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A magical story about the end of the world, pancakes and moments in life that change you forever...
A magical story about the end of the world, pancakes and moments in life that change you forever...
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I know there are only HOURS left, but, I just had to share a couple of casting tidbits that are in the works just because I am crazy excited . . .

Got an email today from one of my favorite people on the planet . . . the AMAZINGLY talented and INCREDIBLY magical Kristin Chenoweth!!! To my sheer delight, she wants to play one of the lead roles in Apocalypse Over Pancakes . . . which just makes me smile because, honestly, I wrote it for her and I love the crap out of her. If all things scheduling-wise can workout, she'll be playing the part of DUSTY, a waitress in our little diner who helps save the world in a single moment.

And, I am also talking to my good friend Christian Kane about playing the ALMIGHTY himself . . . yes, the big GOD! This is also REALLY exciting because I wrote the part with him in mind and have been talking to him FOREVER about doing a short with him. Like Kristin, I absolutely think the world of Christian. He's not only an incredible actor, but a truly amazing person.

They both LOVE the script, and I hope against hope that we can make it all work out because they are both VERY busy people. BUT, I'm going to use my best wrangling abilities to make it happen!

SO, EXCITING NEWS for sure. Just keep those fingers crossed and keep spreading the word. We have hours left and every dollar counts at this point! I mean the more we have for production, the MORE we can put on the screen! This is just the very beginning of an incredible ride and it's going to be one to remember!!!




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    1. Robert Morris on April 19, 2012

      Yea!!!.. LOVE LOVE LOVE Kristin! and Christian has an incredible voice!..Clearly a multi talented dude!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Michelle Land on April 19, 2012

      OMG! Kristin Chenoweth is so awesome!!! I hope it works out!

    3. Terri Thayer on April 19, 2012

      That's great news! Very excited to be a tiny teeny part of this. Putting me two degrees of separation from Lindsey McDonald and April Rhodes, that's a lot of bang for the buck.

      Loved the thank you video. Can I just say you look marvelous?

      Glad to be along for the ride!