I'm really excited about this project! 
Celery is Disgusting is a comedic web series set in modern day Los Angeles, the heartbreak capital of the world.  A place where bruised egos and lost souls go hand in hand.   A place where cars add to the insular existence of people and they're own way of life.  

The lead, Ray Sanak, is a 36 year old comedian,  a good looking guy who's confidence has been completely decimated by a woman who never really loved him.  Ray's wife has just left him for another man, not just any other man but a Hollywood movie producer who lives in a sprawling mansion in Hollywood Hills.  Ray's world is completely turned upside and by the looks of things, it seems as if he hasn't left his apartment in days.   Dating is the last thing on his mind but he knows that he must leave the house if he has any hope of moving on from his bleak situation.  Ever the eternal optimist he tries to find the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how abandoned he feels.  

The opening scene of the series starts with him on his balcony, in his underwear, unshaven for about 5 days, trying to take a bite out of celery.  He stares out onto the Los Angeles landscape, looking completely lost.  The first words uttered through a voice over are "Celery is disgusting, who eats this crap.  I do now.  This is my new life.  I have to go on diet and lose 20 pounds.  My wife just left me."   Ray must now embark on a journey of starting over in a city he has no idea on how to maneuver.   He has never been single in LA and doesn't know how to embrace the dating scene but he tries earnestly, regardless of the circumstances.  This is a story of optimism regardless of what has happened to him in the past. 
Ray lost all his friends after he split from his wife and is basically alone in LA.   Although he does have one friend, Tee,  that he constantly confides in.  Tee is short for Tiberius, a reference to Star Trek, his parents were big Trekkies.  Tee is a severely flawed man with several shortcomings.   Their relationship is one that makes no sense mainly because it is one that's barely tolerated.  Tee's girlfriend, Stephanie,  cannot stand Ray and are always at odds.  In reality they should not even be friends but I guess friendship at this point has already been grandfathered in.   They often question why they are even friends and Stephanie is always begging Tee to "stop talking to that freak..."    

Some of the highlights of the series will be a "friend" staying over for way too long, dating an 19 year old, being heartbroken all over again, dating girls that are way out of his "league" with actual jobs.  The first seven episodes are all about five minutes long and feature a lot of voice overs, third person commentary. If all goes well there will be a second season.  

Risks and challenges

The biggest hurdle I face is that I'm on my own. There is no one else to help. It's my vision and I wrote all the episodes but I don't have anyone to fall back on. There is no safety net. If it doesn't succeed, it's all on me.
With that being said the Kickstarter is a good way to get the ball rolling and start this amazing project. I'm not asking for much but the money would go a long way into paying for the project.

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