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West GamesBy West Games
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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 4 years ago


Posted by West Games (Creator)

Huge thanks to Vice News for covering us! We love their coverage in general and are big fans of the Russian Roulette series. Check out Motherboard's YouTube channel as well as their other YouTube channels.

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    1. Lene Walker on

      Рагуль - он и есть рагуль

    2. Raul Strugar on

      go away fake accounts... stop mentioning me

    3. Lene Walker on

      Рагуль хочет копипастнуть себе материалы про игру, не давайте ему, чтобы не плагиатил

    4. Max Voropaev on

      О, Рауль русский троль! хватить пиндосить

    5. Raul Strugar on

      Won't happen. They don't have any material left. It's only propaganda. 99% water 1% juice

    6. d4v33edz on

      How about an update concerning the game itself, we have seen enough propaganda.

    7. Gennadyi Komarov on

      Грег - бычара!

    8. Gennadyi Komarov on

      и тут ты, грог. нфш пострел везде поспел! и пишет же какую-то хню постоянно

    9. Greg75 on


      Forbes is a well-established news source that has been around for nearly 100 years. Also, Alexa ranks Forbes at #54 and Vice at #436 in top sites in the US.

    10. Mighty Rabbit Studios on

      According to a regular Vice commenter this is a contributor article and was not written by anyone who is actually on staff at Vice. As such, treat it with a grain of salt.

    11. Gennadyi Komarov on

      Макс, гуляют не то слово! Разлетались мухи навозные, будто тут кое-чем намазано.

    12. Max Voropaev on

      Зашел посмотреть что тут творится, а тут троли гуляют опять.

    13. Gennadyi Komarov on

      Ахмада и Аваланча пора баннить. Администраторы, вы где,

    14. Gennadyi Komarov on

      Ребята, ваши сайтики, которые вы постите в своих тролльских сообщениях, не только не правдоподобны, а и гнусны!

    15. Daniel S on

      From what he post to Vice, he looks pretty paranoid. "The game developers claimed they were attacked by hackers, spies, and trolls."

    16. Raul Strugar on

      Just wait for Kotaku .com
      Meanwhile Eugene Kim is afraid of life threats

    17. Avalanche on

      "Finally, the $50,000 Kickstarter goal is more to show the game has adequate popularity in order to attract real investments from an established publisher..." You cannot do that West Games. How many times do we have to tell you. "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." You cannot use the money, to try and get the money you *actually* need. I *urge* people to familiarise themselves with the Terms of Use (… ) and even the short and simple "Our Rules" (… ) and decide for yourselves.

      I would say you have to stop trying to make out that this is a conspiracy against you, but you've been doing that all along, so that's the way you are playing it.

      "'blatant information war' between the Ukraine and Russia" I am *still* English and I've not been "swayed" by anything other that your total lack of honesty. Stop arguing against the word "scam" that you keep using, stop playing the victim and answer our questions.

    18. Daniel S on

      “We think that the Russians have coordinated and worked out methods to sway public opinion abroad as well as methods to manipulate foreign journalists to write their viewpoints, and we think that our game is a great example of that,”
      They realy belive that? They realy overestimate importance of Areal and better start looking at mistakes they made during this KS.