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The zero-prep, horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
The zero-prep, horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
392 backers pledged $5,575 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Craig Campbell (Creator)

Greetings, victims…  

In movie-making, a twist is a sudden change in the narrative of the story. It’s often something that makes you examine everything you’ve seen previously from a new perspective. In the best movies, it makes the movie great for repeat viewings.  

Time for a twist… 

But first, thanks again to everyone who got us here. We’re less than a week to go and things are looking solid. 

Backer Count Goals 

Backer Count Goal #2 – New Character/Monster Reveals - ONGOING 

Still punching through this one. I’ll continue to reveal characters and monsters as we add backers. 

Backer Count Goal #3 – Alternate Rules - LOCKED 

My first Kickstarter got 263 backers. 

If we hit 264 or more backers, I will add alternate rules to the game. A handful of goodies you can use to spice up the game after you’ve played it a few times and gotten a little too used to things. Monster showdowns. Three-player rules. And more. 

The Twist 

Would you like to play Die Laughing mere moments after the Kickstarter wraps up? You’ll be able to! 

I’ll be making the 72-page “rough cut” PDF available moments after the Kickstarter wraps. It’s the complete game of everything that was finished before we began adding extra stuff during the campaign. Don’t let the “rough cut” name fool you. This is the complete game, fully laid out and illustrated. 

Once all that other good stuff (30 pages worth) is done, we’ll release the final version of the game to everyone, both in PDF and with a discount code to get a softcover at cost. That’ll take a few months, but should go pretty smoothly. 

Never Going Home 

I’ll be writing a little something for an RPG that’s on Kickstarter right now called Never Going Home. Do you like WW1 stuff AND horror stuff? Maybe you wanna check it out HERE

Hot Discord Action! 

The NerdBurger Games Discord is the online community for all fans of NBG. If you want to check it out, HERE is an invite. Stop by and chat. 

Game on, 



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    1. John Harlon Raisor

      Further Twist: I backed Never Going Home before I found this campaign! Ha ha!