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OUT NOW on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch! up to 4player online fun!
OUT NOW on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch! up to 4player online fun!
8,873 backers pledged $508,637 to help bring this project to life.

Almost there!

Posted by Humanature Studios (Creator)

Hi gang!

Time for another update!  (Update number 56!)  So we are almost there, which is to say we're now in our final debugging push.  The porting effort with our partners in funky crime, 22nd Century Toys is also underway.  As you may know the game will be coming to Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

Some of you have had some very reasonable questions so here are a few vague yet hopefully acceptable answers.  

When is the early access version going to be available to backers?  

Because we had sooo many bugs in this crazy game of random unpredictable modal multi-player combinations we kept pushing our early access build back...  as a result we ended up at a point where we're practically done and it didn't make as much sense to do the early access feedback thing and release the finished game to the wilds... so we (and our publisher) decided to release the game to backers at the same time the press gets it - which will probably be about a week before the public.  So...  that's the current plan.  By the way, that also means that if you play online, the other people you'll be playing with that week will be backers and press (and us developers).  So that should be a good time.

Can we swap our games for console versions?  

We had hoped that would be possible. When it came right down to it though we discovered that the platform holders (Sony, Nintendo, MS) still need to be paid for every console-version code, so it turned out to be too much mula.  Then we thought, maybe we can just do a special discount for backers, and the folks at Adult Swim tried to make that notion work, but they have a system set up that isn't really built for handling something like that so...  end result swapping.  If fairness we never did make our stretch goals for consoles...  but hey, that's really a rationale.  We would have if we could have.  Sorry gang.  We do love and appreciate you.

When will this darned game be released already!?

We still honestly don't know - as in no official release date.  But it will be sometime this coming fall.  There is still a lot of porting and debugging to do.  The game is pretty darned fun though - if I do say so myself, so I hope you will feel like it's worth the wait.

Can we at least have the music?  And what about Merchandise?

Yes!  The music CDs and Albums are being manufactured now.  It will be about two months before they are available.  Our plan is to send the music CDs out to everyone who ordered the boxed set as soon as it's ready, so you won't have to wait.  And we'll have vinyl records available as well.  As a special treat there is a collectors surprise that you'll get with the CDs and Vinyls. We'll also let you have the digital music to enjoy at the same time.  Hopefully this will tide you over until you can get your hands on the game.  As for Merch, IndieBox has set up a store, and we'll be opening that very soon, so for anyone who wants to get more TJ&E clothes or figures or whatever - you'll be able to do that.  We'll send out a special update as soon as that's ready.

Are there any special secrets you can share with us backers?

Hmmm.  Lets see.  Here's a few...  Some backers backed up to a point to get Peabo's Surprise!  What is this you ask?  It's a special yellow mailbox that will only appear in these games - and everything in this mailbox costs $1.  And Lamont's Surprise?  Well...  that's a special present called "Black Friday" that will only appear in these backers games.  Opening it makes all of the Earthlings in the area go crazy and attack each other.  (Even friendly Earthlings growl at each other).  There is a way for normal mortals to unlock both of these features too but it's totally not easy and I won't say what that is just yet.

More secrets?  Many of you backers already know where to go to find this...

Our Hula Girls in the Hot Tub have a new look...
Our Hula Girls in the Hot Tub have a new look...



You'll find Hula Guys in this secret spot now as well!
You'll find Hula Guys in this secret spot now as well!


This Hula Girl is Puanani, she will give you a challenge...  and a prize if you can succeed.
This Hula Girl is Puanani, she will give you a challenge... and a prize if you can succeed.

 There are other surprises on this secret level, so be sure to go there and explore!

Also another hint - when you get to the end of the game - there are several surprises waiting for you there.  Explore Funkotron to find them!  And talk to everyone you meet there.

Oh and one more...  there is a story surprise that only happens after you've played the game through a few times, so be sure to do that.  It only appears if you are playing a 2 player game as ToeJam and Earl though.

Be sure to check out your name in the credits!  We did some fun stuff with those - and we also have some very special graffiti tributes to some special benefactors and players who aren't with us anymore. 

I shouldn't say any more...  I may have said too much.  My life is now in danger.

Anyway, sorry this game has taken us so long to finish gang.  You have been so incredibly patient with the wait and super ultra supportive.  This game is our love letter to you fans and hopefully it will do justice to your childhood memories.  I'm excited to share it with you - so hang in there a bit more.

Oh, and we'll also be very excited to share with you what's up next for HumaNature Studios, after TJ&E.  We'll save that for a separate post.



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    1. Dan Vincent on


      You may have missed a "mini update" posted in the comments section (Where Greg remains active), here is the link:…

      There's also a reworded version on the forum, here:…

      Hope this helps. Lots of places to check, it's very easy to miss the information.

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hobbs on

      I apologize,your last update was back on April 24th 2017,so three months ago and growing.....

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hobbs on

      This is my 3rd post in less than a month and still no response from your company.
      When will there be an update or something to your supporters and backers?
      Your last update was back in May.
      Communication is so important and when none comes to the people that are have funded your project,it gets not only frustrating but makes people think it is not going to happen.
      This is one of 4 projects I have supported with Kickstarter and it will be my last.
      Only one of the projects has come forth with a product for the backers.
      Please post something for your backers.
      It is way overdue.

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hobbs on

      I am going to ask again since we have not heard anything in well over 2 months and my last message went unrecognized or responded to?
      Would you please send out an update to your backers and let us know something.
      We are being very patient and supportive but no news is not good news.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hobbs on

      Do we have any upcoming updates?
      There are not been any for 2 months.
      Please provide us,your backers with something .
      Thank you!

    6. Brett Wilson on

      Luckily, I'm a patient guy, and I prefer games done right, instead of done quick. Keep up the great work guys! Hope we get a summer update soon in anticipation of the game nearing completion. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      toodamnmuch on

      so basically, backers are pre-orders, that's.... awful, oh well, i still have faith it'll be a good game and honestly i'm not sure more fan input is always a good thing during development anyway.

    8. David Kuskie on

      I have since moved and need to update my address with you before the game is released.

      How do I do that?

    9. Leo Lopes on

      Greg and team,
      I believe almost everything is on the table now. And the release date depends more on sales and marketing strategy now than anything else.
      As a gamer whose childhood has a special place for TJ&E, I feel happiness for being part of the group of backers who had a major role for making this project come to life in this manner, with the passion & energy of a funky team of devs!
      Finish those flipping bugs off!! =}

    10. Missing avatar

      Gantann on

      Sweet! I doubt you'll have to worry about Sega, I've seen plenty of limited run game boxes that are practically carbon copies of Genesis, SNES, and other console designs that sold with no repercussions—you should have no trouble, especially if you're not even technically selling these. Oh, and please use the most obnoxiously 90's font and background patterns possible if you go down this route, gotta be authentic!

    11. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Nice suggestion Gantann. Nathan is going to give that a shot. We'll need to be careful that we don't go too far and give Sega a reason to tell us we can't sell them - but I think we should be able to get something that is a nod to the old skool fans and the nostalgia factor without infringing on their designs. Thanks again for all the positivity. It means a lot to all of us here.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gantann on

      Greg, about the backer physical copies vs. retail copies, if you're taking ideas might I suggest a Genesis-styled look for the backer cover? I'm sure a bunch, if not most, of the people who backed for it were fans of the original games, so it would make sense giving a nod directly to people like that. I'd also suggest using the classic ToeJam and Earl designs on it and the updated ones on normal copies, for similar reasons. Much love to the whole team!

    13. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Thanks again everyone for the confidence. We are still reading your comments. As far as discounts go, we've partnered with Adult Swim and the marketing and selling of the game is really in their court. I know they are going to do a stellar job. They've been so great so far, in every respect. David - Sorry I certainly didn't mean to be ignoring you. Far as a limited run goes... I haven't been focused on this or thinking about it much. We've had our hands more than full finishing the game. I'll try and give this some attention. I can say that I'm excited about selling as many copies of this game as possible and getting it out to as many TJ&E fans as we can. That said I would think that if we continue to sell after the initial KS run (which about 1000 fans purchased by the way) then I expect we'll probably change the box art, and not have the little extras like the buttons and magnets and postcard packed in anymore. Right now I sort of need to focus on getting the game out the door without too many bugs though.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ema Nymton on

      @Humanature Studios

      Thank you for the response.

      I look forward to playing.

    15. Missing avatar

      Derek Fox on

      @Humanature Studios

      Ohhh cool thanks for the explanation!

    16. Johnny Vila on

      I must admit I was a little sad that I could not have early access....but I certainly have full confidence in Greg and his team, and I'm sure that in the end we'll have a great game and the whole journey will have been worth it. :)

      | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
      |Go TJ&E, go!!!!!!!!!!!|
      ∧__∧ ||
      ( ´ω` ) ||
      /    づ”

    17. David Desjardin on

      I've asked this about 5 times now on comments and PMs, but conveniently get ignored, so I'll ask again: Is there any final count on the total number of physical game copies that will be produced? When the campaign was still live, I was told there would only be as many made as were pledged, but never got that number or an answer of whether or not they will come numbered "### of ###". It would be nice to know as that's why I pledged for them with the expectation that it would be limited print.

      And while I'm at it; since Adult Swim bought you out, are there going to be mass public released prints of this game as well (for PC and/or consoles)? And if so, will the supposedly limited release from Kickstarter have anything exclusive/different about it?

    18. Missing avatar

      Mike Skyba on

      DIdn't see this anywhere but, if we wanted to say, Add-on the PS4 version (Since it's now been confirmed) is there any way we can do that for perhaps a discounted price for backers? I'd love to reserve my copy of that. Please let us know if that would be possible. I'm so excited for the release of this game! It looks amazing!

    19. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Humanature Studios
      Greg, code works for me too. In fact, I don't mind it being out for everyone (but I'll refraint to disclose it). That's because in 5-10 years, there will be maybe copy of the game sold but less people that can enjoy 100% of it. If a friend of mine would suggest me a cool game that I can explore in all its feature (even if a small one) I would be disappointed. That's why I like the fact that you thought of a way to unlock the bonus for people that wasn't in the ks. Maybe that way could simply show you that code :)

      About console version and KS. Having supported other campaigns, I saw that some of them do indeed provide console version as reward.
      Some provide them digitally at the same price of the pc version (Hyper Light Drifter, Cosmic Star Heroine). They'll probably had set their goal and pledges in a way that some of the loss are compensated, but clearly is something you could do only if you have that in mind from the start. If you had reached that stretch goal you would now had to provide the console version at the same price.
      I saw a few campaign (Torment: Tides of Numenera, Wasteland 3, Psychonauts 2) that use this system instead: a $18 fee added at the top of backers pledge to receive the console version. I don't know why $18, but maybe this has something to do with the way console stores works.

    20. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Oops forgot Jonas - thanks to you too Jonas... we'll do our best to make this worth it for you. Thanks for being so cool.

    21. Humanature Studios Creator on

      @Greg: Good luck with your game too Greg! @Ema: Right now we actually have plenty of testers - it's our engineering bandwidth that is the issue - just lots to fix... but we're chugging through it. @Derek - did that answer your question? @Ryan- yup. I'll leave it to you to work out the handshake and let us all know @Samuel - thanks for all of that Samuel. Your clarity and attitude is appreciated. @Dan: Yup - it's hard for non game devs to really know what it's like behind the curtain - not their fault certainly. But thanks for the solidarity. Good luck with your game development - being an indie has it's challenges. :) @ Benjamin, NIck, Karl, Mark, and Dan - you all rock! Thanks for being so supportive. To everyone - you guys have my email. If you have any specific questions or issues - feel free to contact me - I'm a little underwater so if you don't hear back right away send me more emails until you do... Lots of juggling going on here but we want everyone to be happy (if that's possible!) :)

    22. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Hi Derek... We have two features in the game that were specific to backers... one is called Peabo's Surprise, and the other is Lamont's Surprise. They are available at different backer tiers. I described what they actually are in the update above. Michele and Ryan expressed concerns that if the people who backed us and pre-ordered games with these features unlocked need to purchase the console versions... then how will they be able to have these features unlocked on console. It's a really good question. I realized you don't need to email me. We will simply send out an email to everyone who backed at those tiers with a code that can be input into the game once it's launched to unlock these features. People will be on the honor system to keep the codes to themselves - well and if you share it with friends just ask them not to post it anywhere.

    23. Missing avatar

      Derek Fox on

      I'm sort of confused, what code is this we can email you about?

    24. Ryan Yac on

      code works for me, heh we just need to also develop some sort of secret handshake to make sure only true backers use ;)

    25. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Hi gang,
      Rest assured we're reading all of your comments. For those of you offering supportive thoughts, a big THANKS. I never want to sound like we're making excuses... despite the fact that our KickStarter ran on the basis of us delivering PC, Linux, and Mac versions, and people donated on that basis, we still did everything we could to make the console swap possible but in the end couldn't manage to make it happen. Same with early access - we love and value your feedback, and understand it's can be fun to see a game way early - even if it's buggy - but ultimately what really matters is that we deliver you a solid, balanced, debugged game with lots of replay value. We have pretty limited bandwidth here I'm afraid. As to Michele and Ryan's point about getting the unlocks in console for backers - I think that's an excellent point. We'll go ahead and create a cheat code for you guys. Then if you email me I'll give it to you. Does that seem fair enough? My email is We'll give you guys a great game. To Ema and Adam... The KickStarter money got us to a minimum game with no consoles - it was money and support from Adult Swim that let us get to the fully realized networked 4-player game that will hopefully bring you lots of enjoyment. Trust that we're working super hard and doing our best - have faith. For those of you giving us the benefit of the doubt, a big thanks. To Jordan - yes, backers will get their games early, regardless of whether it is on PC/Mac or Console (at least that's how I think it' supposed to work).

    26. Jonas Neefs on

      I'm very curious to finally play the game after waiting all this time. Can't say I'm too heartbroken about Early Access. I prefer playing my games finished and not while still in development. I do hope you get all/most of the bugs ironed out before release, I'd hate to have the game's initial reception get tarnished by it.

      All in all, this has been a very positive and promising Kickstarter so far! A bit saddening to see some people get angry about not being able to swap platforms, but it was to be expected, seeing how the Adult Swim deal only came way into development.

      You win some, you lose some.
      Win = TJ&E gets another game under it's belt.
      Lose = No swapping platforms.

    27. Adam Mahlum on

      @Spot On J2K: I realize that it is a donation but you are also doing so expecting a product that you can use. Which I cannot. So yes for me it sucks and I am disappointed that I get nothing. This is the first of 15 Kickstarters that has not paid off for me. Not a bad I guess.

    28. Adam Mahlum on

      @Spot On J2K: I realize that it is a donation but you are also doing so expecting a product that you can use. Which I cannot. So yes for me it sucks and I am disappointed that I get nothing. This is the first of 15 Kickstarters that has not paid off for me. Not a bad I guess.

    29. Ryan Yac on

      that is a good point Michele, I don't mind not getting my code converted to consoles but I will be a bit disappointed that i'll miss out on the bonus in game stuff because of it.

    30. Spot On J2K on

      Woohoo!!! Great update Greg & Co.! My mouth salivates in anticipation!

      Also, @Adam Mahlum:
      "Kinda sucks cause I will have to buy the game twice as my pledge is basically just a donation for you to make this game." This is what Kickstarter is.

    31. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      While it is not possible to provide console codes for free, I believe that for the ones the would provide for themself there's still an issue: the bonuses that come with the kickstarter campaign. Maybe you could provide a free dlc for those that backed on ks but had to purchase the games on consoles. Do you think that's possible?

    32. Samuel Williams

      My 2 cents on the whole situation.

      We pledged and backed this project, to get the game made. The game is made, it is coming out, we did this, together. The devs are rock stars, all of us backers are rock stars, we're a giant family of rock stars here, because together we made this flipping thing happen, we made another ToeJam and Earl game come to life!
      THAT is the main and sole point of this whole campaign.

      Now, were things said, words given, promises (dare I say?) made? Sure. Were/will all of them be delivered on? No, but that's Kickstarter, nay, that's life and how game development goes, it's just minor details in the end. It's not like we backed for this game to come out, and the devs turned around and gave us a money grab, pay to win mobile game that costs $2.49 to purchase on the app stores.

      We didn't reach the stretch goals on Kickstarter for the console ports. But through the funding partnership with Adult Swim, they are able to do that. That was an awesome and amazing thing to happen! Is it a little sad that we can't switch our pledged for copies to the console version? Of course. And likewise is it unfortunate that we can't get a discount then, on the console version? Again, of course. But in the end, we didn't hit the console stretch goals on Kickstarter, so really, we have no right to them anyway. Campaign ended, goals for the consoles weren't meant, it was sad. But it's coming to console, because of the good folks at Adult Swim. That should be where the focus is. Not, why aren't we getting something free out of this? To be harsh about it, we the backers failed the devs by not reaching the console goals, so we don't even deserve them. Good guy devs to the rescue though and worked their magic. I'm thankful for that. I ain't mad.

      Lastly, Early Access... My 'personal' 2 cents (which is different to my previous 2 cents) Early Access is one of the worst things to happen to gaming in the past few years. The flipping thing needs to be, to borrow an American term, 86'ed, just like what's happening with Greenlight. Alpha/Beta access should be reserved to Alpha/Beta testers. Testers. Testers. Not layman Tom, Dick or Harry. Now actually getting early access to the game, prior to public access? That's completely fine, and we're getting that!
      "we (and our publisher) decided to release the game to backers at the same time the press gets it - which will probably be about a week before the public."
      We're getting early access. We're just not getting the whole modern day Steam concocted mess that is titled 'Early Access'.
      To put it another way; why on Earth would you want to eat a hamburger today, that won't be cooked until Tuesday? (It's Wednesday my time)
      You'd be getting a frozen bun, raw meat that's still mooing, green tomatoes, the tomato sauce will still actually be whole tomatoes, and the eggs will still be inside the chicken. It will taste atrocious. Again I ask, why on Earth would you even want that, let alone be mad about not getting it? We want things as soon as possible, but we as consumers want a polished consumer product, not an unfinished bundle of still living animals.

      *Breathes* I'm happy and can't wait till it's out. That first week of play with possible press and devs sounds groovy as!~

    33. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Trueman on

      Delays don't bother me, but I'm really bummed I can't switch platforms. I was able to for my Yooka-Laylee backing. But I get that every team and situation is different. Oh well.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dan Perillo on

      Very excited about this game.

      As a software developer myself I know how hard it can be to get the final 10% over the line. And with the ambitious nature of the project I am thrilled that they are taking the extra time to get it right. When software is rushed by business needs instead of taking the time to do it right, the product suffers. I do not think that will be the case with this game which will make replay value very high.

      Thank you for making this game and don't listen to those people complaining there are many more happy and excited fans that you won't hear from.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ema Nymton on

      If you are concerned that you are going to release a buggy game ..... then why not give backers early access and a way to report bugs ?

    36. Adam Mahlum on

      Well this is disappointing. I don't currently have a PC to play this on so I backed it hoping to switch to a console. Kinda sucks cause I will have to buy the game twice as my pledge is basically just a donation for you to make this game. Still looking forward to it and will happily buy it on the Switch. Just sucks that I don't get to play it early or that I really got nothing out of this Kickstarter.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ema Nymton on

      In all fairness.... If you didn't reach the stretch goal for consoles... as you state .... then why the F' did you spend our money making the game for consoles and now tell is we can't even play it without paying full retail ?

      That's not at all fairness!

    38. Missing avatar

      Ema Nymton on

      No early access , wtf ?
      They seem more concerned about consoles.
      They milked PC players and then stuck us.
      This is bull. Not happy.
      Greedy liars .... human nature, indeed.

    39. Nick Kent on

      All-around awesome news! Great stuff. Thanks for the update!

    40. Missing avatar

      Karl Koch on

      It's a bummer that we don't get a discount for a console release, but assuming the cost isn't great I don't mind double dipping. Especially if there is a physical release for Switch, that would be worth the extra money to be able to play the game on the go.

    41. Mark Grubich on

      I backed for 2 versions on PC and am giving my extra copy to my friend I beat the original game on Genesis with! Looking forward to the new game and the nostalgia!

    42. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      I backed and will get the pc version but I'll probably buy it again on console to play it with my childhood friend. We played the first T&E for over 25 years now (first on mega drive, then ported on xbox360).
      Too bad there's no way to get a console copy using KS.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      Hey Greg!
      Would it be possible for backers to still pay for the game full price on console, but still get it early when review copies go out digitally​? I wouldn't mind paying full price for the early access on console.

    44. Ryan Yac on

      thanks as usual for the responses Greg, if you can work out the physical release I won't be too concerned about not being able to switch my codes to Xbox codes since i'll just be buying the disc version anyway :)

    45. Greg Hammond on

      Thanks for the funktastic update, Greg!
      Hang in there - sounds like you guys are on the home stretch.
      Will share info on our new game very soon. :)

    46. Humanature Studios Creator on

      That's the idea Cody - we're shooting for a simultaneous release to make as much noise as possible. :)

    47. Cody Welch on

      Still excited, I hope console release is at launch though. I want to buy a copy for my PS4

    48. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Jason and Gantann - thanks for the really thoughtful comment. It is much appreciated. I've been an indie dev for 35 years now - since there were indie devs really. And this biz always involves compromise. You never have the time or money you wish you had, or the control. And staying in the biz isn't always easy. You just kinda gotta go with the flow and keep a grip on your integrity, give others the benefit of the doubt, and try to not be cynical. Not always easy for any of us, right? :) Aaron, I know how you feel but don't worry. This game darn well better come out or I will have wasted 3 years of my life. Fear not. Many of the best games took extra time to cook. My biggest worry right now is that we won't have time to get all the bugs - that's would kill me after all the work and energy we've put into this thing. Ryan - yes! It's not a for sure thing yet but it's looking very promising for physical releases of the game. I'm probably not even supposed to say that much yet - but I'm very hopeful and Adult Swim is working on that for us. Tommy - thanks for the awesome attitude. Really you guys, I know in some sense you bought a game with your pledge, but really you made this game happen - without your backing there quite literally would be no new game and the franchise would have ended right there. So maybe think about your initial pledge that way - with your contribution you made this game happen. I and my team are beyond grateful.

    49. Ryan Yac on

      one question i'm still wondering is if there is any possibility of a physical console release.