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Phantom Air is the NEW benchmark for wireless earbuds. Tuneable, high quality sound and high battery life that recharges on the go.
Phantom Air is the NEW benchmark for wireless earbuds. Tuneable, high quality sound and high battery life that recharges on the go.
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It's Time for a Stretch Goal!

Posted by Anthony Kaylor (Collaborator)

We've been amazed by the incredible response for our Phantom Air and Phantom Master 6, and we're ready to announce a few stretch goals! 

You asked for these colors, and we're so excited to be able to offer them to you! In addition, if we eclipse £150,000, we'll introduce 3 additional colors - which will be released at a later date. And if we run beyond that goal, we have a few more ideas that we would love to give to you all...

So give us your support! Spread the word and help us hit all of these goals. It will pay off for you when you get the BEST earbuds, in the exact style and color that you want. 

Thanks again to all of you amazing backers - let's reach these goals!!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Neal Honickman on

      how is the black different? more like a piano black?

    2. Trinity Audio Engineering 6-time creator on

      Hi Guys

      Ignore these stretch goals. We made a error. New update to follow in a few moments with correct stretch goals

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      As an addition, why not create a poll to know which color combo is the most popular?
      1.) you'll know which has the most backer request value, which is a backer support win
      2.) the new colors might attract more buyers, which is a marketing win (although you'll have to update the campaign page to reflect this)

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Just slide the stormtrooper edition up in the line to the second slot Bob � it's a-ma-zinggggg!!

    5. Hans Meijer on

      Yup, red/black and black/black are already options in the campaign, so those can't be a stretch goal.

    6. Anthony Kaylor on

      @Danton the red is a lot more metallic for the stretch goal...they look sweet!

    7. Danton on

      Uhmmm one side note.

      Why are red / black and black / black in there? :P

      (Arn't these the standard Air options)

    8. Danton on


      You got me!

      Take my £140,000 and make me a StormTrooper!