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Our magazine chronicles one, overlooked American town per issue. Think this American Life meets your daily newspaper. Welcome to Local.
Our magazine chronicles one, overlooked American town per issue. Think this American Life meets your daily newspaper. Welcome to Local.
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All our promises almost promised: Issue 4 Releases


Dear Kickstarter Backers, 

Almost two years ago, we came to you all with our vision, and we’ve now completed our fourth issue. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is our featured town in this go-around. Yes, if you’re geographically savvy that’s the capital of the Keystone State, but it’s also the hometown for many of our wonderful contributors. After a prolonged financial struggle, this city, known more for its political fallouts, is seeking a rebirth. And while those stories of the latter nature are prominent, the man who graces our cover is one of the most controversial politicians in Pennsylvania’s history—former Mayor Reed. His fame and infamy are in equal debate, and for the first time in three years, he interviewed with the media…with us. A wild romp through the history of Harrisburg and his 28-year tenure as mayor is our feature story.

Subscribers, I am in the process of licking your envelopes and stamping said envelopes, so you can enjoy the new edition.

Backers, take a look at our new website. 

And finally, our launch party is this coming Saturday in Harrisburg. If you’re interested in joining the fun, contact me at 


Daniel Webster Jr. Editor-in-Chief

Asbury Park, Issue 3!

Dear Kickstarter backers,

Thanks for your continued kindness in supporting our project. Issue No. 3, Asbury Park, NJ has officially launched and the quirky, authentic, immersive stories are all in there: an evening with the roller derby girls. Check. A massive LGBT beach party complete with trampolines. Check. A Methodist tent community on the outskirts of Asbury. Check. Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Check, check.

Amanda Hakanson-Stacy once again designed an incredible issue, while Diana Ecker directed and produced her potpourri of mini-docs. See the one below, which is a giant preview of Issue 3 and all its wonderful offerings.

This is the almost-ideal stocking stuffer (although try not to bend it, if that’s even possible). Buy it here.

Where are we going next? Sometimes, home is where the heart is. 

Lastly, I will be working hard to get all the Issue 3 copies out in the mail by early next week. So look for them soon :). 


Daniel Webster Jr., Editor-in-Chief

P.S. Look out for another update in December. It’s going to be festive!

Welcome to Roanoke


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Dear backers and friends,

Over the past week or so, we have prepared 99% of all the kickstarter rewards. If you have not received yours yet, not to worry, the gifts should arrive within the next week.  The process of packaging and mailing your gifts has been humbling, as I work with a special helper (my girlfriend) out of my one room apartment: labeling, stuffing magazines into mailers, and trying to rid my windowsills of the 83 boxes of magazines that now block all views of the sun.  It's ridiculous and funny--pictures on their way.  What's most enjoyable is looking at all the home addresses, places and people as far away as Japan and as close to a few blocks away from my apartment that will be receiving a copy of Local. It's a testament to the power of this relatable yet unique piece of work.  If you get to read Local over the holiday season, we ask that you correspond and provide feedback to our inaugural issue. Having a critical conversation with our readers and subscribers is important as we move on to Issue 2 (location TBA ;)). 

A few things to check out in the meantime.

  • Our beautiful website made with our readers in mind. 
  • Watch our Art Director's video about Norman Porter, a jeans company in Philadelphia.
  • And you can read on our newly curated platform on the famous app, Flipboard 

Right now, in our culture, in the news, and abroad, we live in a time of redress and moral urgency, and during this holiday season, we should all consider our community role, whether that's taking a stand against violence or starting to believe that we have much to learn and do in order to leave a suitable home for future generations. We hope, at the very least, you continue to support the small beginnings of Local: A Quarterly of People and Places


Daniel Webster, Editor-in-Chief, (Drop me a line)



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