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The Cord Cruncher is the latest innovation in headphone technology. Take command of your music experience and tame the cord!
The Cord Cruncher is the latest innovation in headphone technology. Take command of your music experience and tame the cord!
1,548 backers pledged $66,689 to help bring this project to life.

FAQ Update

Can I use the CordCruncher sleeve on my own headphones?

Due to the countless headphone configurations on the market that include split protectors, different phono-plug housing diameters, and inflexible cord insulation, the elastic sleeve cannot be used as an aftermarket solution to cord storage. We hope to offer a variety of headphone configurations to accommodate all our backer's needs.

How do I select the colors for my CordCruncher Headphone?

Once we reach our Kickstarter funding deadline (Friday, April 20th) you will receive a questionnaire requesting your shipping address and color preferences.

What is the expected lifespan of the elastic sleeve?

We have been testing the limits of the CordCruncher's elastic sleeve, and after hundreds upon hundreds of back to back to back crunches and extensions, our arms got tired (really). These stress tests simulate years of wear in the span of less than an hour, and we estimate that with proper care, your CordCruncher Headphones should last for thousands of crunches.

How much will the CordCruncher Headphone cost?

MSRP for a packaged unit will be $24.99.

What is the material composition of the elastic sleeve?

The CordCruncher sleeve is made from low profile, 95% protein-free, medical-grade latex rubber. People that are allergic to latex should be aware that contact with the sleeve may cause an allergic reaction. However, the CordCruncher inventor Jay Johnson, who has spent countless hours in contact with the sleeve, has a latex sensitivity and has not experienced a reaction with this formulation.

How securely does the CordCruncher Headphone stay wrapped around your wrist?

Very securely!

How do I adjust my pledge to incorporate the international shipping fee?

To accommodate for international shipping in your pledge, select your desired reward tier and increase the amount by the corresponding international shipping charge.

If you have already pledged and need to adjust your amount, go to our project homepage and click the blue “MANAGE YOUR PLEDGE” button above the reward tiers. Match the amount pledged to the reward tier plus the corresponding international shipping charge.

I have a question about my order. What is the best way to resolve a customer service inquiry?

E-mail us at


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