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OUT NOW on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch! up to 4player online fun!
OUT NOW on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch! up to 4player online fun!
8,873 backers pledged $508,637 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. cindy bowling on

      Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

    2. Chris Edward on

      I knew we could do it. No sweat! Yeah!

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Collette on

      Congratulations! I was sweating over this myself.

    4. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      well deserved! :D

    5. JDEzekude on

      And they shall reign forever and ever,
      Kings of funk,
      and Lords of funk!



    6. Dana Russo on

      Yaaaay I was worried, won't lie. This is great news!

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Johnson on

      I am soooooo jazzed about this! The original TJ&E remains one of my favorite games of all time. I'm extremely glad I got to be a part of funding this new, true sequel! Excited for further updates....

    8. Tommy Gun on

      *high five sound effect*

    9. Mighty Play on

      Wonderful!!! You worked hard to make this happen! Thank you from all of your TJ&E fans!
      Now, go make a great game!

    10. Christopher Rowlands on

      Only have one word to say about this and that is.......Jammin'!

    11. Casey Dombos

      So elated - this is going to be the best thing ever! I was so sad to see another game "boogerman" not reach its goal for funding so I knew I needed to do whatever it took to help and Congrats team/backers - we all did it! Now we all win!

    12. Zombait on

      FUNKTASTIC! Seriously this is awesome, well done everyone and a massive thank you to all!

    13. Troy Sanders on

      I was kinda stressing out there for a while. Kept sharing with my friends until they remembered to back this, haha!

    14. Darryl James Bryan Bailey on

      Best news ever! Congratulations guys!

    15. Brett Wilson on

      Congrats on a well-earned victory! This is going to be one heck of a funky-fresh game, and many of your fans will look forward to enjoy every glorious minute of it, me included :D

    16. Scott Smeznik on

      Congratulations! Definitely looking forward to this.

    17. Chase on

      This is such exciting news! Congrats to the team and I can't wait to play this amazing sequel!

    18. Ben on

      Hallelujah! So glad this is happening.

    19. Matt Dobson on

      Congratulations! Can't wait to play this reincarnation of a true gem!

    20. Chris Fleury on

      I can't wait to play this with my son.

    21. Missing avatar

      Todd Peterson on

      REPOST: My wife LOVES ToeJam & Earl. This is going to make me hubby of the year this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Todd Peterson on

      My wife LOVES Toejam & Earl. This is going to make my hubby of the year this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Lucas Indrusiak on

      Grats! Can't wait for my copy!

    24. wilson velez on

      Congratulations on reaching 400k.
      Me and my brother played the original toejam and earl. Game 1 and game 2 on the sega genesis.
      So we are happy this got funded.
      I hope this game gets release on Xbox One and Wii U.

    25. Missing avatar

      Matt Rhiel on

      Funky!... I really want to play on my Xbox One, if possible.

    26. Dave London on

      Awesome! Nothing else to say!

    27. Corey Lambert on

      Awesome!! was getting worried there for a min.

    28. John Wrot! on

      And right at the 48 hour mark no less. Good timing!

    29. Branden "FinalCrisis" Tolbert on

      YES!! I can just hear Toejam saying "Money". So happy this is going to be made. *jamming to this atm*… Grats all

    30. Noaksey

      Congratulations Guys ! ♡♡♡♡

    31. Missing avatar

      Quarin on

      Woot! Epic.... still played the first one on xbox 360... :D

    32. João Luiz Santos on

      "PHEW" pretty much defines it!

      Loved the changes made on the artistic concept of the 3D scenarios, making it closer to the 2D style - which, by the way, I loved.

      The only thing that still bothers me is the "paper" aspect of the characters in-game.

    33. Pablo M Romero Romero on

      Cool!! I´ve just updated my pledge cause I though that weren't gonna make it...
      I´m anxious for playing it!

    34. Missing avatar

      Entity on

      I was getting a bit nervous there. So glad this is going to happen!

    35. McDuders (Matt) on

      Aw yeah, feel the funk!

    36. Esper on

      At last!!! :D

    37. LanceCharleson on

      Good job folks!
      now let's see if we can break those stretch goals!

    38. eric

      The update i've been waiting all month for!

    39. David Clarke on

      Well deserved. :)

    40. Cameron David Edmunds on

      Funktastic!!!! Whoohoo!!

    41. Lee Chong Yew on

      I feared for a moment that we weren't gonna make it. THANK YOU, Kickstarters! We're gonna see a new Toejam and Earl game! I'm proud to be backing this!