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The zero-prep, horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
The zero-prep, horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
392 backers pledged $5,575 to help bring this project to life.

Time to DIE (Physical Book Fulfillment)

Posted by Craig Campbell (Creator)

Greetings, victims…

And that’s a wrap! Books are ready. 

Check your inbox and spam folder. You’ll be getting a discount link to purchase a hardcover OR softcover book at cost from DriveThruRPG based on how you responded to the backer survey

If you don’t see a download link in the next day or so, please email me at

Questions You Might Have

The DriveThruRPG PDF download thing is being stupid! Can you help me?

Some people have trouble with the standard download button at DriveThru. If you do, you can go to the OLD download interface. See the red circle below. 

What can I do to make Craig’s day even better?

That’s easy. Tell your friends about Die Laughing. Share on social media. Write a review at DriveThruRPG or on your blog. Point other RPG reviewers and Actual Play podcasters/streamers toward the game. Read the book. Play the game. Tell me about your stories on the Discord channel. 

CAPERS Noir Kickstarter

CAPERS Noir, the first supplement for CAPERS, goes to Kickstarter on Tuesday, March 12 at 9am Eastern. This 56 page supplement contains a whole bunch of new player options and GM tools for CAPERS as well as a 1940s setting filled with criminals, cops, mystery, and monsters. Much of what’s in this book is perfectly playable with the core game with no modification. 

The only way I make another CAPERS supplement after this one is if this does well. And I have plans for two more…fingers crossed. 

And by the way, CAPERS just won a Judge’s Spotlight 2018 BAMFsie Award, presented for the best in superhero gaming. Check it out HERE

NerdBurger Games Online

Here’s where you can find us online. 



NerdBurger Podcast

Twitch – CAPERS campaign starting in March. One-shots, too.

NerdBurger Games Swag

Want a cool Die Laughing shirt? Go HERE. (There’s stuff other than Die Laughing shirts, too.)

GenCon 2019

I’ll be at GenCon with Team NerdBurger and we’ll be running Die Laughing as well as our other games (and a sneak peek of something in early development) in the IGDN game room as well as at Games on Demand. Swing on by and play or just say hi. 


This moment has been over a decade in the making (seriously, I came up with the basic idea of this game over ten years ago). I’m thrilled to finally put Die Laughing in your hands. I hope you enjoy it. On behalf of myself and the entire team, thanks for backing and waiting patiently while we pulled it all together. 

Game on,


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    1. Sniderman

      Been looking forward to this ever since playing it at Acadecon last year! Thanks!