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Carolina Bluesman, Jeff Norwood, records latest effort in at Delta Recording, Como, MS with Jimbo Mathus and Justin Showah at the helm,
Carolina Bluesman, Jeff Norwood, records latest effort in at Delta Recording, Como, MS with Jimbo Mathus and Justin Showah at the helm,
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Mr. Brown Says The Bitch is Back!

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Should have about 28 lbs of Push Pilin' coming this way by end of day. They are loading out of Sumter, SC as we speak. ' Bout 27 mile South of here. If you got one coming and you haven't sent me your address yet, please do so now! I'm hittin the road for the weekend and probably won't have the time to get the copies before I leave town. Leaving on tour Wednesday, so plan is to get things rolling your way on Monday. Also check out the new improved website action at
Big show at Drink! in Myrtle Beach tonight and Surf Bar in Folly Beach Saturday. Cleaning SC's clock 'fore we head to MS and TN. Then MA. Come on out if you in the neighborhood. Have a look at the tour schedule. We'll be out and about! See you there!!!
Thanks again and again and again! Without you, none of this is possible. Come share the moment and savor the sweet smell of gunpowd...I mean success at the gigs;)

the luck o' the draw

Winner tonight is Sally Holmes who wins my stage pass from 2007 Riverwalk Blues Fest in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where I met Devon Allman, PineTop Perkins, Diunna Greenleaf, Corey Harris, Otis Taylor, Elvin Bishop, Kim Wilson, and Hubert Sumlin for the first time. Got to hang out with Dick Waterman, too. Great gig! Stay tuned.

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tonight's winner

Is Georgetown Fats! congrats!
G-Town gets the luck of the draw for a bootleg of Ed Bell's 'Mamlish Moan'. Very hard to find and I would have to kill you to tell you where I got it. Ed was a South Alabama Bluesman who played the streets of Greenville, AL with another Country Blues Bad Ass, TeeTot Payne, who went down in the books as being Hank Sr's musical influence. They wouldn't let Hank cut 'Lovesick Blues" but he did it anyway and it was a breakthrough hit!
That was Hank's Blues though. Ed's are...well...Ed's and they are fabulous Country Blues! i hope you like Country Blues, G-Town. This shit is from around 1921 so a lot of folks may not relate. Hell that is mostly what I listen to. But that's me and well there you have it.
PUSH PILIN' is headed for the plant tonight via upload. Everything is in place, so if nothing messes up, we should have the TOTAL PACKAGE by end of the month. Just in time to tour and IBC it. Thanks again, and stay tuned for further interesting developments.

Now comes the work part...

Yep. Get you your rewards and promote x100. Plus get the thing to th' plant! Drawing winner today is Dereck who is receiving my autographed stage pass for the 11th Downhome Blues Bash in Camden, SC. Better hang on to it, Dereck. I think I've burned that bridge. Haha! (insert evil laughter here). Tomorrow is another day for the rest of ya. Get me your addresses ASAP here (preferably) or at BTW, Sneak peak of the front cover below.
PS. Please! No sharing. I got to release this mother. It'll sell 45 days and then drop off from all the bootlegs and file sharing. So help a brother out. spread the word and not the product. THX!!!

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Booooooyaaahhh! Off to the plant!

Aiiiight! We done it!
I need your info, email, shipping addresses etc,. T shirt sizes, if applicable, so I can get you your reward stuff! You may have a way to do it here and that would be cool with me because it keeps it all in one place. I'm sure they've sent you the 'cough it up' email by now ;).
After I get through haggling with the pressers because this stuff has to get going yesterday, we are having a drawing. We may attempt some video. At 200 mb I can't do much. So, it may either go a few at a time or I'll send a summary. Your choice, so LMK. Believe me, this is total improv and random which,to me, makes it fun! I am taking everybody's name or handle and putting it in a hat now and we'll do the first installment tomorrow. Once again, thanks!

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