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Update #29

News from the Cruncherverse!

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Dear Kickstarters,

We haven't forgotten about you, and we hope you haven't forgotten about us!

We are thrilled to report that things have been progressing at breakneck speed here in the Cruncherverse. We're still figuring out the direction of our website, but we've made amazing strides in getting the CordCruncher Headphones out to market, we've introduced new internal earbud electronics that have even better sound quality, and we have a new and improved packaging design for which we have our Kickstarter community to thank!  Take a look!

(right click and hit "View Image" to see a larger version)

If you board the Wayback Machine and review the initial update and dialogue that took place in the comments section, you can see that the CordCruncher v 2.0 package redesign is a direct result of the input we received from that exchange.

As a token of gratitude for your essential support and invaluable feedback, we'll be doing a promotional sale to revert the cost of our CordCruncher Headphones back to their original Kickstarter price! This offer is exclusively for our backers (and their friends), and will only be available for the next four days. Just type in the coupon code "kscruncher" during checkout, and receive 20% off your purchase.

Thank you all, and happy Crunching!

Update #28

Final Status Report - June 24 2012

Well, we made it!

There were a few hiccups along the way, and we'd like to thank you all for your patience, support, and understanding. This has been a unique and wonderful experience for us, and we hope you have enjoyed it as well.

(right click and hit "View Image" to see a larger version of the chart)

All of our Kickstarter orders have been sent out! If you haven't received your package already, it should be arriving in the mail soon. To our US backers, if you still haven't received your CordCruncher(s) by the end of the month, please let us know by contacting us at Due to a variety of customs and shipping restrictions, we ask that our international backers extend their patience for an additional week. Thank you!

In other news, we have finished the first phase of our website redesign. We hope to soon have a forum for community interaction, so be sure to visit us at and say hello!

We look forward to keeping in contact with the CordCruncher-Kickstarter community. We'll be here a while longer to monitor your feedback and review your input, but all customer support related queries should be sent to

Happy Crunching!

Update #27

Status Report - June 11 2012

Last week we began sending out our Kickstarter orders!

We're extremely excited to have made it this far, and are eagerly awaiting your feedback. There have been a few problems reported with some of the units--please do not hesitate to contact us at

We anticipate having all your orders in the mail before this Friday, the 15th.

Check our latest progress report chart below for further information.

(right click and hit "View Image" to see a larger version of the chart)

In closing, we want to thank you all again for your innumerable contributions of advice, insight, and wisdom. We consider ourselves blessed to have such a loyal and supportive community.

Update #26

Reds Complete!

We have inspected all of the rocket reds this weekend.  They sound awesome and look even awesomer'er! The blues and whites have also arrived, and we will start the inspections on Monday. The red, white and blues will all be mailed out to y'all via USPS by Friday.

The matte black's production has been delayed in China. Their production will start tomorrow  and we hope to have them completed by Thursday for delivery from the factory via airfreight by the end of the week. We will post more detail on their expected arrival in our warehouse when we get more info.

All in all... We are very fired up about getting these first-run Crunchers to you! They have surpassed our expectations on sound quality,... and overall coolness

Thanks again for your patience. You all have been really understanding of the complex nature of this endeavor, and we are eager to hear your feedback.

One quick note... We are going to be producing a video on how to properly use the CordCrunchers. I have to emphasize that this is required viewing. Because this is a new technology, there is a learning curve involved in its proper use. Fortunately, the curve is quick, and the storage-cycle will become instinctive after a few uses. I am really hoping you guys can help us spread the word on the correct way to use the product.

If the demo video falls short, please blast us with thoughtful critiques. This is a very important tool for us as we go forward with this business.

Thanks a million to all you backers!!


Update #25

Status Report - May 30 2012

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And we're back!

I'll get right to it folks--I know many of you have been asking for a progress update, and I deeply apologize for the delay in sending it out.

(right click and hit "View Image" to see a larger version of the chart)

As you can see, we've been very busy over here in the Cruncher-verse! In addition to what is displayed on the chart, we've been building a new website for the official CordCruncher product release, and we're working hard to streamline the quality control and delivery process. You should be receiving your units soon!

The trip to China was incredible. It exceeded our wildest expectations! My only regret was my inability to communicate with our loyal CordCruncher-Kickstarter community while the magic was happening! I hope these pictures capture some of the unbridled enthusiasm and high-energy-charge we felt while watching our long-held vision manifest into the real world.

(CordCruncher Will is feeling pretty "psyched" to hold the new iGizmo White sleeves!)

(Is this what we've been working on all this time?)

(The end of the first leg of a long, long journey. What an incredible feeling.)

As always, we cannot say enough how much we appreciate our CordCruncher-Kickstarter community for your continued support and interest. We could not have made it this far without you.

Thank you.

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