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My darkly humorous and perverse memoir chronicling 20 years of misadventures with undiagnosed Tourette Syndome and Bipolar Disorder.

I am not a rules girl.

I dance to my own tune and I’ll definitely see you at the revolution! I wear jeans to weddings and tuxedos in the sandbox. Nonconformity is the only way I know.

I quit my day job some months ago. Just walked out on the corporate gig. Sitting behind a big desk in a fancy sixth-floor office with windows in a midtown Manhattan skyscraper is someone else’s dream, not mine.

I am taking the chance that I will make it as a memoirist. I already have a byline in several magazines and on various websites. I know how to write. Now I want to write for me. My dream is to make my unusual life story come alive on the page, to have people know me through my writing. And maybe my story can help make their life just a little easier or happier or give them the push to say, “Fuck it” and do what they really want to do. By accompanying me on my journey, and in turn learning about themselves, I hope readers will pursue their own dreams.

I’ve got Bipolar Disorder and Tourette Syndrome; it’s no big deal now, but at one time it was. And now I not only want, but absolutely need, to realize my memoir about my struggle with both illnesses. I simply cannot not write it. It’s not just for myself anymore, but also for all those with mental and other illnesses and our friends, families, and colleagues. It’s also for every reader who enjoys a quirky protagonist and original tale along with those who just plain love good storytelling.

The first thing is for me to get away from distractions—the constant bombardment of the media, the pull of social distractions large and small, of friends and family, too, to focus and concentrate. The second is to rewrite my entire manuscript—I’ve got about 100 pages thus far and it needs work. It needs more depth, more detail, smoothing, refining and editing. And I need the concentration, time, space and peace of mind to do all that.

My plan is two-fold: Raise enough money to pay my rent and utilities for six months so I don’t have to worry about the big freelance hustle. The balance I will use to pay an editor to help whip my book into final shape to present to agents. Hiring an outside editor will ensure I am not spinning my wheels and wasting time with a book that won’t sell.

I don’t want mine to be an exercise in futility because if you are supporting me, I want this project to pay off for all of us! Because I am trying to raise and not spend dollars, here is a homemade video that is not near as fancy as most on Kickstarter. I hope you can get and idea of me and my project anyhow -

To find out more, read the Prologue to Beautiful Wreck: Sex, Lies & Suicide here:

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