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Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
2,127 backers pledged $111,661 to help bring this project to life.

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Dr. McNinja expansion pack

Hello Kickstarters!

With the newest version of Legendary Showdown reaching its goal, I thought I would take a minute to let you know about the new Dr. McNinja cards that are available.  Also, in response to requests from previous backers (like you), we just created a special Dr. McNinja reward level that includes everything related to Dr. McNinja from both the previous Kickstarter and the current Kickstarter, including the oversized cards, but we only have a limited number available and you get the first shot.  If you have a friend that missed the last Kickstarter, please let them know they have a (limited) chance to redeem themselves!  Now, for those sweet new Dr. McNinja cards...

Christopher Hastings will be providing 15 new Dr. McNinja cards in the Kickstarter-exclusive booster pack.  It also includes 5 cards from Gunnerkrigg Court and Girl Genius.  We will have images of the cards available soon, but until then, the current list is as follows:


Grandpa McNinja, Frankengorilla, Steve the Lycanthropic Centaur, President Maria Funkhouser, Future dark smoke puncher, Mer People, Young Dr. McNinja, the new Ghost Wizard

Playing cards (bonuses, weapons, actions, instants, facedown):

Ninja serum, Bone Armor, Hack, The Ultimate Diplomat

Plus 3 more cards that have yet to be determined! Stay tuned to the current Dr. McNinja story line, and we will see what radical characters and concepts pop up.

As a reminder, there are also some great new Dr. McNinja magnets.  After all, shouldn't your refrigerator be just a little... more radical?

-Blake and the Killer Robot Games team.

Legendary Showdown: Machines & Magic


We are pleased to announce that the Kickstarter for Legendary Showdown: Machines & Magic, featuring Girl Genius and Gunnerkrigg Court, has just launched. We are excited to add this expansion to the Legendary Showdown universe and share it with you.

In addition to the Kickstarter launching, we also listened to your feedback on Tumblr about what characters you'd love to see in Legendary Showdown from the universe of Dr. McNinja, and we have good news! We have added an Exclusive Kickstarter card pack available on the new Kickstarter that includes 5 cards from Gunnerkrigg Court, 5 cards from Girl Genius, and 15 new cards from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. 

But wait, there's more. In addition to the new game and exclusive cards, Christopher Hastings has created a new Magnet set featuring the characters of Dr. McNinja. Now you can have epic battles on your table and fridge.

We hope the new cards, magnet, and game help get you excited about the new Kickstarter. We also listened to your feedback and have added made this campaign even better than the last:

  • International shipping is now discounted. We wanted to ensure everyone got the same free shipping credit the domestic backers received.
  • Add-ons have no additional shipping costs. All you pay is the reward level shipping cost and no more. It doesn't matter if you an international or domestic backer.
  • You will receive discounts if you buy multiple of the same rewards.

From everyone here at Killer Robot Games, we wanted to say thank for your support, comments, and radicalness. We hope you'll enjoy the new cards, magnets, and Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic.

As always, if you have any feedback or questions please let us know. 

Top Secret Dr. McNinja Update

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Thanks for making this last year possible. We have some exciting news!


It has now been one year since we launched our first Kickstarter and officially joined the gaming community. It seems appropriate on this anniversary to thank each and every one of our supporters who helped make Legendary Showdown a reality. We had no idea it would receive so much support and so many positive reviews when we first launched. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear from fans, and each message makes all the hard work worthwhile.

We also want to take a moment to thank Christopher Hastings for creating a webcomic as epic as The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and to congratulate him on his newest endeavor as the writer of Adventure Time Comics. Clearly, it takes more than one comic to contain the genius that is Christopher Hastings.

Now for our exciting news. We have received countless emails from fans asking for an expansion to Legendary Showdown. With that said, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Hugo Award-winning webcomic, Girl Genius, and 6 time Web Cartoonist Choice Award recipient, Gunnerkrigg Court, to create the next edition of Legendary Showdown.

We love webcomics, and Legendary Showdown provides a way to bring all of our favorite webcomic worlds together while supporting the authors who freely share their work. The next edition of Legendary Showdown will feature a larger deck and a series of new action cards, instant cards, weapons, bonuses, and face down cards that provide exciting new strategies and game play. The next edition can be played as a standalone game or as an expansion that combines the worlds of Dr. McNinja, Girl Genius, and Gunnerkrigg Court for a showdown that can only be described as legendary.

The game is in full development, and we hope to launch it early next year. With that in mind, we have created a blog to post weekly updates about the game’s progress and to share some of our favorite new cards. We may include an occasional article on game development or Kickstarter tips as well. We have always taken your inbox seriously, so these updates will only be available at the link below:

The past year has been very busy for us. Trying to figure out the logistics and delivery of thousands of rewards was a huge task in and of itself. Your feedback and questions have also helped us learn a lot, and we hope to incorporate that advice into the next game to make it even better. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us. We love to hear from you!

One last thing, we have updated the Legendary Showdown rules FAQ at Killer Robot If you have any questions about game play or rules, check there first and let us know if anything is missing.

Again, thank you for your support, and stay radical!

- The Killer Robot Games Team: Blake, Maren, Katie, and Aaron

Post-Kickstarter thoughts and information


First and foremost, we want to thank you for your support on this kickstarter - it's been a great run! Reward items are now available at while supplies last. To thank you for your support, you and your friends (or whomever you deem worthy) can save $5 on the game anytime in the next few weeks by using the code "Kickstarter" and we are extending free domestic shipping on all $20+ orders. If you would like to take a super brief survey at and tell us how we did, we will gladly enter your name into a drawing for one of 10 prizes, including the game, signed cards, challenge coins, and kickstarter-exclusive cards.

At this point, all orders have been shipped (unless we still don't have your address, in which case drop us a line), and Christopher Hastings mailed the last of the custom sketches this afternoon. Returned/missing orders and replacements for damaged or missing items will be going out within the next week. We tried to order extras of everything, but somehow ended up with the exact number of Dr. McNinja coins as our backers ordered. We are having some more made for those who had damaged coins or missing packages. If you reported a problem with your Dr. McNinja coin, it may take another week or two before we receive the new coins, but you haven't been forgotten!

Please feel free to stay in touch and ask any questions about the game, or you know, life in general. You may assume that you haven't seen the last of us. 

Until then...  Stay radical.

-Killer Robot Games