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Toejam and Earl is finally back!  We're goin' indie, and old skool like GAME ONE, with a fun retro-comics style, and plenty of funk!
Toejam and Earl is finally back!  We're goin' indie, and old skool like GAME ONE, with a fun retro-comics style, and plenty of funk!
Toejam and Earl is finally back! We're goin' indie, and old skool like GAME ONE, with a fun retro-comics style, and plenty of funk!
8,873 backers pledged $508,637 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Tatro on November 16

      A delayed game is eventually good, but a bad game is bad forever.

      Looking forward to seeing it finished when it's ready! My TJ&E jacket will keep me warm until then!

    2. David Desjardin on November 13

      Do we have a new way of updating addresses or are we still contacting BackerKit? I've moved twice since the end of the campaign, so I can't remember if I updated to the right address yet or not for whenever the physical game copies start going out.

    3. Rottenwood on November 8

      I have healthy faith in Humanature. That said, as a veteran of crowd-funding, I've noticed that project runners have a tendency to neglect the update and/or communication aspects of the process, at their own peril. Regular, meaty updates should be a core part of any crowd-funding project.

      A lack of updates tends to drain the energy and enthusiasm from a project. It's especially dangerous if the project is well past the initial deadline, and leads to comments board mutiny and understandable anxiety about the game turning into vapor. And I know that many creators like to establish their own forums for this sort of thing, but not everyone wants to explore all of that, nor should they have to. They donated here, and this should be used as an avenue for reliable progress information.

      Part of the allure of crowd-funding is seeing a dream take shape and knowing you had a hand in it, large or small. Without a window into the process, much of the magic is lost.

    4. MShow on November 8

      @Justin, you spent (donated) 60$ to help fund the game and get it made. You were rewarded with a copy of the game on the only platform they started out with. Once the campaign closed there were no console versions in the pipeline yet. Adult Swim stepped in, now we get console versions. They are unable to change your reward copy to the console version due to monetary issues, it's a bummer sure but hey these things happen.

      Looking back you should think of it as "I helped get this project going for 60 bucks." Without our help it wouldn't have been made. Without yours and my help you would't have the opportunity to wait for a release date and purchase any version on any platform. Your 60 bucks isn't a prerelease pre-order. If you can adjust the way you "buy into" Kickstarter your frustrations will be lessened.

      I'm glad you're still excited, so am I! I am also buying a Switch Version, Toejam on a Nintendo? Neat! Cheers!

    5. Justin Burkard on November 7

      The toughest part to swallow is the timeline.

      Game didn't hit stretch goals, assumed it was PC only.

      Adult Swim picks it up, coming to consoles now.

      The Switch wasn't even a thing when I backed this. There were murmurs of a NX.

      Two years later, still not out. Stuck with spending $60 on a version I don't want. I planned on gifting a friend the other version.

      Friend and I both own Switches. Will have to pay another $40 (or whatever it will cost) to buy it on the platform I do want and convince my friend that he should buy it there too.

      Looking back, I shouldn't have backed it. I should've waited for its release and purchased on the platform of choice.

      I'm still excited to play the game.

    6. Justin Jackson on November 7

      Slightly disappointing but before we k ow it we will be playing it.

    7. Matt Aston on November 7

      Awesome guys. Take your time. We’ve waited since the 90’s.

    8. Aaron Caldwell on November 7

      They should release the pax build to backers as this has become ridiculous.

    9. Dave London on November 7

      Well that’s disappointing �� 2018

    10. Cody Welch on November 7

      dont forget to order the Vinyl. im eager to add it to my game music vinyl collection

    11. MShow on November 6

      @Mooga Star Mazer is a perfect example of a Kickstarter dumpster fire. There is no Beta or game of Star Mazer anywhere because there's nothing to show. It doesn't exist yet. You are referring to Star Mazer DSP, a different side project that was created and finished after the original Star Mazer kickstarter ended. The thing on steam is not the main Star Mazer game anyone backed. Also as I stated We received an update on the project on Nov. 3rd 2016. We didn't get another update until Sept. 28 2017. You're citing worry over a 3 month period of no official update. Again my example is sound. Let's also consider that there has been solid communication from the team up until recently when they said they've been working on squashing bugs.

      "While you may be OK with a company taking your money for months and months on end without any level of update, many of us do not. " Not sure what you are saying here up until the last update in august they've communicated every couple of months.

      "Delays are expected, but a complete lack of communication is a problem. " Hyperbole, again until recently they've done a decent job of updating us.

      "provided misleading or incorrect information, I'm worried." Like what? The release date? Maybe they spoke too soon. Not sure what else you'd be referring to.

      "While I totally understand that advertising is important, I would much rather they finish the product before they spend money on advertising it." Probably based on projections the Advertising kicked into gear. Also I'm sure that Adult Swim is handling that aspect while Greg and team are still working on the bugs.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mooga on November 6

      MShow, I don't think Star Mazer is a good example. Tons of the backers were upset and demanded refunds, even after an update was given. The game started at $15 (25% off retail price!) even though the game is still in a beta state and only $9.99 on steam. Also, the musician was never actually paid by the developers and is sending DMCA take-down for videos of the game since it uses his music in which he was not paid.
      While you may be OK with a company taking your money for months and months on end without any level of update, many of us do not. For every Kickstarter that does well, there are even more that fail, despite being fully funded. Delays are expected, but a complete lack of communication is a problem.
      I'm still hoping the game comes out as expected, but given that many of the recent updates have provided misleading or incorrect information, I'm worried. The fact that they have been pushing ads for this game for months and months yet don't have a working product is also problematic. In The Grove was a main sponsor for SGDQ 2017 yet the game has not been released. While I totally understand that advertising is important, I would much rather they finish the product before they spend money on advertising it.

    13. MShow on November 4

      FROM GREG OVER ON THE HYPERFUNK FORUM SEPT. 7TH:: Thought you guys might enjoy this... Its one of the many fun things in the 70+ page manual/game guide that is built into the game!

      ToeJam and Earl History

      Toejam and Earl met in school when they were both about 6. Toejam was getting made fun of because of his eyestalks. The other kids were teasing that they couldn’t tell if he was right-side up or upside down.

      Big Earl stepped in and defended TJ. Since then, they’ve been close friends.
      When they were about 10, TJ’s mom and dad went off-planet for a vacation and got stuck on another planet for 4 years, Flo took TJ in and he lived with Earl’s family.

      TJ’s family always had more money, and Earl’s family was more poor, but the two families became very close. They would spend their holidays together.

      TJ was always the better student and he helped Earl out through school. TJ could be impulsive though and have lots of crazy ideas , and would have gotten himself in trouble, but Earl always pulled his feet back down to Funkotron.

      Toejam is the one with the crazy sense of humor. He is smart and likes to tease and be playful. Earl is more calm and easy going, and he’s content to let Toejam lead. He doesn’t say much, but when he does, TJ and the others who know him, listen.

      Earl and TJ never fought with each other … except once. And it was a big one. It was a few years ago, after TJ and E had come back from Earth. At the time TJ had the hots for Latisha. Latisha’s little sister Janeese, was sick with some disease that the doctors couldn’t figure out, she was confined to her bed and was very depressed and had stopped eating much. Everyone was worried about her. Janeese was always fascinated with Earth. Stories about the crazy Earthlings were the only thing that made her smile. Latisha mentioned one day that she wished her sister could see an Earthling, so TJ decided that he would steal Janeese away and take her on a quick trip to see an Earthling. He thought this was what she needed to get better. He wanted to keep it a secret and surprise everyone, especially Latisha, since he knew Latisha’s parents and the doctors would say “no”.

      Earl wouldn’t go along. He always went along with TJ’s crazy plans, but not this time. He tried to tell TJ that Latisha didn’t really want that, it was just talk. And that it was too risky.

      TJ was determined though, and he got Janeese excited about the idea. He ended up getting Janeese outside, and then he went to “borrow” the Rapmaster Rocket one night and bring it to get Janeese. Big Earl was there waiting. TJ told Earl to get out of the way, but Earl wouldn’t budge. TJ actually tried to trick Earl and make him move, then rush past him, but he ended up bouncing off Earl and landing on his butt.

      After that Latisha and the others showed up and Toejam felt betrayed. He assumed Earl had told them his plans. The truth is he didn’t…Janeese had told Latisha so she knew that way.

      Now Janeese is doing much better. She is still sick sometimes, but she is mostly OK, and her depression has gone away. Everyone forgave TJ, and he and Earl made up, but since then there was always some awkwardness between them when the subject comes up, and they both try to avoid talking about it.

      On this trip, TJ thinks that they borrowed Lamont’s ship without Lamont knowing, and he has a secret purpose… he wants to get some photos of Earth to take to Janeese. What he doesn’t realize is that the others know this already. Lamont knows of course that they have taken his ship, and he has told Big Earl to let TJ and the others think that he “borrowed” the ship so that he can fulfill his original mission for Janeese. Lamont thinks it’s all very cute and funny… he has an odd sense of humor and he wants to see ToeJam succeed in his own way. During the game you will see TJ snapping photos of the Earthlings sometimes. That’s why he does it.

      Latisha was upset at TJ at first for being so foolish and almost putting her little sister in danger, but she knows he was being sweet and wanted to help her sister and her too. Ever since then, TJ has been too embarrassed to talk to Latisha much, and their friendship has cooled. TJ has since gotten the hots for Lewanda, who also knows the whole story and thinks TJ is impulsive but very sweet. Big E has never stopped feeling like TJ is his best friend in the world.

    14. MShow on November 4

      I backed a project on Kickstarter called Star Mazer. We received an update on the project on Nov. 3rd 2016. We didn't get another update until Sept. 28 2017. Anyone worried about this project clearly has not backed much of anything on Kickstarter. This is one of the best projects I've been a part of in terms of communication and direct info from a development team.

      Please don't complain about a two month silence while the team has their heads down squashing bugs, working nights and weekends. Also everyone hung up on Adult Swim needs to calm down. Without their help and money the game would have released with less features and industry buzz. Remember, we want this game to be successful don't we? Perhaps we want more games down the road? Let's get our anticipation in check and be positive. The team could use good kind words, not negativity.

      As for an update Nathan stated an update was forthcoming so should be anytime now that we hear the latest.

      Also, here's an unpopular opinion: I think the game should come out in January or February so it has less Mario/Wolfenstein/Assassin's Creed games to compete with. The holiday is always jam packed with games. As mentioned above I want more games from HumanNature and I want more Toejam and Earl beyond Back in the Groove.

      If you are starving for news there was some background on TJ & E provided over in the forums. I'll drop it here in the comments for you.

    15. James And-Alex Hewitt on November 4

      I agree lack of updates recently has been terrible

    16. Bryan on November 3

      Get out of the f#$%g hot tub and finish the game. I'm sending devils over to fork you in the butt for crunchtime. (No this is not disrespectful, this is an obvious reference to TJ&E)

      But seriously, you have a publisher, you've had two and a half yrs, when is the game coming out? Peace and Love--Ringo

    17. Zombait on November 3

      The silence is worrying. We got plenty of updates and communication from the guys making the game and then when Adult Swim came aboard all goes quiet.
      Whilst I understand and appreciate that AS are bringing some money and help to develop the game I can't help but feel like us backers, who funded this creation when no other publisher would, have been pushed to the side and already we've been told what Adult Swim will and won't allow in terms of backers swapping PC game codes for console versions.
      I'd definitely be hesitant to back anything by Humanature in future that's for sure,

    18. Aaron Caldwell on November 2

      I get comments on the shirt all the time as well, but I am afraid that all the hype from the initial kickstarter and the demo stations at PAX has wained. I hope they come out with some news soon as the utter lack of communication has been terrible.

    19. Justin Jackson on November 2

      Couple days ago I was reppin TJE wearing my hoodie. Cashier was like - I remember that game, that was great! I was like, new game in 2018ish.

    20. Missing avatar

      elyetis on October 27

      When do we get to know that it is now a 2018 release ? ^_^

    21. Missing avatar

      on October 24

      It's been a month since I checked this...nothing new...Why do I bother...If they don't care to give us an update...I imagine we'd get similar support when it launches...IF it launches....but I thing they know - that WE know - This is vaporware.

    22. Wallo on October 24

      For the Dreamcast lovers in here, check out the Kickstarter for Intrepid Izzy.

      It's going to end soon.
      The game will also be developed for PS4 and PC.

    23. Manny S on October 10

      Seriously. While it is true the wait has been a bit of a Toejam Slowjam, do you want an incomplete game now or the best it can be later? "Impatient Backer" should have been one of the earthling types. ::makes it rain tomatoes::

    24. MShow on October 10

      Hey guys, if you haven't seen it here is a commercial running on Adult Swim. Small tidbit while we wait for new developments on the bug squashing.…

      @ Dave H. No need to hope you're wrong, you are wrong. They're cleaning up the online bugs at this time. As for being two years late, please review the following from their FAQ on this site. Please note the date it was updated and do the math based on their estimation of 1-2 years. Also I'll take your bet. 2 to 1 odds right?

      "When will the game be done?
      Simple answer: "we don't know yet". What you see in the videos is a very early prototype that was made by one engineer and one full time artist (with some part time art help) over the course of several months. We have a long ways to go. We really want to do this right, and deliver a game that is a worthy sequel, and this is our priority over doing it fast. So... it may be awhile. What does this mean in practical terms? Well, I'd guess probably somewhere between 1 and 2 years.

      Last updated: Mon, March 9 2015 5:16 PM CDT"

      This is game development folks. Delays happen. Everyone wants the game! Greg and co. want us to have the game! Lets remain calm and supportive. They're working as best the can to put out the best TJ&E product possible. Remain positive, this project is far from "vaporware". It's coming!

      In the meantime go play another game, there's plenty to choose from. It's been a great year for games! Might I suggest Wonderboy: the Dragon's Trap, Sonic Mania, or Cuphead? Stay funky!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mooga on October 9

      There have been no updates in two months (early August). We were last told that we would have a release date a month ago with a final release before the years end. In fact, you said "well before" December. December is in two short months and we still have no release date or any updates. Can you please supply updates at least once a month? As you approve release, I assume you would at least have good news on bug squashing.

      What's the current plan for release? If it's been pushed back to 2018, can you please explain what went wrong and how you plan on fixing the issues? My main issue is that you must have paid a lot of money to sponsor SGDQ, yet there is no release planned. Couldn't that money have been better using to hire someone to assist with all the bugs that are preventing the release?

    26. Manny S on October 4

      Hey @Dave, sorry you've had that issue. I've gotten burned on Kickstarter as well. It never feels good.

      I don't think this is one of those times.

      The game isn't two years late. Not sure where you're getting that from. No solid release date yet but I'd guess we'll have it in our hands Winter/Spring 2018. Greg said at one point it would be out by the year's end, but then I believe he walked that back a little bit. Hey, stuff happens.

      Humanature has mentioned before they are more prone to update when there is news, as opposed to monthly updates that don't share much of anything new, for example.

      I am also looking forward to that console experience, was hoping for PS4, but might have to ante up for a Switch...

    27. Frederic-William Ely Labadie on October 4

      Any news? Is the game out and I missed it?

    28. Cody Welch on October 2

      @dave im still in belief this is the works. Its to far along for it to be canned. Greg wouldnt do that to us. If he decides to do another i hope they ask for more from the start. I still very hopeful. Just hope the console version isnt to far behind the pc version. I really want that console experience.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dave Hightower on October 1

      OK, so almost ** 2 YEARS ** overdue (how is that even possible with a massive infusion of $$$ from Adult Swim?).

      The last update was almost 2 months ago, asking us to buy something else.

      The website at has not been updated in over 2 years.

      As much as I hate to say it...

      This is another Kickstarter scam. They sold us cheap trinkets...and called it good.

      Maybe I'm wrong. I HOPE I'm wrong. I loved the game.

      But I doubt it.

      Anyone want to bet the amount of their pledge that this never delivers? I'll give 2-1 odds...

      This will be my last Kickstarter. I've bought vaporware 3 times now...which speaks volumes to my gullibility.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rave on September 26

      I know you already answered about DRM on the FAQ, but please, just please don't implement Denuvo DRM like most of the game did this last few month, it's just a shame playing on a downgraded version of a super game. With love and Funk

    31. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on September 25

      To those who haven't received physical items yet:

      I was in the same situation and tried working with the warehouse to get the physical items. It took some time and in the end I decided to forego my physical items because it just seemed like they were stringing me along.

      I guess what I am saying is that if you still are looking for your psychical items, good luck to you!

      On another point. I emailed Greg back and forward for a while about the game and the issues they are struggling with. I don't want to breach any confidentiality between Greg and I (I promised to keep the conversation to us), but what I will say is that they are dealing with a great amount of pressure right now as the game comes close to it's perceived deadline. I only say this because it may help a few exercise patience that I didn't have - closer we get to the deadline, the quieter the team will be. They are a small team and it is all hands on deck to get us what we need. I got really frustrated and vented at Greg (and on here if you look back a few posts), talking to him really made me realize why they were doing things the way they were. They still have loyalty to us and want to make a game that is everything we dreamed of, but part of that was having Adult Swim come in and help, and that also comes with some restrictions on what they can say. Suffice to say that without Adult Swim AND our backings, they would not be able to do this.

      Do not fear the worst, we will get this game. There is no worry about the project being finished, just when.

      If the game is amazing, and we get what we want, the last thing we want to do is throw frustration at Greg and his team. That will only ensure that after the game is released, we won't see anything else from this studio - I am sure you all remember the void in our lives between TJ&E3 and this.

    32. Missing avatar

      on September 19

      Hoping for an update as well...I'm starting to fear the worst....

    33. MShow on September 18

      Heya Sam H. Noticed your question is still hanging in the air. The rewards went out quite a while ago now. Message Greg and the team letting em know you didn't get your stuff.

    34. Aaron Caldwell on September 14

      Greg posted on the hyperfunk forums that he shouldn't have said that. There is still no release date yet but still planned for this year... Supposedly.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mooga on September 14

      Hi Humanature Studios!
      PAX West has come and gone. Are you still expecting a release in 2017? You recently said that a release date would be announced a few weeks before PAX West with a release "well before dec." Can we get another update?

    36. Sam Heffernan on August 31

      Hi guys sorry to be a pain but I am yet to receive anything, When were the posters, keychains, and other physical good to be sent out?

    37. Aaron Caldwell on August 29

      Also, You mentioned that the release date would be announced probably a week or two before PAX west. It is now a few days before pax west. I don't want to be that guy and sound super demanding, but I am about to boil over in anticipation of this game. Any news?

    38. Aaron Caldwell on August 29

      I'm so excited for this game. I will most likely buy it for everything that can run it. Can you please post more wallpapers or some more art? I can't get enough TJ&E.

    39. Humanature Studios Creator on August 7

      Hi Chris, we'll take another look at the posting costs. Thanks Betty! Johnny: Great Pics on your site of the figures! Mike: The split screen is dynamic. With 3 and 4 players the screen splits and joins less often than with 2 players however. We did a lot of testing and found that it got too disorienting for most players.

    40. Betty Flint on August 5

      Thank you for responding to me quickly and taking care of my concern. I appreciate you taking good care of me. (backer 5,037) All is well. Thanks.

    41. Missing avatar

      chris hammond on August 5

      Wanted to order the soundtrack CD, but cheapest delivery option to UK IS £20, twice the price of the CD, why so expensive, I know there are cheaper ways to post things out, give us more options

    42. Betty Flint on August 4

      5,037 back number. never received anything.

    43. Betty Flint on August 4

      I never got a thing. No email, no reward. nothing. please help?

    44. Johnny Vila on July 30

      | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
      |Go TJ&E, go!!!!!!!!!!!!|
      ∧__∧ ||
      ( ´ω` ) ||
      /    づ”

    45. Mike Friend on July 23

      How does 4 player local play work? Is it dynamic or constant split screen? I don't see any videos of it demoed on YouTube but someone further down in the comments said they tried 4 player at PAX.

    46. Humanature Studios Creator on July 18

      And of course we're trying to take care of anyone who didn't get their rewards. Let us know if you never received what you were expecting to get and we will either get it to you or get you a refund. And sorry if sometimes you need to message us a few times. Sometimes things slip through the cracks.

    47. Humanature Studios Creator on July 18

      Hi again.

      MShow... thanks for mentioning that. Yes we will still have Earl Beta for backers - it just means that these backers will get the game early (a week or two) at the same time press does, so if you play online you'll be playing with the devs and with game press and other backers. And thanks for the supportive comments M.

      Mooga - to answer your questions: we are still finding, prioritizing, and fixing bugs in the PC version, although we are getting to a point now where we may just need to go hands off and live with some of the remaining bugs - as we shift all of our attention soon to fixing network bugs. This is on the PC version. We will be shipping networked play on the PC/Mac/Linux versions. It looks like network play on the consoles may need to wait for updates, but the jury is still out there. Are we network testing on Steam? Yes. Adult Swim is doing that, and our engineers test and debug mostly here on single machines which doesn't allow for Steam testing. Can you see the lower levels? Yes. Well you can see the level below you anyway. On consoles it seems like we will be able to do this as well, though the Switch has the least processing power of the three consoles and this is an area where we could optimize if we need to - again that's still in progress and we're optimistic. Release date - It will be announced probably a week or two before PAX West (Early Sept). But yes, sometime well before Dec. We want this out as soon as we can and we're working hard to make that happen. Number of updates: I agree we have only done about 3 this year which is probably not enough. That said we've done 56 updates since this project started and 7 in 2016, so your estimate it maybe a bit off. We've tried to make each update fun with graphics and audio and substantive news. Those take a little time to put together. Perhaps more smaller updates along the lines of "still here working away!!" would be good. I appreciate the feedback.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mooga on July 17

      Humanature Studios,
      Since you asked, I have some questions:
      What work is still needed on the PC version of the game?
      Is Online Multiplayer currently functioning? If so, are you using Steam to play with friends?
      The recent videos look very different that the original test footage, can you explain?
      One thing that was talked about a lot originally was that you can see the lower levels below your current level, is that still working properly? I don't remember seeing that in the most recent game play footage.
      While you've said you cannot release a date yet, can you give us a ball park? Will we be seeing it this year? Will we at least see it before December 2018?

      I'm not asking for daily updates, but the number of updates have been 3 or 4 a YEAR. At least a monthly or bi-monthly update with what's happening on the project.


    49. MShow on July 17

      Hey Matthew, I know losing the "beta testing" is a bummer but if you check the April 24th update we'll still get "early access" to a degree. I believe Greg said we'd have it a week early or something like that. My brother and I backed this thing at over 500$ plus add-ons so I can understand the disappointment to a degree. For me though I pledged as much as possible to get the game made, not for rewards (which are cool, I hope you get your physical rewards issue straightened out if you haven't gotten them). I just want more Toejam and Earl! If there were zero rewards I would have donated the same amount. This franchise was dormant for too long and the first game is in my top 10. I hope once the game does drop your enjoyment of the product will make you forget your woes of the ever changing animal that is game development.

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