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Murders & Acquisitions is a tabletop RPG of espionage, subterfuge, intrigue, theft, and murder in an absurd corporate world.
Murders & Acquisitions is a tabletop RPG of espionage, subterfuge, intrigue, theft, and murder in an absurd corporate world.
263 backers pledged $6,000 to help bring this project to life.

Back to Work

Posted by Craig Campbell (Creator)

Hello NerdBurgers!

I went to Wisconsin over the July 4th weekend for some much-needed R&R with family. We had pizza at my favorite childhood pizza place. My brother got me hooked on The League. We set off fireworks (man, have store-bought fireworks changed since I was a kid). I ran my sister-in-law and niece through their very first tabletop RPG experience. I ran a session of the Mermaid Adventures RPG from Third Eye Games. They had a great time. I created two new gamers!

If you have kids in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend Mermaid Adventures. It’s a simple system with no math, just counting. Super fun!

Now I’m back to bring you an update on the status of Murders & Acquisitions. All is going well. Illustrations continue to roll in. Illustrations with backer likenesses have been very well-received by those backers. We’re right on schedule.

Backer Surveys

I sent out backer surveys a little while back. So far, I’ve received responses from nearly all the backers.

If you haven’t filled out your backer survey, please do so ASAP.

Many of you have opted to provide your email addresses for inclusion in a mailing list that will keep people abreast of future NerdBurger Games work. This mailing list will be a great way for backers to get involved in playtesting the next game from NerdBurger. I’m totally stoked that so many people are going to be on the mailing list. I should have plenty of playtesters for Capers, once it’s ready for playtesting. The biggest hurdle I ran into when designing M&A was that I could only move as quickly as I got playtest feedback. This shouldn’t be as much of a problem for Capers.


It’s worth noting a few things about how I’m dealing with illustrations for Murders & Acquisitions.

As you check out the M&A illustrations, you’ll certainly notice that the artists are employing a variety of styles. I provided the artists with a list of requirements for what the illustrations should look like, but I left some stylistic choices in their hands. I did this on purpose. As M&A is my first game and I’m wearing a LOT of different hats getting this thing made, I wanted to keep the “art director” hat an easy one to wear. If I tried to get every artist to hit the same basic style, the illustration turnover process would be longer and more involved. This would slow down the current phase of getting M&A out to you and also over-burden artists who are doing work for pretty reasonable rates.

Additionally, I’m using the process for making this game as a way to identify artists and their particular styles. In future NerdBurger RPGs, you might only see certain artists doing illustrations in a “tighter, more specific” set of style guidelines. Illustrations that reflect that particular game a bit better.

On top of all this, M&A is something of a toolbox game, what with all the optional rule add-ons. Providing a variety of stylistic choices for illustrations is in keeping with the nature of this game.

So here we go with some of the illustrations.

First up is a half-page illustration titled Office Party. This one was done by Quinn McSherry.

Next we have a couple of quarter-page illustrations. The one on the left is titled Seduction and features backer likenesses. It was done by Jason Moser. The illo on the right is titled Werewolf and is part of the Monsters & Templates chapter, which defines monster bloodline templates that M&A characters can have. This one was drawn by Jen Sorrell.

Finally we have an illustration titled Duct Tunneler that is near and dear to my heart. First off, it features the likeness of my good friend, Scott. Secondly, it features a character crawling through building ductwork. I’m an architect in real life and love to point out that people crawling through ductwork is usually impossible. Contrary to what you see in movies and on TV, ducts are not wide, tall spaces. They are tight and almost impossible to actually crawl through. But for M&A, it’s perfectly appropriate for a character to crawl through a duct. In fact, it’s encouraged! Plus, Scott loved the idea, as he has the some issues with the idea of people crawling through ducts. This illustration was done by Beth Varni.

The Ongoing Process

Artwork continues to roll in, so expect to see more in the next update.

I need to get my crap together and set up a DriveThruRPG publisher account, though that shouldn’t take terribly long. Mostly, I’m concerned with getting it set up, uploading a test document, and getting it printed just to make sure I have everything in order.

I have a few adventures to finalize as part of the PDF support materials, but those shouldn’t be too time-consuming. The ones I have left to do are adventures that were run relatively late in the playtest process, so they won’t require a great deal of work to convert/update to the final rules. It’s mostly a matter of getting them into the format I’ve developed for adventures and creating cover pages.

More Excerpts?

I posted the first two chapters of the game a while back. They’re still available here, along with the form-fillable PDF character sheet:

I put the question to you, dear backer.

Is there anything YOU’D like to see?

I’d love to post a few other bits and pieces but want to provide glimpses into things you are actually interested in seeing.

Drop a message in the Comments section on the Kickstarter page with your suggestions. I’ll try to provide a few glimpses of the game materials in the next update, but I’ll only do this if I get some suggestions from you.

So there you go!

Game on,


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