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The zero-prep, horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
The zero-prep, horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
392 backers pledged $5,575 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Craig Campbell (Creator)

Greetings, victims…  

In movie-making, the climax is the final resolution of the story. But you know that.  

Here we are, two days to go. I’d call that the climax of the Kickstarter campaign. Thanks so much for backing and taking the time to read my ramblings.  


Given that the game book is going to be around 100 pages, I’ve decided to add a hardcover option. When you get your rewards, you’ll be able to purchase a softcover OR hardcover book at cost. The softcover will still cost around $4 plus shipping (USD). The hardcover will cost around $10 plus shipping (USD).  

Some folks like a book that’ll hold up a little better. Plus, hardcovers stay open to pages when laid on a table a bit better. So it seems only appropriate that hardcover be an option.  

I’ll ask which type of book cover you prefer to purchase in the upcoming backer survey. Of course, you don’t have to get a physical book. If you like PDFs, you’ll be good to go.

Final 48 Hours  

Here we go, folks, the final push! Some of the people who have been following the project will likely jump on board in the final two days. But that doesn’t mean I can’t use your help.  

Please do us all a favor and share the game around. Email a few friends you think would like the game. Share on your social media. Whatever you can do to help Die Laughing do well helps put the game in more peoples’ hands, which grows NerdBurger Games, which helps us make more games.  

Backer Count Goals  

Backer Count Goal #2 – New Character/Monster Reveals - DONE  

Let’s just go ahead and reveal the entire list of characters and monsters. Here you go!

Characters: Jock, Cheerleader, Preppie, Stoner, Nerd, Joker, Loner, Gearhead, Cop, Parent, Teacher, Techie, Soldier, Businessperson, Doctor, Office Drone, Bumbling Idiot, Skeptic, Little Kid, Mad Scientist, Monster’s Helper, Nameless Extra, Paranormal Investigator, and The Person Who Knows They’re In a Movie.  

Monsters: Creepy Demon Pain Guy, Dismemberment Goblins, Erudite Zombies, Giant Irradiated Insect, Killer Robots from Mars, Mad Slasher with Weird Weapons, No Effects Budget Ghost, Possessive Ghost, Rabid Rabbits, Sixty Sentient Spinning Sawblades, Sexy Vampire, That Fucking Clown, Crazy-Ass Hillbillies, Reanimated Melty Bug Blob Thing, Brian, Cute Possessed Girl, Dolly, Fire-Breathing Aliens, Haunted Object, Pods, Rabid Werewolf, Three Witches, A.I. with Unlimited Drones, and Self-Aware Monkeys with Guns.  

Backer Count Goal #3 – Alternate Rules - 264 Backers - UNLOCKED  

I’ll add alternate rules to the game to liven things up.  

Backer Survey  

I will be sending out a backer survey VERY shortly after the Kickstarter ends. I’ll be asking the following (among other things):  

  • What name you want in the thank you credit
  • Whether you want a discount link for softcover or hardcover  

The deadline for responding to the survey will be midnight Eastern on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 9.  

This is a HARD deadline. If you don’t respond by then, I’ll use your Kickstarter username as your thank you credit name and assume you want a discount code for a softcover book.  

The final rewards are going to turn over very quickly. Hit that deadline, folks!  


Sometimes you’re killed by a masked killer. Sometimes you’re killed by a reanimated melty bug blob thing. It’s all just dumb luck.  

One final push and let’s wrap this thing up!  

Game on,  


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    1. Zach W. Lorton on

      The Person Who Knows They’re In a Movie. Brilliant!