$110,832 pledged of $250,000 goal
By Brandon Smith
$110,832 pledged of $250,000 goal

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New direction forward for Civitas. Thank you all!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know how much we have all appreciated the support we have received here on kickstarter. The massive support and publicity we received here is more than we could have ever imagined.

This kickstarter has opened doors for us that we never thought could be opened for such a small up-and-coming studio like ours. We just wanted to let everyone know that our studio has been able to secure private funding that will carry us through the development cycle of Civitas. Our teams talent and experience, combined with the support of you guys here on kickstarter made this funding possible. Even though we are on track to fund 100%, we feel like this will be a better option for our studio at this time. We didn't reach this decision lightly, but after a few days of debate between the members of our team, we finally agreed that this would be our best option. This funding will in no way effect the final outcome of our game, except that it will allow us to focus our efforts completely on developing Civitas, better reach out to the community, and grow our team without having to manage the kickstarter and do everything else at the same time. The best part is we will be able to do this without having to use your money to get there. Don't ever let anyone tell you that managing a highly successful kickstarter is easy, it's a full time job.

Our private funding did not cause us to lose any creative control over Civitas, or our studio in general. Civitas will still be released DRM free on all of the platforms we currently plan to support. We thank you all because we would not have been able to do any of this without you guys.

We will be relaunching our website tomorrow with updated information about Civitas, new improved forums, and ways for a limited number of people to participate in the beta program. We will also still have ways for people to get the same Civitas gear and everything else we had offered on our kickstarter. We don't want to leave anyone out on anything like that. Please check us out, share ideas in the forums, and follow our progress. We look forward to a bright future with all of you involved.

Look around kickstarter, there are some other great projects to shift your funding over to!

Big update incoming.

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to update you all on a major update we have decided we need to make in the next couple of days.

We are going to be focusing on updating the the front page of the kickstarter. We are doing this because we know we need to include a lot more in depth information to new potential contributors, as well as all of our existing contributors. We have been getting a lot of feedback saying that we need to quickly update our presentation to include a proper "What is Civitas" video, and update all of the images to reflect the shape that the game actually is in now (much better than it was then). This will allow us to do two things, answer the questions you have about the gameplay in Civitas, and show you more updated game play and features. This will be beneficial for everyone that has contributed, and everyone that might possibly want to. We have a lot of people out there that are willing to contribute or up their contribution based on us presenting more information. Which is what we all agree we need to do.

So we will be combing through the forum, our messages, and comments to see what people want to know, and we are going to get them the information. If you have any questions about the technical aspects of Civitas (localization, graphic style, traffic modeling, etc.) please message me so that we can add any information you need during the update.

We will be releasing the main video and some other smaller feature videos shortly after updating the front page. This will be sort of our "Relaunch" that should make us much much more likely to hit our goal, and be able to bring you this great game. This will need to happen quickly, we want to have it done before the halfway point of the kickstarter gets here, which is right around the corner. 

Thank you all once again for the support, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Quick intro and thank you video.

We have been working on some videos tonight to start to introduce ourselves to everyone. Up first in our intro/thank you video is Brandon Smith and Mark George. We just wanted to say a few quick thank yous and start personalizing things a little better for all of us.

We also made more videos tonight and will be posting them in an update tomorrow. We will have the second part of the terraforming video, as well as a quick intro into how we are trying to break out of the locked down grid type of placement with custom roads. I want to immediately start showing you guys some game play footage. Mark also sat down and discussed a little of the back end systems and a little of what you can expect from the simulation engine. He discusses things such as hybrid economies and how your citizens will be shown to live their life day to day. Very good stuff. We will have both of those up tomorrow night.

Please stay tuned, and let us know if there is anything at all you would like to see in our up coming videos. We will be rolling them out very quickly from here on out, showing as much actual gameplay as we can. I will also be cleaning up the front page of the kickstarter tomorrow. It needs fresh media, new links, and a lot of the information moved into the FAQs.

Once again, we appreciate all the support and look forward to hearing from all of you soon!

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More information!

Check out the front page of the kickstarter for Update #2.

We answer some of the more common questions we have been getting. We wish we could address every question, but there simply isn't room to do that on the front page. So we went ahead and got our forums structure in place. It still needs customization, but we felt it was important to go ahead and open the lines of communications between you and us, and also between contributors to get people sharing ideas with each other. We will be doing some more cleanup up the front page today, adding new media and such.

Visit them at civitasgame.com/forum . We look forward to talking to everyone there, and answering all the questions you may have.

Next updates will include more in game footage from our ongoing development of Civitas.

Thank you all again for the support!

Facebook and website now active!

Thanks for hanging in there everyone. We had a few issues with our webserver tonight, but we now have the site up and going, check it out at http://www.civitasgame.com. Not a lot of info on there yet, but well be adding to it over the next few days. We will have the forums up and going on there very soon, so that people can start meeting up and kicking around ideas. We will also be putting up a few polls for feedback so keep checking back!

Also if you haven't done so already, make sure you like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/civitasgame

We are now working on getting the front page of this kickstarter revamped. We have the website and the facebook page up and going, so now we can focus our attention back on getting more game play demos and information out on here.

We have a few of the bios for the team members about finished, so check back tomorrow, when we do the big update to the front page, to finally start meeting some of the team. 

We will also be adding some of the mentions from news outlets about Civitas.

Thanks again everyone for the support. Without you there is no Civitas.

Time for a little sleep.