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Nightmare Man- A New Musical's video poster

"Nightmare Man" is a new musical by Minneapolis company Studio Alethea Productions based on the short story by Jeremy C. Shipp. Read more

Minneapolis, MN Theater
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This project was successfully funded on July 7, 2011.

"Nightmare Man" is a new musical by Minneapolis company Studio Alethea Productions based on the short story by Jeremy C. Shipp.

Minneapolis, MN Theater
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************************ REWARD UPDATE 7/5 *******************************

We are fully funded! Thank you so much to our awesome backers!

Any new backers we get (or any backer who increases their pledge by any amount) before the end of the campaign will be entered into a contest to win one of the Limited Edition, signed copies of SHEEP AND WOLVES by Jeremy C. Shipp.

Any additional funds that we receive will go into producing a recording of as much of the show that we can to release for FREE to our backers!

************************** REWARD UPDATE 7/3 *****************************

COMBO PACK DELUXE (Tailored especially for non-locals):

For $75 you can get a signed copy of SHEEP AND WOLVES by Jeremy C. Shipp, the official t-shirt of "Nightmare Man - A Musical" and the limited press MN Fringe poster signed by the cast and crew of  "Nightmare Man - A Musical" (including Nathan, Paul, Derek, Maddie, and Marty)

Please send us a note indicating that you would like to select this reward.

*************************** REWARD UPDATE 6/28****************************


A new, limited reward has been added at the $250 level.  In addition to the signed copy of SHEEP AND WOLVES by Jeremy C. Shipp, you will get ONE of the personal working copies of the script from the writier/ composer Nathan M. Schilz (5 in all) with notes, scribbles, and edits -- some crazy pictures, too! These span from the middle of March through the end of June. A final version of the script will also be sent so you can see the evolution of the show over time.

You will also get your choice of two tickets to the show or the official "Nightmare Man - A Musical" t-shirt.

***************************** REWARD UPDATE ********************************

A $5 reward has been added: An official "attic clown" bookmark from Jeremy C. Shipp and the Nightmare Man Musical sticker!

A $60 combo pack reward: Official T-shirt and the Limited Edition, signed copy of SHEEP AND  WOLVES

A $100 super, local combo pack reward: Two tickets, Limited Edition, signed copy of SHEEP AND WOLVES, and two official Nightmare Man T-shirts.

>You will automatically get the new reward if you donate that amount<



Making its world premiere in August 2011 as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, "Nightmare Man" is a new musical adaptation of bizarro fiction writer (and Bram Stoker nominated author) Jeremy C. Shipp's short story of the same name. It is part of his collection of stories entitled Sheep and Wolves (

"Nightmare Man" will premiere on August 5th, 2011 at the Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul ( starring Derek Meyer, under the direction of Paul von Stoetzel of Killing Joke Productions (


We have a great show lined up and some incredible music that we want you to hear!

In order to ensure we have funds to put on "Nightmare Man" this summer, we need to reach our initial goal of $2,750. We have already spent about $1k of our own cash to front the producer fees, some marketing materials, and other stage-related expenses, but we need your help to bring Shipp's characters to the stage. This campaign is imperative in making sure that our talent and musicians are paid and that we are able to produce the marketing materials to fill the seats in August!

We know that the quality of the show is directly proportional to the artistry, finesse and dexterity of our members, and so we want to ensure that we can secure more amazing talent like Derek Meyer (Thomas), Madelyne Riley (Jade), Martin Reuben (The Presence), and Cory Grossman (Cello). Funding will also be used to provide the stipend for our phenomenal director, Paul von Stoetzel.

**Read the FAQs for more information about the show, including the special bonus perk if we reach our second-level goal of $5,000!!

+Please note that admission does not include $4 2011 MN Fringe Festival button, which provides access to the festival and discounts at shows and vendors throughout the year:


  • We here at Studio Alethea Productions and Killing Joke Productions appreciate all of the support that we have already received with regards to this project. We want to give back as much as we possibly can to show our appreciation!

    Because this show is going to be part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011, we understand that our broader support system will not get to experience the world premiere in a physical way. Because of this, we created a second-tier goal of a $5,000.

    With these additional funds EVERYONE who contributes to this project-- even $1-- will receive a digital copy of the Nightmare Man - A Musical LP. The LP will feature ALL of the songs from the show including "I Call it Hell" and "More than You."

    We didn't want to be greedy and ask for something that was too ambitious or out-of-reach. We wanted to design the project in as egalitarian and democratic way as possible. So, if you want that LP download, throw in a buck and invite your friends! That's the surest way to reach our second-tier goal of $5,000.

    (Additional monies will be used to provide compensation for the artists, an 8-hour block of recording time, and digital distribution for the LP.)

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  • The world premiere stage show will have a live orchestra consisting of a cellist, violinist, electric bass, electric guitar, electronic percussion, and hand percussion. These members will perfectly flesh out the score written by Nathan M. Schilz and accompany the incredible vocal talent of Meyer, Riley, and Reuben.

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  • We are honestly appreciative of anything that you might be able to contribute-- even the time to "RT," "Like" us on Facebook, or "share" the link.

    We want to emphasize that for only $1, you can get a lasting experience with the Nightmare Man - A Musical LP and invite your friends to cinch the deal! And, hopefully in time, we'll be coming to a stage near you!

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  • Anyone who contributes to the project will receive the $1 award: a special invitation to all rehearsals, workshops, and public appearances. Also, anyone who contributes to the campaign will receive a special thanks in the World Premiere program.

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  • Producer: Kristin Schaack

    Director, DP, Editor: Justin Schaack

    Co-Director: Paul von Stoetzel

    Starring: Derek Meyer, Madelyne Riley, and Martin Rueben

    Grips: Jesse Meehl and Tom Sorenson

    Make-up: Ariel Pinkerton

    Still Photography: Richard Molby

    Music: "I Call it Hell" from "Nightmare Man" by Nathan M. Schilz

    Shot with the Canon 7D on location in Northeast Minneapolis

    Special Thanks: Amanda Schilz

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    12 backers

    Thank you! We really appreciate everyone who is able to contribute in any way! For joining us in our journey, you will get an invitation to all workshops, rehearsals, and public appearances. And, of course, a special thanks in our World Premiere program.**

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    Pledge $20 or more

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    Reserve one general admission ticket to see "Nightmare Man" in its inaugural run at the Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011! (Not available for out-of-towners)**+

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    16 backers

    Get the official "Nightmare Man" T-Shirt! Design by Richard Molby (design to be released in the "updates" section of the campaign.) **

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    Reserve two general admission tickets to see "Nightmare Man" in its inaugural run at the Minnesota Fringe Festival 2011! (Not available for out-of-towners)**+

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    Pledge $50 or more

    14 backers Limited (76 left of 90)

    Receive a "Nightmare Man - A Musical" limited edition copy of SHEEP AND WOLVES by Jeremy C. Shipp. This one-of-a-kind item contains the original short story "Nightmare Man" and is signed by the author on a bookplate inside the front cover. An "attic clown" bookmark conveniently marks the page on which the story begins.**

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    Pledge $75 or more

    6 backers Limited (4 left of 10)

    Super, Local Fan! Get two tickets to see "Nightmare Man" AND the limited edition, signed copy of SHEEP AND WOLVES! **+

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