$110,832 pledged of $250,000 goal
By Brandon Smith
$110,832 pledged of $250,000 goal

New direction forward for Civitas. Thank you all!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know how much we have all appreciated the support we have received here on kickstarter. The massive support and publicity we received here is more than we could have ever imagined.

This kickstarter has opened doors for us that we never thought could be opened for such a small up-and-coming studio like ours. We just wanted to let everyone know that our studio has been able to secure private funding that will carry us through the development cycle of Civitas. Our teams talent and experience, combined with the support of you guys here on kickstarter made this funding possible. Even though we are on track to fund 100%, we feel like this will be a better option for our studio at this time. We didn't reach this decision lightly, but after a few days of debate between the members of our team, we finally agreed that this would be our best option. This funding will in no way effect the final outcome of our game, except that it will allow us to focus our efforts completely on developing Civitas, better reach out to the community, and grow our team without having to manage the kickstarter and do everything else at the same time. The best part is we will be able to do this without having to use your money to get there. Don't ever let anyone tell you that managing a highly successful kickstarter is easy, it's a full time job.

Our private funding did not cause us to lose any creative control over Civitas, or our studio in general. Civitas will still be released DRM free on all of the platforms we currently plan to support. We thank you all because we would not have been able to do any of this without you guys.

We will be relaunching our website tomorrow with updated information about Civitas, new improved forums, and ways for a limited number of people to participate in the beta program. We will also still have ways for people to get the same Civitas gear and everything else we had offered on our kickstarter. We don't want to leave anyone out on anything like that. Please check us out, share ideas in the forums, and follow our progress. We look forward to a bright future with all of you involved.

Look around kickstarter, there are some other great projects to shift your funding over to!


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    1. Jason Broadley

      The website's been updated and the forums are up and working. [thumbsup]

      You just had to have a little patience, folks...

    2. Jess Zimbabwe on

      I can't even get the website to load. Oh well, maybe they'll send out more info soon.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ravi Upadhyay on

      I don't think the forums nor the "website" (if you can even call a countdown timer a website) are going to be activated anytime soon.

    4. Chris Blanco on

      Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there?

      Everyday that goes by with no forums and no website makes glad my $100 didn't go to this team. This is a starting to be a debacle.

    5. Paul A. DeLaurentis Jr. on

      Well that is disappointing. Website still down...no forums. This is looking more and more like a scam every day.

    6. Jason Broadley

      By the way, I think it's great that you guys have secured private funding AND are retaining full control of the project. (I hope you got that all in writing!) I can't wait to see how this all turns out.

    7. Jason Broadley

      Wow, there sure are a lot of angry ex-backers here. I think something that would help smooth things over with everyone is that you open the beta sign-up process to all of us Kickstarter backers FIRST, before making it public for the rest of the world. Just that little bit of good will might go a long way. Please consider it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jan Polland on

      Well great, so as far as I can tell this was a big fucking troll or what? Website is not functional, and probably never will be, so much about "relaunching tomorrow". Also you don't say who picked up your project. And managing a highly successful ks a full time job? BS!
      Thanks for being a big fat lier that preys on peoples hopes, what a waste of time!!

    9. gadam07 on

      Congratulations, guys! Good luck on your endeavors. You're our only hope.

    10. nameless1

      Great to hear you go the funding, I hope you will be releasing it for Linux.


    11. Missing avatar

      Donald Rieck on

      Well, I hope this is legit and that you do build the game. I agree that it's a bit of a slap in the face of people who were willing to take the risk, and I hope you will allow us the open beta.

      I also REALLY hope that this wasn't EA coming in and saying that they will give you $250k to just go away, which given that they've sold over 1 million copies they have $50 million in revenue, plus god knows what in future DLC sales to protect is not beyond that company's potential actions.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ravi Upadhyay on

      So the website and forums are still not functional. I hope he didn't decide to leave us out in the cold....

    13. Steven Meeker on

      I will be watching for the release, and I will be sure to flame it horribly for snatching the rug out from under your market probe.

      F*ck you for being deceptive.

    14. Wayne Hitchcock on

      Congratulations on pulling off a Machievellian ploy worthy of EA itself.

    15. Roger Harper on

      Hope to be able to help with the Beta, I'm still wanting to support your project.

    16. Ryan McDonalds on

      So I'm guessing we can now forget about the entrance into the BETA. How will you guys get feedback?

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Gunter on

      I wouldn't call this shameful. Kickstarter helped a project get kickstarted. Our pledges might as well have been looked at as a form of petition to gauge interest, and the declared goal an estimated price tag a wealthy investor might have to pay to make something like this happen. Sure, Kickstarter misses out on their 10% cut, which makes them the biggest loser in this scenario. As such I feel kinda bad for kickstarter, but as a backer I'm not exactly missing out on anything, and as Brandon said, there are plenty of other good things on Kickstarter to back, and I will likely be putting my money I didn't spend here somewhere else on Kickstarter. Kudos to Kickstarter for providing visibility to the business world and inadvertently brokering the funding of a worthy project.

    18. Cthulhu for America on

      This marks the second time I've backed a project used to either sell the studio or secure a wealthy patron at the expense of the kickstarter community. Hopefully Kickstarter will institute some policies to prevent this in the future.


    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Wow, so you _used_ your Kickstarter backers to sell yourselves to a private source of funding, then tossed your 3,933 early backers to the wind.

      Congratulations, I'll remember how you treat your supporters in the future.

    20. J Arthur Beaman on

      Huh. I wish you guys all the luck but, honestly my first reaction is...gross.

    21. Missing avatar

      Patrick Brooks-McCarthy on

      I'd love to see this game on the Wii U. :)

    22. John Ruzicka on

      Congratulations and good luck to you on the project. I'm still looking forward to the game if it's all that you've said it's going to be. PLEASE tell us that the private funder isn't in any way associated with Electronic Arts :).

      Again, congratulations and good look on the project!

    23. Ed Ray on

      @ João de Souza- Yeah, we're selfish because we're suspicious of this dev. I don't care either way. I just suspect something else is going on here and I'm totally fine with them not getting my money now. Not trying to be disrespectful or anything.

    24. Sam Blakey on

      Is beta testing still going to be open for $25 backers?

    25. Missing avatar

      LowSky on

      you guys should have seen the Kickstarter to the end. if you made it to the end you would have had your money and possibly your private funding too.
      instead you made a bunch of supporters angry and because of that it may hurt sales. you basically treated us like pawns just to secure your funding elsewhere.

    26. Matthew Farmery on

      well it would have been nice if Brandon Smith had posted on the comments page too, but its like he avoiding us, and took this way out, I believed in the KS at the start, but not anymore, too many things wrong with the project, if there is private funding then I hope that the game gets released, otherwise I have my doubts we will see the game

    27. Chris Stratford on

      Wooo congrats!
      Look forward to seeing something said about the Beta access etc...


    28. Joey Smith on

      After having funded dozens of projects on Kickstarter, this is the first I've seen cancelled by the creator, and I'm a bit sad to see it happen; while it's great you guys got your $, I've always felt a sense of personal engagement when something I've kickstarted comes out for release, and now that sense has been ripped away. I do hope your game is successful, I just wish we could have remained a part of it all.

    29. thebiggerboat on

      Good luck! This has rekindled my interest having played every SimCity except the last one and watched them get worse and worse with each installment.

      Echoing everyone else, please keep all the (old)funders in mind for the Beta.

      And ignore the bleeting.

    30. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      I wish you good luck with your development!
      When you have a demo or the game aviable to buy I hope we get a news here again.

    31. Philip on

      Fishy or no fish, if/when it gets released I would be interested as long as it achieves the goal that we were all hoping for.

    32. Decimus on

      @Eric DiPier
      Considering the screenshots, videos and broken promises, you'd have to be pretty naive not to be suspicious. I still don't believe this will ever be released.

    33. Missing avatar

      Eric DiPier on

      Man, some of y'all are some suspicious, selfish SOBs!

    34. João de Souza on

      @Ed Ray, you´re not alone. I bet this is another lie from the dev anyway.

    35. Thomas Riddell on

      Is it still going to be made available on steam?

    36. Missing avatar

      Dean B on

      Glad you were able to get private funding, but please do not let that affect your direction for Civitas in any way. Remember the reasons we all were/are backers, if no longer monetarily until release at least.

      Also - please don't forget your backers at least for beta invites if nothing else!

    37. William O'Meallain

      If you were on a track to achieve funding through Kickstarter, why the decision to privately fund it? Sounds odd to me....

    38. Missing avatar

      Gary Sparks

      Congratulations on the funding but please remember it was the interest from Kickstarter that gave you leverage and developed interest in your game. It would seem fair you at least offer something like Beta access or something to everyone who took out the time and interest to sign up. Nearly 4,000 people took the time to read and decide to make this investment of not only money but their time which is of value as well.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      Echoing the "will I be able to obtain the game for 15$?"

      Also want more info on this private funding group. You're being very secretive, and as someone who was backing, it's very concerning. Not sure I will be buying the finished product now. Certainly won't if the price inflates...

    40. Missing avatar


      Classy. You just guaranteed I won't be buying your game.

    41. Ed Ray on

      This entire Kickstarter campaign has just been fishy to me. Am I the only one here feeling like something isn't right?

    42. David "Utility" Wilson on

      so, am I still going to be able to buy a copy for $15?

      What does this mean for my copy of the game?

    43. Missing avatar

      John A Smith on

      Best of luck to the development team! I'll be onboard for Civitas when it launches. I backed the kickstarter with the maximum pledge. Please keep me in mind for an opportunity to participate in the beta testing. Great job, guys! :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Ravi Upadhyay on

      I hope this game will still support modding however.

    45. Jay Malloy on

      Will I still get a BETA invite?

    46. Marco Meijer on

      Good that you're not planning to change anything. Means we may still get an awesome game that also runson Linux. Let's just hope it wasn't a company like EA, which consists of a bunch of money wolves that destroy too many games.

    47. Missing avatar

      David on

      great to you hear you found other means to make this happen!
      i truly hope that creative control entirely remains in your hands and, that there are no big changes such as a 60bucks price tag, f2p with microtransaction or evil DLC (http://upleftdownright.blogspot.de/2012/11/the-dlc-debate-part-1.html).

      let it a good game, from the beginning to end :-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Bdtry on

      Congratulations on securing funding. I cant wait for this to release and hope everything goes well.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ravi Upadhyay on

      This sounds like great news! I just hope the private funding wasn't from EA lol :p

    50. Missing avatar

      Brandon Myers on

      Yes. I put in for the maximum funding. For 3 reasons: 1: I'm a local here in Austin. 2: Being able to participate in the dev by just throwing in ideas , even if they would be tossed, is awesome. 3: I love city games.

      There is a lot that goes into this stuff. And I have a lot of respect for what goes into these things.

      Beta access would be great for those that pledged to get it.