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ToeJam and Earl is finally back!  We're goin' indie, and old skool with a fun retro-comics style, and plenty of funk! Coming March 1, 2019 on PC, PS4, Switch & Xbox One!
ToeJam and Earl is finally back! We're goin' indie, and old skool with a fun retro-comics style, and plenty of funk! Coming March 1, 2019 on PC, PS4, Switch & Xbox One!
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Back in the Groove coming for the Switch!!

Posted by Humanature Studios (Creator)

Hi Gang!!

Just a very short update for you!  Nintendo announced today that we will be in their Switch Line-up.  Woohoo!!  We're really excited about being on their platform as one of their first titles.

Our plan to be on multiple platforms still hasn't changed.  We will be announcing the other platforms pretty soon. 

We will also be showing the game at PAX-East in Boston, March 10th-12th.  I and the team will be there, so if you are able I hope you will stop by and say Hi!!  I'm also speaking on some panel there about reviving retro games.  That's at 12:30 on Sat in the Arachnid Theater (ick!  why did they have to name it that - don't like spiders).

The game is going super well - but it's a pretty crazy push to get to the end.  We are still planning on releasing a version for backers early so we can get some feedback.  I'm sorry this has been so late in coming - we don't want to give you something we know is filled with bugs - hopefully the PAX-East version will be something we can hand off to you to try out.  Stay tuned for more info about that.

Right now we are focused on the networking, and on the game's ending.  We're making it so that you unlock new player-characters and get new power-hats at the end of each game. As with so much of this game we want to make it feel very familiar and 'old skool'....just better - so you will be able to walk around on Funkotron, just like at the end of the original game, but this time you can talk to the different characters and to Lamont.  He will let you choose from one of 3 power hats, until you have the entire collection of 23.  When you own power-hats you get to choose whether or not you want to wear one every time you come out of an elevator, and if you say "yes" it gives you one at random from your collection.  Power-hats do all kinds of fun things to give you special abilities - (though a couple of them are also cursed!)  Many of these ideas came from you, the fans, on our forum so some of you will enjoy seeing your ideas in the game. :)

I was going to post some images for you today but there seems to be a problem with the server and uploading images.  I hear some Amazon server went down so maybe that's the issue.  Anyway we'll do that soon.

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments in the comments section.  Things are hectic, but I'll do my best to answer them.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      This is so awesome this game is perfect for the switch also i forgot what my pledge was but can i change it to the Switch please.

    2. Evan Summers on

      I like to switch my version to the Xbox One. Further congratulations expanding your game to multiple platforms.

    3. Andres Cacciamani on

      I too would like to change my pledge to Switch please! This game is so perfect for that device!

    4. Missing avatar

      Danette Oberg on

      There has been so many updates since this I backed this project that I honestly have no idea whats going on anymore.
      My address has changed three times in that time. Haha
      Who can I contact for a change of address/details and additional questions without laying it all out in these comments?

    5. Jurjen van Dijk

      I want to change my pledge so 1 copy is for my Switch! Can I redo the survey?

    6. Missing avatar

      A. H. on

      I'd like to change my pledge to Switch too, please! :]

    7. Jim W Tambs on

      I'm just wanting to say I'd gladly pay additional charges to be able to change my pledge to a Switch version. Seems like they'd be able to do a digital release.

    8. Drew Francis on

      I would also like to change my pledge to the Switch version.

    9. John Carimando on

      It's great to hear that the Nintendo Switch will finally have a great game to play!

    10. David Desjardin on

      Do we have a final count on how many physical copies of the game will be produced? I was told we'd get a number once the campaign was finished and all your stuff was in order.

    11. David Rollison on

      Ah, wait, just read all the comments, shoulda done that first. I see a switch to Switch isn't feasible. Totally fine, I'll just buy a second copy.

    12. David Rollison on

      If we have the game key for PC/Mac in our pledge reward can we, ahem, Switch it?

    13. Chris Buehner on

      Soooo... are we able to change our pledges for the switch version? cause that just sounds awesome. ^.^

    14. Missing avatar

      David Jacobs on

      Any thoughts on making TJ&E amiibo? Probably difficult to make happen but I think they'd be rather popular with the TJ&E fans!

    15. Trar on

      That's great news. I'm really glad ToeJam is not only going to grace a Nintendo product, but be a launch title on their newest console.

      I do wonder though if any of the team even so much as glanced at my helmet idea (WWII helmet) or my enemy idea (old grumpy farmer in homestead that shoots tomatoes).

    16. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      We know that the console version always comes at a cost. To my experience, the authors that provived such version had to add a $18 fee to the normal price. Maybe you can do that but I don't know if there's a minimum number of copies needed.

    17. Aurélien Marin on

      Can we have a chance to switch to the switch via our backer kit?

    18. Missing avatar

      Raygan Kelly on

      This is great news! I think the Switch will be a great home for the game, and really any game that focuses on local multiplayer.

      I don't really mind buying the game on the Switch in addition to my Kickstarter reward. Maybe I'll buy a Switch copy and give my Steam key to a friend, or keep it so I can play online with non-Switch-owners.

      Thanks for the update!

    19. Drew Francis on

      I too would like to change one of my keys to the Switch version if possible.

    20. Bill McCollum on

      Whats the early access/beta plan? :3

    21. James Pfremmer on

      Looking forward to the Switch version too. I was coming to ask about a switch (sorry, bad pun) to the Switch version as well, since I backed at the level that got you two copies, but after reading the comments I see that is not possible. No worries, and fully understood. I'm just glad to have helped make this game a reality, and honestly don't mind buying it again on the Switch down the road.

    22. George Georgopalis on

      Hey, that's awesome news! Will we be able to pick the switch as our extra game? Would be amazing!

    23. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Matthew... are you serious about the Pizza? Er... that's awfully nice of you. There are usually 6 of us here in the HNS office. Our office is located at 1600 Solano Ave. Albany Ca. Our doors are always open if any of you want to ever poke your head in and say "HI!" though we do tend to be just a lit-tle busy. And I'm sure the gang would enjoy and appreciate any kind of pizza you want to send.

    24. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Hang in there Zombait - we're just giving the Switch it's moment in the sun to shine. We'll be announcing the other consoles very soon. I'm really not supposed to give anything away...but be of good cheer.

    25. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Good question Matthew... I actually don't know. Digital for sure but I'm not sure about a physical release. I'll go and make puppy eyes ate the folks at Adult Swim and Nintendo and see if I can make them want to do that. (Dang! Wish I was cuter)

    26. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Josh - of course you can take a photo with me. Gonna have to tell my teenage son someone asked me that! :) Jonathan, as far as sending out a new survey... hmmm, I don't think that's the plan. But I'll ask Backerkit about that, and we'll do an update for sure. Mainly I've just been putting in address changes one by one. I gotta say you have to be the best set of game fans out there. Been doing this for 36 years now (read - old guy) and I'm on many boards as a fan myself - but this community deserves a nicest people award. Leo - I can't really remember which of the hats came from the forum suggestions and I'm pressed for time at the moment - but here are the first 4 hats in our list of 23... Every hat has a main effect and a special effect...
      · Hat of Panic :
      Main effecrt: Adds a boost to your speed and your jump distance.
      Special Effect: Makes player run in panic sometime - this means they cant stop running for awhile and (AGH!!) appears over their heads in a bubble when this starts. It lasts for 2-5 seconds.

      · Hat of Hula Love:
      Main Effect: Makes you immune to hula dancers
      Special Effect: Hula Dancer moves near you and has hearts over her head (same as cupid hearts) and she does her kiss animation and kissy sound. In her text bubble she says " {player name}! I love you!When she notices you.

      · Hat of Defying Cupid:
      Main Effect: Player is immune to cupid arrows
      Special Effect: Arrow makes explosion of hearts come off player and all Earthlings in range fall in love for a little while

      · Hat of life:
      Main Effect: At random times your life gets recharged with a bonus half the size of your lifebar.
      Special Effect: When your life bar gets added to, your hat sparkles with particle effect and your life bar also sparkles. If you die while wearing this hat there is a 30% chance that you will be given an extra life.
      Special: If it was your last life it's 60% chance of you not dying.

      These might seem really powerful - but you only keep a hat for 1 level or until you die - then you are given another hat at random.

    27. Matthew Schlapa on

      Is this a physical release on switch or will it only be digital? I want to buy this on as many platforms as possible, but would love to have one with a case on the switch!

    28. Zombait on

      I don't understand how you can't announce other consoles right now? I backed the game at $260+, for one game and for me that's a hell of a lot of money and I'd like to know if I'll be able to play it on PS4. I get that the internet is in some kind of Hypefest with Switch launch days away and maybe Adult Swim want to ride that hype train? I dunno. Just feels wrong that we can't know what other consoles yet and the Nintendo folks get to say it's only on Switch, a console I have no intention of owning any time soon.

    29. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      I've asked this before and I'll ask again.

      If we wanted to get all of you pizza, where should we send it and how many of you would we need to feed? :D

    30. SlightlySonic on

      Thanks for the update Greg, that is some super great news about the addition of the Switch platform! (I had my funky fingers crossed for months). I think the games colorful and co-op first attitude are going to be a match made in heaven, and since the Switch didn't even exist when the game wrapped on Kickstarter I think we need to cut your team some slack for not being able to have complete control over changing platforms.

    31. Albert Mas de Xaxars on

      Looking forward an early playable version! Cant wait no more! :) keep it up guys!

    32. Missing avatar

      Leo on

      Could you list a few of the user suggested hats or would that be spoiling the surprise?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Hammontree on

      I'd love to be able to change my platform to the Switch. Also, I definitely need to change my shipping address. Will you guys send out shipping surveys when the game is close to being shipped just so we can confirm / update our address?

    34. Christopher Todesco on

      This is fan-freaking-tastic!

      I too would pay "a little more" to have the option to switch to the Switch, but I understand if you can't make that happen.

    35. Josh Hokanson on

      I am absolutely giddy with anticipation for PAX East now!!!! Not even just getting to play TJE:BitG, but to meet the creators of a franchise that encapsulates my childhood (90s nostalgia, memories of playing, it being the one game my late brother and I actually got along playing). I look forward to meeting you all just as much as I do for the game's release. Greg, I hope you will consider being in a photo with me, it would mean a lot to me.


    36. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Oh and Franz... we're still not quite at a point where we're diving into translations but that will be in the next couple months. Thanks for offering your services!! Feel free to email me about that.

    37. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Hi again. Well the best I can do is say we and Adult Swim are still talking about it and doing our best to respect and appreciate you guys and the fact that you made this game possible. The games biz is a tough hit or miss industry and we also have to respect that often publishers never make their investments back on individual games and they need to make business choices that let them keep their lights on. Thanks for putting so much faith in us. Rest assured we'll do our very best. And for what it's worth, Adult Swim has already gone WAY above and beyond all expectations is supporting us as we keep pushing our schedule out more and more and make the game I really want to deliver to you. They deserve some real love and appreciation for being so awesome.

    38. Justin Lombardi on

      Understandable about not being able to Switch platforms for free, but how about with an "upgrade" fee?

      Really good news either way. This is definitely the ideal platform for the game, and indie games in general.

      Any chance of implementing some HD rumble in there?

    39. Franz Lind on

      Great news! What about the German translation? We talked about that at the beginning of the project... Help appreciated?

    40. antony adler on

      I never expected it at the time on console, so I'm cool to pay again. Hope other people are respectful, your explanation makes sense. I'm confident I'm going to get a lot more fun out of this game than a lot of the crap i pay £50-£60 for nowadays.

    41. Joan Abad on

      Ok, it costs money, but what if we're allowed to pay the difference? I'm more interested in the Switch version than the PC one. A FRIGGIN LOT MORE.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Burkhardt on

      Would it be possible to pay extra to get a console version of the game within the pledge? I never play pc I just wanted this game to succeed either way I'm happy �

    43. Missing avatar

      psymin on

      Just want to verify that my preferred platform of Linux will be supported. Hopefully before being released on stretch goal platforms? ;)

      I'm super excited to play this game!

    44. antony adler on

      Abso-bloody-delighted. I'm totally hyped for the switch and even more thrilled that toejam and earl is coming for it. Just wonderful. Yes I'd also like to change my preorder for the switch version if possible, but haha I'd happily pay twice to get it quicker ;o) Best of luck with finishing things off, but take your time to get it right. We want this to go brilliantly so you can then start doing the NEXT game !

    45. Humanature Studios Creator on

      If you have a change of address email me at with the new info and I'll update your records.

    46. Michael Bennett on

      I also would want Switch version instead, fantastic excuse to buy the console!

    47. Humanature Studios Creator on

      Hi gang. We never managed to hit our console stretch goals on Kick Starter. Even so, we had talked with Adult Swim about this and we all still hoped to be able to allow backers to swap for console versions. It turns out that all of the platform holders (like Nintendo) need to get paid regardless for every unit, so swaps to console actually cost money for the publisher and start the project in the red. Recently the folks at Adult Swim did the math, and discovered that with the number of backers that we have it's just not feasible. I'm sorry about that guys. We and A.S. would have loved to make that possible our backers. We would if we could.

    48. Missing avatar

      John Birchall on

      I have moved address since I backed the project. How can I make sure it gets sent to my new home address? Please advise. Thanks

    49. Michael Quiroz on

      Not to leave the same comment as the other four - but being able to Switch would be awesome. As much as I love my PC, the idea of taking TJ&E to my 4K TV and then the Airplane is just awesome.

    50. Jason Flanagan on

      Also hoping we can change at least one of multiple code backers to the switch, I'll see you at PAX and probably bring my Rapmaster Rocket ship to get signed!