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Phantom Air is the NEW benchmark for wireless earbuds. Tuneable, high quality sound and high battery life that recharges on the go.
Phantom Air is the NEW benchmark for wireless earbuds. Tuneable, high quality sound and high battery life that recharges on the go.
1,096 backers pledged £129,313 to help bring this project to life.

Phantom Air is 100% Funded!

Posted by Anthony Kaylor (Collaborator)

Wow - what a response! We’ve been blown away by your support, and we are proud to announce that we are 100% funded. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. 

We are in the process of discussing stretch goals, as we are eager to reward you for your incredible support. Leave a comment if there are any stretch goals that you would like to see, and we’ll let you know if your ideas are possible for us to include.

We’re looking forward to shipping in January, but we have a long way to go still! In the meantime, please share our campaign with friends and family, and let’s shatter whatever goals you put before us. 




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    1. MIB on

      +1 on a sleeker charging case, so it's either not too bulky in a pocket or sticking out too much if you can clip it onto a belt. I quite liked the Earin design, but I'm sure with the timeframe you have and testing you've performed, there's probably not enough time or money in the pot so far to be able to do a redesign or make it sleeker.

    2. Abel on

      If internal memory is not possible, then a smaller more sleek charging case.

    3. kr

      filters or larger battery for charging case, maybe dampened filters or the option of the longer filters

    4. Missing avatar

      Gerard on

      I'd like to see a smaller charge box. The current one seems a little too bulky for just 650mAh. I foresee having to carry the charging case around more often than not, and at that size it would be inconvenient. And it's a very important part of the earbuds because it will be the only way to charge it.


    5. Tenko on

      How about Earbud engraving as a stretch goal (serial number, model number, "KS Special")?

    6. Missing avatar


      thanks @Creator
      hope to get more filters, where it can work with different types of music...

    7. Trinity Audio Engineering 6-time creator on

      We could offer more filters, up to a max of 10 pairs.

    8. Gaetan Gueraud on

      I'm surprised that you need crowdfunding sponsoring.
      Anyway I'm excited about my earbuds !

    9. MIB on

      My wish for storage was more hope over reality. Maybe something for v2 or v3.

    10. Nigel J

      Possibly the two lengths of filters for the Phantom Air, like the Master 6.

    11. Missing avatar


      give us more filters, from campaign page, it's only 5 at the moment.
      understand from your website, some model works with more...

    12. Missing avatar


      Perhaps a Kickstarter Edition green/black.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Stretch goal of the ability to mute the mic from the earbuds so I don't have to mute from the phone.

    14. Missing avatar

      Will Chan on

      I saw someone recommend the green shell/black face combo earlier and I'd like to see that happen. Like something close to Xbox green? Xbox green with blue face (same kind of blue on KS's "manage pledge" button) I think would go very well together as well. As you can see, I'm a fan of certain shades of blue and green :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      I can only keep requesting a high gloss white aluminium + black plastic "Stormtrooper" combo :) All the other stretch goals you guys have in mind are just an added bonus!

    16. Missing avatar

      Neal Honickman on

      So what stretch goals were Trinity tossing around?

    17. Missing avatar

      Neal Honickman on

      So orange/ black could be a combo?

    18. Trinity Audio Engineering 6-time creator on

      All colour options are on the table guys, we will just have to narrow the selection down to some of the coolest ones.

      As for internal memory, if we did this we would add bulk to the design, lower battery life and would also set the delivery back between 4-6 months. So this wouldn't be an idea we would want to run with. Sorry.

    19. Trinity Audio Engineering 6-time creator on

      @Omar Saeed

      Really won't be needed on these and would be extra cost for no reward.

    20. Hans Meijer on

      Congrats on getting this project funded Bob!

      I would like to see the gunmetal and orange versions combined with black, I just don't like the white part. If that will not be available I will go for the red/black Phantom Air and gunmetal for the Phantom Master 6.

      Or perhaps adding a set of the Trinity Kombi tips, if they are as good as you say they are, I will surely buy more of those.

    21. Danton on

      @Omar +1!

      Internal memory probably requires a total redesign of the product.
      Plus I will pair it with my iPhone or Apple Watch.

    22. Missing avatar

      Omar Saeed on


      I know the spec says the Phantom Airs will be "splashproof", but any chance of looking into a more robust anti-sweat coating like LiquiPel or something similar? IPXX Certification might be a bit expensive though?

    23. MIB on

      @Abel +1 as a stretch goal! Personally, an hours worth of music is enough for me when exercising, so about 100MB should be enough. Carrying a mobile during exercise is a pain in the 'you know what'.

    24. Abel on

      Internal memory for music storage

    25. Missing avatar

      Neal Honickman on

      Orange/black or blue/black color combo was suggested
      Possibly spin fit eartips if they match well with the sound
      Extra tuning filter types - instead of 5 maybe 7 like the old delta series
      Just thoughts. Not sure what is reasonable?