childish. You have too many colours and too little information on that front. D:

    9. Scott Becker on

      Sorry about the "dddddd"s in there. Just a heavy hand....

    10. Scott Becker on

      The front of the packaging should reveal the product's USP, and it doesn't. Instead we see the product fully extended, as if it were some kind of workout band for the lady holding it. What you need, instead, is a "before and after" dual image showing the product crushed and extended so the customer immediately grasps what it can do. Just take your cues from the material you presented to us backers! That sure did the trick for us, so why not for the customers? As Chris implied, less "jazz" in the form of the sporty lady and more product focus would be good. If you want to include a picture of some trendy people "wearing" the product, that would be perfect, too, but this should be a smaller (or background) image, leaving center stage for the pics that get the USP across. To underscore the photo images (crushed and uncrushed), I'd definitely recommend a big-letter slogan smack dab across the card along the lines of "tangle-free headphones".ddddddddddddddddd
      One more thing (tiny but relevant): The term is not just "frequency", it's "frequency response". I realize that is a bit too long for the current layout, but maybe that's not writ in stone?

    11. Chris Donnelly on

      And get rid of the babe! Mad Men don't rule the world anymore

    12. Chris Donnelly on

      To my eye it just looks like more headphones. Simplicity, less packaging, more style, more eco friendly. Ask yourself what would Apple do? And go from there. I don't know the answer, but i do know that this is definitely not it.

    13. Jay Johnson Creator on

      Hey CordCruncher-KS Backers! Thanks for the completely AWESOME feedback. Put it this way, ..our team is in awe of you collaborators. Since we are taking some well needed R&R this weekend, we will respond to your input on Monday, so we can properly respond in detail. Thanks again for your generosity, and CREATIVITY!!

    14. Alex Camacho on

      Agreed, this is no good, I'd think something like the cardboard collars they use on guitar leads, no need for mountains of plastic, raw cardboard 1-2 colour print, no photos, maybe instructions diagrams on the back.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jim Hofweber on

      This would sell the productonly to those who already know what they are looking for. (Even then, a bit more contrast would help, such as by darkening the word "cruncher.") It wouldn't make many new customer sales.

      Nobody is looking for an "elasto cord zipper." Lots of people are looking for "tangle free headphones," or "freedom from tangles." In order to maximize impact you need to get a simple, direct visual image of this, and the verbiage to go along with it, onto the packaging. Use another image (such as the bracelet) in an inset if you want to further differentiate yourself from others who claim to have tangle-free designs. Most neophytes are unaware of those alternatives, however, and those secondary features won't be the driver of the majority of sales.

      The comments about the girl should impart a lesson. All I saw was an attractive person, which I'm sure is all you were trying to convey. But people bring with them agendas, feelings, politics, ideologies, whatever--and not without reason. As a result, the image turns some people off, and could turn some away. To appeal to as many people as possible you have to consider all possible points of view and be conservative, in the sense of not taking chances.

    16. Robert Dulaney on

      Others have said it well. The picture on the front does not communicate the core of this product. I would advise going back to the drawing board on the front face.

    17. Ninja Foodstuff on

      Looks like you're selling some kind of fad gym equipment on late-night TV :(

    18. Missing avatar

      Vegard Halvorsen on

      I also have to agree with the other backers: This packaging does not present the USP of your great product. In my view, Jay, take the advice of @Chris Ford, as I think he is right on the money on this one. If I had seen this in a shop, I would most likely have passed on it.
      The packaging should, if possible, unambiguously show your product's great USP - it was the USP of your product that made it "sell" to us Kickstarter backers in the first place.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kai Siers on

      I agree with my co-backers: the packing is kind of boring and not showing the usp - I would not take a second look at it in a store. You should make it clear on first glace, what your product is about: no more cable-mess and (hopefully) awsome sound.

    20. Kevin Wilson on

      The woman is a little distracting to the product. A picture of the phones extended and a photo of tangled headphones would sell the product better. But I'm about function.

    21. Timothy Lee on

      Looks totally cheesy and something I wouldn't glance twice at. That being said, looking forward to mine!

    22. Missing avatar

      T. L. on

      I like the inset showing that you can wear the headphones as a bracelet. Also, the good crunch/bad crunch photos are easy to understand. The color scheme feels washed-out, though. Like Lukas, I feel a little like I'm looking at an advert for an elastic band workout video.

      I get that you want to show the product both fully retracted and extended, but the main focus of the "fully extended" photo is the woman, not the product. Maybe you could relate the same information in diagrams, like you see on traffic signs. I'm thinking something quirky (like Chris mentioned) and simple, like the opening of the 2005 remake of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," where they're talking about the guide, or the closing credits of "The Other Guys."

      Another idea would be to develop the "CordCruncher" logo more to demonstrate the mechanics of the elastic sleeve.

      Is the packaging a snap-closure clamshell that's secured closed by chipboard around the outside? If so, then that would definitely be less frustrating to open than a heat sealed clamshell.

      Thank you for letting us in on the process!

    23. Brian Little

      Love the product, but (a) the injure-yourself bubble pack is a no-no, and (b) can you please not use boobs to sell these? I'd think they should sell themselves.

    24. Missing avatar

      Anne Nicholson on

      I have to agree that the packaging is not eye catching. Makes me think that the people that worked on it are 20 something men/boys. Really a pretty girl in shorts----you can do better than that. Unless a person picks it up and examines it they could easily pass it by and as an investor (very excited about that) I want them to pick it up because they are curious and then want to buy it. Probably too late to do any new design work on the package but maybe the next printing.

    25. Missing avatar

      Lukas Zeller on

      I very much agree with Chris' comment - the first thing I thought when seeing the package draft was "how totally average does it look compared to how extraordinary the product is". That wouldn't matter to me, because as a kickstarter backer I learnt about the product before - but it will matter a lot for retail.

      I also guess the image falsely narrows down perception of the product to a fitness/workout accessory.

      If I'm not out for shopping a fitness accessory, but for earphones, I might even fail to recognize that this is in fact what I'm looking for. Most of what is seen through the blister (the crunched cable) is something very different from any other earphones, while the lady's gesture is easily associated with using some expander fitness tool, but not with earphones. I have to either recognize earphone drivers as such (without the familiar cable) or read the small green text, both not likely to happen.

      I think the package should first of all communicate "Earphones" and "End the cabling mess". That's your USP and that's what needs to stand out when this is one of many phone accessory products on display in a shop.

      Just my 2c, not a professional opinion

    26. Ford & Carter on

      I love you product and am anxiously awaiting my headphones whenever they are born into this world.

      If you're down for some thoughts on your packaging I'd like to pass them along. For what it's worth I'm a creative director for a reasonably good sized advertising agency in a reasonably good sized market (San Francisco) so I'm not completely disconnected from great design.

      What I wonder is - should your brand (and it's packaging) feel a little more fun, quirky or interesting. This is such a great, fresh idea, I really want the packaging to live up to that. I'm going to enclose a link here to a brand who's products remind me of yours - they make bike locks that are equally innovative and colorful - but at the same time they feel far more playful and interesting. I think this is especially important if you want to think about making more products.

      Hit me back if you want any more thoughts. You many have enough of me already.

    27. Matt Chesler on

      The images of the packaging look great, but it also looks like it'll be the kind of packaging that requires some sharp object to gain access. It'd be great if the packaging were "frustration-free"!

    28. James Carey Lauder on

      Thanks for the updates guy!!
      This is looking great!

      Some thoughts for the package:

      How about something about : "The end to tangled earphones!!"
      so people know that this is a special set of erphones

      I think the Cord type should be bigger to stand out. 2 or 3 points larger.

      The green type gets a bit lost on the white backdrop. Maybe a
      shadow around to pop it off the white?

      Thanks for letting us be a part of this, it's really cool.

      Carey in Canada