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Most games for couples are either cheesy or trashy. Marital Bliss is different - secret missions, sneaky strategy, and real rewards!
Most games for couples are either cheesy or trashy. Marital Bliss is different - secret missions, sneaky strategy, and real rewards!
Most games for couples are either cheesy or trashy. Marital Bliss is different - secret missions, sneaky strategy, and real rewards!
221 backers pledged $8,129 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andrew Lynch on

      Just wanted to say that my wife and I finished our first game. She kicked my butt, even though she guessed twice that I was working on a mission when I wasn't (-2 points!). So I owe her a reward, but it could be worse... had a blast and we're starting a new game right away. :-) Nice work! Thanks!

    2. Fink & Fink Creator on

      Hey! That's fantastic Dean. We're so glad it arrived. Hope you enjoy the game.

    3. Dean Nicolson

      My 10 pack arrived today, the box took a bit of a beating on its way out to Australia but everything inside was perfect! No purple pacifier but looking forward to kicking off our first game.
      Thanks Finks!

    4. Matthew Sutorius on

      Cool, thanks for the info!

    5. Fink & Fink Creator on

      Nope. USPS delivery is slower than I thought (two-day priority, my butt). I'm just got a notification that one I shipped last Monday finally got delivered to Tacoma. I don't think i shipped yours till Thursday, so it'll be a few days yet.

    6. Matthew Sutorius on

      Haven't seen mine here yet. Should I be worried?

    7. Fink & Fink Creator on

      Ha! It's not, but maybe it'll make it into an expansion pack some day :)

    8. L Warble

      Be careful of paper cuts! :)
      (I wonder if licking the envelopes for your spouse is a secret mission...)

    9. Fink & Fink Creator on

      We're gonna be stuffing a lot of envelopes this weekend :)

      A full update is coming soon...

    10. Hagalaz on

      How's production? Any news is good news!

    11. Ammon on

      Are congratulations in order for the Finks?

    12. Fink & Fink Creator on

      @Malachy Gavin:

      Not yet. We are waiting until closer to when the game will ship (a couple more weeks) because we didn't want to have to update addresses :)

    13. Malachy Gavin on

      was there a survey sent out yet asking about addresses? I can't remember and am about to move....

    14. John Wrot! on

      12 updates
      221 backers

      2 happy project developers!
      Well done guys!

    15. Jeanne on

      Hilarious video!! I'M IN.

    16. Aaron Cohen on

      This game is a great idea and looks like a lot of fun!

    17. Fink & Fink Creator on

      For our US backers, we are currently on schedule for delivery before Christmas.

    18. Jonathan Tipsin on

      Are you still planning on a january delivery date? Dec. would be awesome for holiday gifts.

    19. Fink & Fink Creator on

      Thanks Ammon! We couldn't believe how much space they dedicated to us on the front page! It was a little surreal walking into a gas station and seeing our mugs plastered on the front page of the newspaper.

    20. Ammon on

      Looking forward to this! My wife and I quit looking for a couples game as we couldn't find one that wouldn't require us removing half the deck in advance. Congratulations on the positive newspaper article and successful funding!

    21. Fink & Fink Creator on

      We've just added a new level thanks to your feedback. If you'd like to upgrade to receive four copies of the game for $49 you are free to do so!

    22. Nick Sickert on

      $800 to go, you guys are getting really close! I think I would also be interested in getting 4-5 copies of the game if possible. Unless we can just add $18 to the $29 dollar pledge.

    23. Fink & Fink Creator on

      Hi Jim!

      Majohnny had a similar question below. I think a reward level may be in order. We've been working hard on some other big announcements about making sure we have the game turned-around in time for Christmas. Stay tuned...

    24. Missing avatar

      Jim McKee on

      Hi Finks! Can I sign up for two $29 packages somehow? I need four sets for Christmas!

    25. Missing avatar

      majohnny on

      Sorry I'm answering so late, I was away for the last days.
      I don't really know what I had in mind, but maybe a level to get 5 or 6 sets.
      The step from 2 to 10 seems a little big.
      Unfortunately I'll probably stick to my two, because I have only so many couples to gift them to because of the language.

    26. Fink & Fink Creator on

      We had a great time talking with you and being interviewed for your podcast. Thank you for all the tips and advice you've given us over the past couple years as we've built up to the launch of this campaign!

      Funding the Dream on Kickstarter is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in launching their dream project.

    27. Richard Bliss on

      Congratulations on reaching the first big milestone of 30%. And congrats on reaching that goal within the first week. All signs show you are going to do great with this project.

      Oh, and your interview on my podcast went live today. Ep 158 of Funding the Dream on Kickstarter. Thanks for being such great guests.

    28. Fink & Fink Creator on

      John - Thanks for the support, but Nicole is a robot. I hope that doesn't change you opinion too much.

      Majohnny - Thanks so much for being a backer. We don't currently have plans to add any additional levels, but if there's enough interest we might reconsider. What did you have in mind?

    29. Missing avatar

      majohnny on

      Hey John, I love that you're also invested in other projects :)
      And also hi to 'the finks' ;-)
      Allow me the question if it is possible to make another pledge level or allow some kind of add-ons to get more than 2 sets, but less then 10.

    30. John Wrot! on

      I enjoy that you're real people. I'm going to keep an eye, and if finances come around we're all in.

    31. Fink & Fink Creator on

      Thanks Richard! The game was strategically named to align with the last names of people we admire.

    32. Richard Bliss on

      Thrilled to be able to support a game about relationships. And one that bears a strong resemblance to my name. AWESOME!

    33. Fink & Fink Creator on

      Thanks for your suggestion! We appreciate your pledge.

    34. saiqlo on

      It's keeping score, in a good way (^_^) Because we're keeping track of nice things. Nice idea (But I think Mrs. Fink probably got double for her door card, if she closed the hatchback door because hubby was flexing his muscles!)

      Suggestion: Make the sponsor line the same green color as the frame. This way, it'll "fade into the background" a bit better. The current red color makes it look important for gameplay. (^_^)v