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A Super-Powered RPG of Gangsters in the Roaring Twenties.
A Super-Powered RPG of Gangsters in the Roaring Twenties.
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CAPERS Assemble – Fulfillment Begins!

Posted by Craig Campbell (Creator)

Hey there, Macs and Janes,  

The fateful day has arrived. I’ll be sending out CAPERS fulfillment emails shortly.  

Keep an eye on your inboxes. And make sure to check our spam folders. Sometimes these types of emails get dumped in there.  

Fulfilling a Kickstarter with this many components is a complex process. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS UPDATE. I tried very hard to get everything right. If I goofed up anything, please message me via Kickstarter to help me work it out.  

Everyone will receive:  

  • An email with a download link to get all the PDFs for free  
  • An email with a discount link to purchase a hardcover OR softcover book at cost from DriveThruRPG based on how you responded to the backer survey  
  • An email with a discount link to purchase a deck of CAPERS themed playing cards from DriveThruRPG  
  • An email with a discount link to purchase a Moxie Deck from DriveThruRPG  

I’m sorry, but these have to all go out in separate emails, so keep an eye out for all of them. (Jacks and Jills backers will only receive the PDF link. All the other stuff is getting delivered to them.)  

If you don’t see download links in the next day or so, please let me know by messaging me through Kickstarter.  

Some Fulfillment Questions You Might Have  

But I pledged more dollars for more stuff! How do I get that stuff?  

If you increased your pledge to get extra books or decks of cards, you have already received a separate email from NerdBurger Games with instructions to deal with that.

The DriveThruRPG download thing is being stupid! Can you help me?  

Some people have trouble with the standard download button at DriveThru. If you do, you can go to the OLD download interface. See the red circle below.  

What about the maps and paper minis?  

Unfortunately, the maps and minis are still in process. Rather than make everyone wait a few more weeks to get EVERYTHING at once, we opted to get most of the game out now. Maps and minis are coming soon.  

What can I do to make Craig’s day even better?  

That’s easy. Tell your friends about CAPERS. Share on social media. Write a review at DriveThruRPG or on your blog. Point other RPG reviewers and Actual Play podcasters/streamers toward the game. Read the book. Play the game. Tell me about your stories on the Discord channel.  

What if I have other questions?  

Message me via Kickstarter.  

NerdBurger YouTube Channel?  

I’m considering setting up a NerdBurger YouTube channel. Post some short video blogs. Post the occasional RPG design podcast with some of my RPG designer friends. Post some actual play episodes of my games. Maybe some other stuff.  

Doing such a thing requires some time and effort on my part. Before I dive into it, I want to see if you folks are interested in watching such things on YouTube.  

Please pop over to this Google Survey about this and tell me what you think. It’ll only take a minute.  

Discord Channel  

Stop on by the NerdBurger Games Discord and say hi.  

CAPERS Noir Playtesting  

I’ll be looking for playtesters for CAPERS Noir a little later this year. I’ll need multiple groups to run a pre-written adventure with characters they create from the playtest materials.  

If you’re interested in playtesting, please email and let me know.  


This moment has been years in the making. I’m thrilled to finally put my little game in your hands. I hope you enjoy it. On behalf of myself and the entire team, thanks for backing and for waiting patiently while we pulled it all together.  

Game on,  


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    1. Craig Campbell 3-time creator on

      John: You should have also received a discount link to buy a deck of playing cards at cost.

    2. Craig Campbell 3-time creator on

      Sending out the PDF of the Moxie cards was a goof. I don't really intend to send the PDF of the playing cards. The money you'd spend on card sleeves and color printing for the might as well just get the actual cards at cost. Plus, they're not really formatted in a good way to print. They're formatted for how DTRPG needs them to print thru their print on demand card printer.

    3. John Henry

      Was the Movie deck the only PoD deck of cards, or was there a second one?

    4. Craig Campbell 3-time creator on

      I goofed. I sent a download link for a PDF of the Moxie Deck. You'll receive a second email to give you a DISCOUNT PURCHASE LINK for the Moxie Deck. Sorry.