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Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!
2,127 backers pledged $111,661 to help bring this project to life.

New Dr. McNinja Tabletop Game + The Final Legendary Showdown?


Good evening, Kickstarters!  

It’s been awhile since we’ve said hello, and we’ve missed you oh so very much. As you may have gleaned from the subject line, there is, in fact, an all new Dr. McNinja tabletop game in the works! We are very excited to share it with you, but first we have some details to finalize and one last Legendary Showdown project to wrap up. We’ve been planning to take a break from the Legendary Showdown series to focus on other projects, but this last version simply seemed too appropriate to wait. However, because this will be the last Legendary Showdown game for awhile (and perhaps ever?), we really wanted to reconnect with the backers from the original Legendary Showdown and gain your input. Essentially, we are wondering if there are concepts, cards, or actions that you’d like to see before we take an indefinite break from the series? We hold our original backers in high esteem, so we feel like you’ve earned the right to make some requests and see your ideas in print.  

This final version will be a Presidential Edition of Legendary Showdown, featuring all the past presidents of the United States of America. We have already incorporated a lot of great ideas, new mechanisms, and amazing weapons, but we would love your input for action cards and really anything that you would like to suggest. Check out this preview:  

It makes you feel all patriotic, doesn’t it? The game will also have a lot of fun facts and insights into the Presidents. If you would like to suggest a name/concept for one of the basic actions (like advancing a line) or suggest a new action or idea, you can submit the idea here:

If you are the first to suggest the idea and we use it, you will also get your name listed in the rule book as a contributor. Heck, we may even throw in some extra goodies if it’s a great idea!  

As always, thank you for your support, and stay tuned for future updates on the new Dr. McNinja game!  

-Blake and the Killer Robot Games team

PS: If you missed our last Kickstarter, we will start fulfilling rewards in few days. Until then, you can still get Kickstarter deals and exclusive items through our post-Kickstarter management system.

Legendary Showdown 3 Ends Today!

This is just a quick reminder that Legendary Showdown 3: Gamer's Quest ends today. It is fully compatible with Dr. McNinja's Legendary Showdown and Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic, allowing any of the games to be combined for new strategies, characters, and gameplay. It features jokes that gamers and geeks of all levels will enjoy (personally, I'm a level 73 geek), as well as evil penguins, cowboy dinosaurs, undead minions, and sci-fi heroes. Take a look while the Kickstarter deals are still available!

-Blake and the Killer Robot Games Team

All New Legendary Showdown Cards Featuring Ctrl+Alt+Del

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Hi Dr. McNinja Backers!

It’s been awhile since we posted an update, hopefully all of you are still enjoying the game! We wanted to reach out and let you know that we just launched the Kickstarter for our next game and the 3rd in the series, Legendary Showdown: Gamer’s Quest. We used a lot of feedback from our last two Kickstarters to make some improvements, and we believe this game will be our best yet!

The new game includes:

  • All New Characters
  • New action and instant cards for all new strategies.
  • New weapon, bonus and face down cards.
  • Play immediately cards that affect all players to create special rounds

If you’re a fan of gaming in any capacity, we think you’ll love this new version of Legendary Showdown. The game will feature our biggest set of cards yet, and can be combined with either Dr. McNinja’s Legendary Showdown or Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic to create giant and even more unpredictable battles.

It will also feature almost entirely new and exclusive artwork, plus we have some great bonus items to go with it.

Check out some of the new cards in the game:

The Kickstarter has just launched today, and we’d like to invite you to join! You can check out the campaign page here:

Thank you for supporting Killer Robot Games and Dr. McNinja! If you have any questions about the new Kickstarter or past game, please email us at and we’d be happy to help you out. :)

Dr. McNinja expansion pack

Hello Kickstarters!

With the newest version of Legendary Showdown reaching its goal, I thought I would take a minute to let you know about the new Dr. McNinja cards that are available.  Also, in response to requests from previous backers (like you), we just created a special Dr. McNinja reward level that includes everything related to Dr. McNinja from both the previous Kickstarter and the current Kickstarter, including the oversized cards, but we only have a limited number available and you get the first shot.  If you have a friend that missed the last Kickstarter, please let them know they have a (limited) chance to redeem themselves!  Now, for those sweet new Dr. McNinja cards...

Christopher Hastings will be providing 15 new Dr. McNinja cards in the Kickstarter-exclusive booster pack.  It also includes 5 cards from Gunnerkrigg Court and Girl Genius.  We will have images of the cards available soon, but until then, the current list is as follows:


Grandpa McNinja, Frankengorilla, Steve the Lycanthropic Centaur, President Maria Funkhouser, Future dark smoke puncher, Mer People, Young Dr. McNinja, the new Ghost Wizard

Playing cards (bonuses, weapons, actions, instants, facedown):

Ninja serum, Bone Armor, Hack, The Ultimate Diplomat

Plus 3 more cards that have yet to be determined! Stay tuned to the current Dr. McNinja story line, and we will see what radical characters and concepts pop up.

As a reminder, there are also some great new Dr. McNinja magnets.  After all, shouldn't your refrigerator be just a little... more radical?

-Blake and the Killer Robot Games team.

Legendary Showdown: Machines & Magic


We are pleased to announce that the Kickstarter for Legendary Showdown: Machines & Magic, featuring Girl Genius and Gunnerkrigg Court, has just launched. We are excited to add this expansion to the Legendary Showdown universe and share it with you.

In addition to the Kickstarter launching, we also listened to your feedback on Tumblr about what characters you'd love to see in Legendary Showdown from the universe of Dr. McNinja, and we have good news! We have added an Exclusive Kickstarter card pack available on the new Kickstarter that includes 5 cards from Gunnerkrigg Court, 5 cards from Girl Genius, and 15 new cards from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. 

But wait, there's more. In addition to the new game and exclusive cards, Christopher Hastings has created a new Magnet set featuring the characters of Dr. McNinja. Now you can have epic battles on your table and fridge.

We hope the new cards, magnet, and game help get you excited about the new Kickstarter. We also listened to your feedback and have added made this campaign even better than the last:

  • International shipping is now discounted. We wanted to ensure everyone got the same free shipping credit the domestic backers received.
  • Add-ons have no additional shipping costs. All you pay is the reward level shipping cost and no more. It doesn't matter if you an international or domestic backer.
  • You will receive discounts if you buy multiple of the same rewards.

From everyone here at Killer Robot Games, we wanted to say thank for your support, comments, and radicalness. We hope you'll enjoy the new cards, magnets, and Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic.

As always, if you have any feedback or questions please let us know.