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The zero-prep, horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
The zero-prep, horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
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Posted by Craig Campbell (Creator)

Greetings, victims…  

Well, damn! Look at that. Funded in 159 minutes. I know it’s a small-scale game, but wow! Thank you so much for getting Die Laughing off to a rocking start!  

Bonus Features  

I’m going to handle this Kickstarter a little differently that my previous two. Right now, the book stands at 72 pages. That’s a lot of good stuff. But there could be more. I’ve got 20+ pages of funny and bloody material we could add.  

And we’ll do it all via backer counts and social goals.  

The first couple days of a Kickstarter are super-important. They set the tone for everything to follow. And that means social media. It’s how I market. So…  

Go HERE and find this SPECIFIC tweet:

If that tweet gets 100 retweets before we are two full days into the Kickstarter (at 9am Eastern on Thursday, November 1st), I’ll add two more characters and four more monsters to the mix. That’ll bring us up to eighteen of each.  

 And remember, not likes. Actual retweets.  

Some Art  

I just got a whole bunch of monster art from artist Beth Varni yesterday, so here’s a little taste of what’s in store. Cute little fuzzies. They're so adorable, what with their TASTE FOR HUMAN FLESH!!!

Game on,  


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