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Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
2,127 backers pledged $111,661 to help bring this project to life.

What's Next for Dr. McNinja?

As our current Kickstarter, Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition, comes to an end, we are looking to the future and considering our next project. Obviously, we are huge fans of Dr. McNinja, and we think it's about time we had Dr. McNinja in our lives again.

In the past, we spoke about the possibility of creating a board game with Dr. McNinja miniatures and map tiles. Bigger games like these come with higher risk and require more funding, so we have been waiting for Christopher Hastings to begin a new webcomic series before we continue work on the game. Unfortunately, Christopher Hastings is so incredibly popular that he's been occupied with projects for Marvel, Adventure Time, and others. We don't know when Mr. Hastings will begin another comic series. It's entirely possible that a man of his immense talent will never find the time. That leads us to an important question, and we'd like your help answering it.

We've been considering our options, and we have several great ideas. We'd like to know which one you prefer.  

1) We can continue waiting for Christopher Hastings to run out of incredible projects and start another comic of his own. At that time, we could continue developing a full Dr. McNinja board game.

2) We can develop some sweet Dr. McNinja miniatures. In the event that we publish a similar full board game in the future, we could consider making some print-at-home cards that would allow the miniatures to be used as an expansion to the game.

3) We can create a Dr. McNinja party game along the lines of Werewolf or Mafia, except this game would feature ninjas, vampires, werewolves, and more. Instead of the werewolf or mafia (the traditional bad guys) eliminating other players, the secret ninjas (the good guys) would have to decide each turn if they want to assassinate a person they believe to be an enemy, but who might actually be an ally. The enemies would try to convert people to their teams by changing them into vampires or werewolves. Additionally, each player would be given a card with a disguise (like the bearded masks used by the McNinja family) to represent their character, and instead of having everyone try to determine who the enemies are based on a hunch, players would be provided with clues - some real, and some fake.

If any of these projects sound amazing to you, please let us know! You can state your preference with our one question survey here:

If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear those too! We believe you deserve everything good we can give you.

Don't forget! The Kickstarter for the Presidential Edition of Legendary Showdown ends in a few days! We should be fully funded today and on our way to stretch goals. One stretch goal we have discussed is a limited reprint of some past Kickstarter-exclusive cards, including Dr. McNinja cards. If you or a friend missed a previous Dr. McNinja exclusive, then you will want to keep an eye on the stretch goals. All of our past Dr. McNinja coins, magnets, and other Legendary Showdown games are also available again at Kickstarter prices.  


-Blake and the Killer Robot Games team

Super-Secret Backers-Only Update. You’ve Earned It.

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Less than a Week Until Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition!

Hello Backers!

We are excited to announce that our newest Kickstarter will be launching early next week! This is by far our favorite addition to the Legendary Showdown series with the best gameplay and humor to date. We plan to launch Monday morning and we will be sending another update later this week with information about the Kickstarter. Keep an eye out for our next update and add the Monday launch to your calendar!

Now, check out these sweet rewards:

Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition includes the classic features you love, plus new action cards and instant cards for unique strategies and an entirely new gameplay element: Party Cards. In this edition, each player gets a Party Card that gives him or her special abilities to use throughout the game. With 10 political parties available, every game is a new experience. Our play testers have universally loved the Party Cards because they add an all new layer of strategy. Can you bluff your opponent to make him waste his special ability? Can you sneak in an action without your political nemesis noticing and intercepting? Should you use your ability now to score a clear win, or wait for the final round when you might need it more? The party cards have been a hit and you will absolutely love playing with them.

For this Kickstarter, we worked with two very impressive comic artists to create some great booster packs. Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, but Jeph Jacques of is working on a fantastic set of NSFW booster cards that have tasteful yet sharp politically-biased humor based on recent events for anyone who wants a game with a stronger bite. This pack should have about 45 cards, depending on the number of political blunders that occur before the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Der-shing Helmer (creator of The Meek comic and Mare Internvm) is adding inspiring diversity to the game with a collection of amazing women who shaped history through their heroism and undaunted drive. The pack will contain 35 new characters and may end up containing some extra cards from Der-shing’s comics.

The coins for this Kickstarter turned out unbelievably well. The pictures look amazing, and yet they honestly don’t do the coins justice. The depth, detail, and mass of these coins creates a very beautiful effect that you have to see in person to fully appreciate.

We also have a battle magnet set that will let you pit your favorite magnetic characters from the world of Dr. McNinja against some of the best known presidents of the United States.

And lastly, because there are far too many strange or absurd presidential stories, facts, and scandals to fit on the cards, we are including a comical book of history containing framed comic-style presidential portraits and crazy presidential stories.

Now, some people are going to wonder, is this game intended primarily for Americans? Definitely not! This game has been designed to be enjoyed by all, regardless of nationality. The cards are full of interesting facts that everyone can enjoy, and we invite the whole world to join us as we laugh at ourselves and our shady history. In addition, we are now prepared for faster, cheaper, and overall better worldwide shipping.

We are super excited about this Kickstarter!  Keep an eye out for our next update later this week, and get ready for Monday!

-Blake and the Killer Robot Games team

Super Secret Backers-Only Update


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New Dr. McNinja Tabletop Game + The Final Legendary Showdown?


Good evening, Kickstarters!  

It’s been awhile since we’ve said hello, and we’ve missed you oh so very much. As you may have gleaned from the subject line, there is, in fact, an all new Dr. McNinja tabletop game in the works! We are very excited to share it with you, but first we have some details to finalize and one last Legendary Showdown project to wrap up. We’ve been planning to take a break from the Legendary Showdown series to focus on other projects, but this last version simply seemed too appropriate to wait. However, because this will be the last Legendary Showdown game for awhile (and perhaps ever?), we really wanted to reconnect with the backers from the original Legendary Showdown and gain your input. Essentially, we are wondering if there are concepts, cards, or actions that you’d like to see before we take an indefinite break from the series? We hold our original backers in high esteem, so we feel like you’ve earned the right to make some requests and see your ideas in print.  

This final version will be a Presidential Edition of Legendary Showdown, featuring all the past presidents of the United States of America. We have already incorporated a lot of great ideas, new mechanisms, and amazing weapons, but we would love your input for action cards and really anything that you would like to suggest. Check out this preview:  

It makes you feel all patriotic, doesn’t it? The game will also have a lot of fun facts and insights into the Presidents. If you would like to suggest a name/concept for one of the basic actions (like advancing a line) or suggest a new action or idea, you can submit the idea here:

If you are the first to suggest the idea and we use it, you will also get your name listed in the rule book as a contributor. Heck, we may even throw in some extra goodies if it’s a great idea!  

As always, thank you for your support, and stay tuned for future updates on the new Dr. McNinja game!  

-Blake and the Killer Robot Games team

PS: If you missed our last Kickstarter, we will start fulfilling rewards in few days. Until then, you can still get Kickstarter deals and exclusive items through our post-Kickstarter management system.