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Phantom Air is the NEW benchmark for wireless earbuds. Tuneable, high quality sound and high battery life that recharges on the go.
Phantom Air is the NEW benchmark for wireless earbuds. Tuneable, high quality sound and high battery life that recharges on the go.
1,096 backers pledged £129,313 to help bring this project to life.

Whoops, we may have made a mistake...

Posted by Anthony Kaylor (Collaborator)

It looks like we made a little blunder this morning when we announced our stretch goals...we were so excited about them that we miscommunicated with our team about what the goals would actually be! Our apologies. But we think that these new goals will have you all excited...

Aren't these pretty? And you'll be pleased to know that because of this mistake, we've bumped the "Stormtrooper" earbuds up to £110,000! We also have FIVE stretch goals to offer, and you'll get to choose any one that you want at the end of the campaign.

So spread the word, share our page, and let's crush these goals! There may be more coming later in the campaign :)




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    1. Missing avatar

      Neal Honickman on

      I backed from the second it went live. In fact, I'm getting 3 Airs- me, son and wife. But after seeing the stretch goals the dollar amounts I'm disappointed. I was hoping the goals would be easier to reach since there only color options. Oh well
      Here's hoping

    2. Tenko on

      I'm loving the purple.

    3. Missing avatar

      Will Chan on

      Will the main page be updated soon to show these stretch goals? While it's great that us backers get to see this update in our inbox, I know that I personally rarely look at the updates tab when looking at KS projects I'm not in. I just feel like there might be an even better chance of hitting the stretch goals if they're advertised on the main campaign page. But boy do I wanna hit that storm trooper goal!

    4. MIB on

      No way @Tim! He's making the world a better place with his IEMs and accessories. He's too busy :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Trump... Clinton... who cares, Bob for President! I'm sure the UK will lend you out for four years! :)

    6. Danton on


      I get the mistake as nearby colors have a psychological effect. In this case the black cap made the Gunmetal look black.

      Oooohhhh £110,000 here we come!

    7. Hans Meijer on

      Bob, it's no problem for me since I don't want black/black anyway, I'm already glad red/black is still in the campaign, don't change that please ;).

      And for the Phantom Master 6 it's gonna be gunmetal for sure. BTW thanks for updating the info for the PM6 that it now includes an amazing amount of 12 different filters.

    8. Trinity Audio Engineering 6-time creator on

      @Andy Saf

      Not a huge amount, the gunmetal is quite dark and has a real nice lustre to it. Personally the Gunmetal is my favourite colour (apart from the white) and looks stunning. From a distance you can't tell the difference too much between the gunmetal and black colours. The black is more of a matt silk finish.

    9. Trinity Audio Engineering 6-time creator on

      @Hans Meijer

      Certainly looks like it, but it was a sincere mistake and the image on the main page is gunmetal and black. Our apologies.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andy Saf on

      So, what is the difference better gunmetal/black and black/black?

    11. Hans Meijer on

      Lol Bob, you changed the black/black option in the campaign to gunmetal/black, isn't that kind of cheating ;)