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A Super-Powered RPG of Gangsters in the Roaring Twenties.
A Super-Powered RPG of Gangsters in the Roaring Twenties.
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Proof Copies and Maps

Posted by Craig Campbell (Creator)

Hey there, Macs and Janes,  

We’re rolling into the final stages, folks. Kind of a quick update this time.  

Proof Round 2  

Karen has her proofread copy. I have my proof copy. We’ll hand off our markups to Mike on Saturday. He’ll revise. Mike, Owen, and I will give the WHOLE thing a final look and then we go to (hopefully) final proof order.  

If THAT proof looks good, it’s time to fulfill the Kickstarter for all of you. Wish us luck. (Please keep in mind, this process can take a couple weeks, maybe more. I have no control over how long it takes to get my book files approved, nor over how long it takes to get my copies printed.)  

Inside the Book  

Here’s a look at the interior of Proof 2.  

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Maps, Maps, Maps  

And here’s a look at some of the maps Owen is finishing up. Here’s the distillery I posted in an earlier update along with the adjacent warehouse. You can use each map individually or link them together.  

NerdBurger Games Discord  

Don’t forget our Discord. You can get in invite HERE.  

Now I’m off to put together the last of my tweaks for Mike.  

Game on,  


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    1. Craig Campbell 4-time creator on

      @Thomas Everyone will get a digital version with the grid along with a discount link to purchase 11x17 posters (if the quality is good). I think we can swing a no-grid version easily enough as well. Let me talk to the graphic designer.

    2. Thomas Shey

      Speaking of which, I don't suppose it'd be possible to get digital versions of those without the grid for those of us who tend to play on VTT?

    3. Thomas Shey

      I particularly appreciate the maps. It can be surprisingly hard to find modern(ish) maps...