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A fully playable spherical chess set including magnetic pieces, a finely crafted wooden base & a steel globe sphere.
A fully playable spherical chess set including magnetic pieces, a finely crafted wooden base & a steel globe sphere.
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Posted by Matt (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

We finally have a good color match from the factories of the brown and gold body with the brown and gold globe (See the first image)! One thing that I have noticed is that the pine of the initial run of the wood body is very soft and easily dented so we are getting samples made with several hardwoods to prevent them from getting easily dented or damaged.  

The wood stained chess pieces look great but the gold paint wood pieces do not look smooth or metallic to match the gold on the grid. We are going to go ahead and make samples of solid resin and high grade poly urethane and ABS chess pieces so that the gold pieces can be anodized to match the same shiny gold as the grids on the globe. 

I need your feedback about what to do with the brown chess pieces. Since the gold pieces will be made from the anodized resin would you prefer that the brown pieces be made of the same resin material and then color match the brown squares exactly, or would you prefer the brown pieces be made out of wood stained the color of the body?

Matched Wood Body And Globe Squares
Matched Wood Body And Globe Squares

 Painted gold wooden pieces are not giving us the metallic shine we need. We will change the gold pieces from wood to resin for solid plastic that can be anodized metallic gold. 

Gold paint on the chess piece does not look good
Gold paint on the chess piece does not look good

Also, after rigorous testing we have found a weak point where the axis joins the main body. We will be changing the pin from wood to metal and also add a metal support plate under the wood connector piece to give it more strength at that pivot point. See below

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    1. TJ Paul on

      Wood to match the base.

    2. Missing avatar

      hayoung on

      I do not know the difference between the two that you suggested. But I hope it will look good on the whole.
      And I would like to know the approximate time period when it will be completed.

    3. Lenny

      I vote foe Brown pieces in wood matching the base.

    4. Daniel

      I vote same material.

    5. Raph Even-Chaim on

      I think i prefer all wood for the pieces, worry less about colour matching the pieces to the board, the wood will look good. Or if you decide to go resin for the "white" then resin for black too.

    6. K

      Wood for both. Light colored stain for ‘white’ pieces

    7. Missing avatar

      Naz on

      Love this! The pieces matching the board would make it perfect. Thank you for consistently including us in your efforts. I cannot wait until I own this.

    8. Patrick Einheber

      That looks amazing! I like the pieces being the same color and material as the base. That being said, I also don't mind a non-metallic gold on the pieces because it makes them more wooden to match that notion. Makes them stand out from the spaces they're on in both cases.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mitch B on

      I prefer the look of the brown pieces in wood.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit

      I prefer the brown pieces in wood so it matches the base and the gold one in resin so that it gets the metallic appearance as the gold squares and the gold on the base. In that way all parts get tied together to make up the whole.

    11. Missing avatar

      Torsten Sven Rich-Wimmer on

      I prefer all-wood myself. The brown matches the wood of the base which ties the whole thing together nicely (in the images at least). If there is zero chance that you are willing to keep all pieces made of wood, they should at least be the same material (i.e. plastic).

    12. Missing avatar

      Lisa Minne on

      Chess pieces should match the squares. Nice quality control efforts. Keep up the good work!

    13. Valarie D Clark on

      ... prefer that the brown pieces be made of the same resin to match brown squares exactly.

    14. Barney Lund on

      I agree with Reid Savage; instead of gold, do a light stained wood. That leaves light stain vs dark stain, both out of wood. That's what I grew up with, anyway.

    15. Charles Lawry-Martinez on

      Wood stained the color of the body.

    16. The Bearded Viking on

      I would prefer stained wood pieces. If the colors of the pieces matched perfectly to the board it would not look as good.

    17. Lisa Spangenberger

      Same material for all playing pieces.

    18. Jason on

      Keep all piece material the same

    19. Matt Black

      Same material for all playing pieces.

    20. Missing avatar

      King Heiple

      These are not "disposable" pieces so that plastic makes sense and is not a deterrent to the environment. This is looking good. Hope we get them soon.

    21. Missing avatar

      King Heiple

      I vote for making both chess pieces out of plastic and color matching them to the painted globe. If the entire project were made out of stained wood then stained wood pieces would make sense. It is not. The plastic pieces will be more durable and less prone to scratching and denting.

    22. tordjman marc

      I think also that the pieces should be made with the same material ,even if one color do not exactly match.
      In my opinion, i prefer WOOD. Thank you.

    23. Crystal N.

      I'm not sure. Either way I think the pieces should be the same material.

    24. Daniel

      all out of wood dark wood for black and a lighter one for white.

      the world has enough plastic anywhere i dont need more cheap plastic at home.

    25. Reid Savage on

      To be clear I meant the light chess pieces. Sorry, thought I had put that in.

    26. Reid Savage on

      What if, instead of gold you simply had a stained wood in a lighter color? In my opinion, if EVERYTHING is the same two colors it comes out as kind of meh

    27. Andrew Yakobitis on

      Wood for brown and resig for gold

    28. Missing avatar


      I'm my opinion the pieces should be made from the same material, preferably unpainted natural wood of dark and light colors.

    29. Dejardin Thibaud on

      Wood for brown, resin for gold, to make it shine!

    30. Missing avatar

      Dawn Lausa on

      Strongly prefer wood for dark pieces either way, but also strongly prefer wood for the gold. Plastic is cheesy.

    31. Missing avatar

      Josh Jagemann on

      Still wish the gold was more of a bronze, but this is by far the best yet. It is a very good brown. Obviously everyone is correct in saying a hardwood base would be stupendous.
      The question about the pieces is difficult to answer as it is speculative without visuals. The weight is definitely a concern. With a premium set like this resin seems out of place. I don’t hate the gold piece in the picture. If there is a way to make it smooth, It’d be fine as I don’t think an absolute perfect match (to the globe squares) is necessary. In fact slightly lighter brown pieces would be better.
      Also I am very happy to see the logo gone, hope that’s a permenant change.
      I appreciate your efforts here, thank you kindly.

    32. Tara Kent on

      This is looking great! I'm so excited!
      I vote for the gold resin and the stained wood pieces. I think the difference in materials goes with the two materials being used on the globe and frame. 🙂

    33. Olaf

      Thanks for the update, Matt. Truly appreciate it!

      My vote is for a more sturdy hardwood base.

      As for the pieces, knowing there will already be an inconsistency between the globe (heat-shrink wrap) and the base materials (wood), not ideal but still very acceptable at this price point and for mass production, I think you can maintain a sort of elegant look by holding the pieces and the globe consistent- in other words match the pieces to the globe (in color, gloss, appearance, texture, etc.) to maintain some consistency.

      Thank you for not rushing through this project, by taking feedback from others and listening to what your target market is looking for and wants, I think you’ll find this to be a rather rewarding project in the end. I think we will too.

    34. Eric

      I'll retract anything else I have commented on like up until this point. I like this color matching of ball and base more than all other options to date.

    35. Shea Transue on

      Body: go with hard wood if possible

      Pieces: Go with the same material. I don’t care which material. I do like the dark brown pieces.

    36. Missing avatar

      Betti Weiss

      All chess pieces should be of the same material. I would prefer wood to keep with the retro-type theme. Maybe a double layer of paint? But resin will do to conserve the consistency of the pieces. If they’re of two materials one might look better than the other and cause problems.

    37. J Griff Griffin

      I’m in agreement that the pieces are made from the same material, that being the resin. I don’t have a preference on whether the brown of the pieces exactly matches the brown on the globe.

    38. Katherine Hower

      same resin material for all pieces is my choice, this has taken so long I hope its worth the wait :)

    39. Alvin Helms


      Hardwood is always better than softwood. And anybody who's smirking at that, stop it. ;)


      I would greatly prefer that both be the same material, because otherwise they'd have different weights, and different textures, and it would just be weird.

      However, I don't really mind if the pieces don't match the squares perfectly — so if you did wood for both sets of pieces, and the gold wasn't especially metallic, I think that would be okay.

      Likewise, I don't think the dark pieces need to match their squares, either. In fact, the pieces in the photo above seem awfully dark to me — too dark to see the details really, and half the reason one bothers to use wood is for the texture, which you can't here.

      So I vote for "Identical material", but I don't care whether that material is wood or resin. There are benefits and drawbacks to either, but consistency is important.

    40. Missing avatar

      Bicman on

      Same material for both colors; wood is my preference.

      If both can't be made from wood, then resin for both. It would be odd having the different colors made from different materials. JMO.

    41. Missing avatar

      Adam McLean on

      @Mark ... welcome to the world of Kickstarter. I've found that many (maybe even most) things seem to get delayed in some way, sometimes for a short time and other times it could be delayed many months. For the most part, I'd say to be happy that the developer has continued to work on the project, give updates, and include the community as well (although I'd prefer a little more regular communication). Many projects get rushed through to deliver on time and the quality is very poor, other times it might not deliver it all and you're out the money you 'invested' into the idea. Personally, since this project is as much a piece of art as it is a game of chess, I think I can speak for many of us that we'd prefer long delays over less quality. I think, in the future, try not to have expectations on delivery dates ... there are so many variables that can affect it.

      As for the topic at hand ... I am really torn on this. For one, I'd prefer both sets to be wood, it's comes across as a better quality. Resin is decent but plastic-y, which feels like I could get out of $10 chess set at Wal-Mart (I do know it is much better than plastic). On the other hand, I'd really like both of the colors to match the base, though.

      So maybe, I guess, what I think I'm saying is vote will have to go for the pieces to match each other and both be made of resin. It might also be able to get the colors in the resin dye closer to the globe colors too.

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert L. Vaughn

      My preference is that the pieces should be the same material, whichever way you choose to go. With that said, I am not adamant about it, and will enjoy the set regardless of your decision.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Lowry on

      This is my first experience with Kickstarter. That being said I was very excited to back this product as a gift for a friend. It is a great concept. When I first signed up as a backer it was advertised that we could expect delivery within a certain time frame. That date has changed multiple times since then and it has become frustrating, wondering when we can actually expect to receive the product we backed. Like I said earlier, this is my first experience with this so maybe my expectations were not realistic. I still believe in the product and am eager to see it once it is complete. Also, I agree that the pieces should be made from the same material. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

    44. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Wood for brown pieces and resin for gold!

    45. Missing avatar


      I am of mixed opinions when it comes to the pieces. I prefer them to be both of the same material, but I also prefer nice wood pieces to plastic resin. I have some resin chess sets and they don't feel as nice to handle a wood piece does -- they feel artificial, which they are :-)

      I am less concerned with the gold pieces having a metallic sheen, but I will defer to others on that.

      As to switching to a hardwood body, that wood be awesome! A huge improvement in product quality and I am all for it if the budget allows it.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alexis Rodriguez Francisco on

      I prefer wooden pieces. No plastic pieces for a premiun chess.

    47. Saskia van Oostenrijk on

      Since the globe+framework is made from different materials, it would also fit that the brown chess pieces are made from a different material than the gold ones.
      So I vote for wood for the brown pieces and resin for the gold.

      It really looks good and it is great to see how much time and thinking you put in trying to make it the best possible product.

    48. Missing avatar

      Elaine Pollard on

      I think the pieces should be of the same material, and I will vote for the resin for both pieces, for durability. Thank you for all the thought and for making sure this is a quality product. I am sure it has been frustrating and that some people have been unhappy, but I want something I can display, and perhaps will to my children someday.

    49. Missing avatar

      William P Redifer

      I agree with wood for dark pieces and resin for the gold, I like that difference and matching the wood with the wood and gold smooth with the gold smooth.

    50. Zac on

      I agree with Meagan and Jörg. Wood for brown & Resin for gold.