$110,832 pledged of $250,000 goal
By Brandon Smith
$110,832 pledged of $250,000 goal

Quick intro and thank you video.

We have been working on some videos tonight to start to introduce ourselves to everyone. Up first in our intro/thank you video is Brandon Smith and Mark George. We just wanted to say a few quick thank yous and start personalizing things a little better for all of us.

We also made more videos tonight and will be posting them in an update tomorrow. We will have the second part of the terraforming video, as well as a quick intro into how we are trying to break out of the locked down grid type of placement with custom roads. I want to immediately start showing you guys some game play footage. Mark also sat down and discussed a little of the back end systems and a little of what you can expect from the simulation engine. He discusses things such as hybrid economies and how your citizens will be shown to live their life day to day. Very good stuff. We will have both of those up tomorrow night.

Please stay tuned, and let us know if there is anything at all you would like to see in our up coming videos. We will be rolling them out very quickly from here on out, showing as much actual gameplay as we can. I will also be cleaning up the front page of the kickstarter tomorrow. It needs fresh media, new links, and a lot of the information moved into the FAQs.

Once again, we appreciate all the support and look forward to hearing from all of you soon!

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    1. Missing avatar

      john phrog bugh on

      I would love to see a "sandbox" mode, just pure building. And, Oh Yeah, positively NO LLAMAS!

    2. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      @Kirk, I'm a technical writer and language geek; I love learning more Latin. But you're the only one who's going to pronounce it that way. ;-)
      @Mark George & Brandon, I'm waving! It's nice to actually meet you.
      Let's do this!!

    3. graham on

      My idea for the game. Texas accents.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Kochan on

      Good to see some videos up. This should help publicity and get momentum going forward

    5. Missing avatar

      Ajmel Kottai on

      Good job. Keep up the momentum.

    6. Kirk Chen on

      nice to meet you fellas! i can't wait to see the rest of the upcoming videos.

      since you guys were nice enough to share, i felt compelled to do the same.

      i love your title. i took latin in high school (and i'm betting you guys did too), and i can't stop pronouncing your title in latin (KEE-wee-toss).

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric DiPier on

      I think Seumas has a good point; you guys do a really good job of thanking the current backers (which I think everyone appreciates) but do you have a good plan for securing more backers in the next 20 days? More than thanks, the current backers want to see a finished product, and that's not going to happen without more $$$$$$.

      I think a good "sales" video would really work to bring people in. It can either be all gameplay footage, or it could be a little bit of game footage, with some cutaways to the various team members giving quick sound-bite comments. I don't think it has to be very long. If you check out Steam Greenlight, the projects that tend to get the most support are the ones where not only the idea is cool, but the ones where the cool idea is presented in a way to really get attention.

      I'm in for $25 but this is my extra two cents. :)

    8. Cerberus™ on

      I agree with Brian: great that you have a video of yourselves, now let's pit it on the front page.

    9. Brian Hsu on

      Second with @seumas, it will be more attractive if there is videos on the front page.

      Looking forward for upcoming videos.

    10. Seumas Froemke on

      I'd advise that you guys make a video of you discussing the project and appealing to potential backers as your front-page video in place of the Civitas static image that is currently there. I have no personal opinion on the validity of this project (though I want a proper replacement for a new-generation city management simulator, for sure!) -- but my experience in backing about 500 crowd-funding projects has made the following clear:
      1) Backers are supporting the PEOPLE every bit as much as they're supporting the PROJECT. Put yourself forward. Be in your videos. Let people know who is involved, as much as possible. Granted, backers are not making a traditional investment in you, but any VC is truly backing the TEAM; not the product.
      2) People want to see as much content as possible. Videos are a necessity at the top of the front page or else you will lose a lot of people who just stop by and say "oh, this must not be a very serious production or they'd have a video". Even if it's just you in a chair with a camera pointed at you.
      3) It's much harder to recover from early missteps than to get your eggs in a row and do it from the start, to capitalize on that initial surge of interest that may be lost by an incomplete presentation. (Wait, those are supposed to be ducks; not eggs, I think.)
      Anyway, I wish you guys the best in this and hope you're legitimately capable of producing what you've laid out and that everything works out for you and those backing. It's certainly a niche that is being underserved, now that SimCity has gone the "polished facebook game" route.
      PS: @Jerome Heuser -- I read your comment as "add BIOS of the team" the first time and was totally confused. :P

    11. Missing avatar

      Jerry on

      Alright, that is a start, makes me feel better as an "Investor". Still think that you were not that prepared for Kickstarter but now I have confidence that you are serious about the game. After you clean up the Kickstarter page, (finally) add the bios of the team so we see exactly who is capable of what and you add a video actually showing some basic stuff about the game I will pledge more.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jackson Fogarty on

      You guys are going to do a great job!

    13. Tim Vanschoren on

      Cant wait untill this project is gonna come out, i hope u reach your goal before it ends!
      Cant wait to see some gameplay also! This game is gonna be 10 times as awesome as simcity
      (at least thats what i hope and wanna believe :D )

      Thank us?! Thank you!!!!