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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, May 20 2018 6:20 AM UTC +00:00


Breaking The Secret Code Of Success! 

Self-Publishing Book Project

• I migrated to the United States in May 2011, after I lost everything from the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010.  

• I Established myself in Queens New-York I started my life over with no money nothing. 

• I worked from small jobs, as moving guy, taxi driver, mechanic helper. Before I save some money invested in myself and launch some business venture. •

I started some businesses but all was a total catastrophe, my failures were so big I hands-up with $50000 credit card debt everybody called thought I was crazy. 

 • Broke with no job nothing I started a blog and in one year, I became a well-known blogger in the New York blogging community than now I have people who connect with me in the entire world.

 • How do I get where I am, I just share what I got on a blogging platform. Since I create my blog I started to advocate and help people facing the same situation with me from a diverse background, ethnicity, gender, color, and race to understand how to leverage the Internet to working online either as an extra income activity or building they own business or their personal brand.  

• I came out with the concept: “Freelancing Blog Initiative, A Free Internet Media, and Open to the public”.

 • Ever since I create my own personal brand this is an online platform that opens me a door to interact and help people who want to become Internet blogger, to join my network and starting blogging freely with no intimidation and grow along the way. • My engagement is landing on very simple philosophic mission breaking down in an addition of three words: “Persistence + Discipline = Success”  

• The audience wants me to write a book about my story, Indeed I did more I wrote an entire book about self-help and how to empower yourself to succeed. The book title is “ Breaking the secret code of success!”  

• Because of some accuracy content and some truthful secret, I reveal inside this book, I did not find any publisher who wants to publish my book without asking me to remove what they think you should not suppose to know.  

• So I have been patient and waiting for an opportunity to find a publisher, now I am taking action and go on a self-publishing initiative. Guys, I need your support to make it happen that’s why I am raising this found to publish this book as is and give the secret code of success to help you achieve some extra miles stone in your life.  

• Please donate, share the idea with your friends. Let do this together. Thanks.

Risks and challenges

I am committed to respecting my engagement toward all my backers. 
I already engaged financially in a process of publishing the book,  I  hired a publishing contractor for the job. The editing is done already, the concept is ready. The book will be a black and white printing, is publishing in different formats: Hardcover, Paperback,  Audiobook, and Ebook?  
For this part of the part job I already paid the fees, now the money I will raise from the backers on Kickstarter will cover the second part of the project,  Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Audio Formats Lecture, Book Signings and Galleries, Audience Meet-up, Book Exhibits and Conferences, Book Reviews, BookStub Cards, Direct Marketing, E-mail advertising,  Genre-Specific Marketing, Hollywood Book-to-Screen, Internet Marketing, Online Video Services, Publicity Campaigns, Publicity Services, Radio Services, Reader’s Digest Marketing, Television Advertising, Book distribution in major public libraries and public school.
All books reward books will send to any backers who donate $ 25 and up plus shipping fees $ 5 for US & Canada, $ 10 for Other Countries around the world.
The project meticulously plans and will execute professionally to complete all engagement we made toward the public and Kickstarter backers who will support us.
Our project is 97.5% warranty to be delivered on time,  2.5 % of potential delay that may happen if I do not raise all the $15000 is 45 days. If that happened all people who have to donate and rich the reward level will starting receiving their book from mail post before September 30th, 2018.

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