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West GamesBy West Games
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West GamesBy West Games
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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 4 years ago

A quick message:

Posted by West Games (Creator)

      As we've said before, most sites who have written about us have been largely objective and fair, and report without bias and based on the information that they have. We feel that every journalist has a right to cover a subject from whatever viewpoint they possess.

     We want to say to that we are sorry to the journalists of Forbes and VG247, that we had no right to criticize their work, and thank them for their criticism concerning our campaign and project, because that helps us to become better. With that said, we also firmly ask them hear us and take in our point of view, if not as their own, but at least as a possible alternative.


Eugene Kim

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    1. Gennadyi Komarov on

      Аваланч, гоу ту хелл!

    2. Avalanche on

      If anyone wants to read my post and tell me where I am wrong, or where they take issue, then I would be very interested to hear from you.

    3. Didita Liviu Cristian on

      What ? more KS accounts newly created with only Alreal backed? come on! you take us for fools !

    4. Zach Wills on

      West Games, thanks for being sincere!

    5. Zach Wills on

      such a huge text, you are tiresome

    6. Avalanche on

      You're still saying that journalists have the right to cover a subject in a bias way. That's not an apology. You're using the word 'sorry' to the journalists, *but* still saying that the websites are biased. This is typical of you West Games. This is not being humble, or retracting what you said. You're still maintaining that the websites were biased and that is untrue.

      It fails to address that the websites that *you* linked to in update 21, aren't "objective and without any personal bias", they were just regurgitating information. They included some things from the front page here, say that you have a video, say it has someone walking around in the dark with a flashlight sort of thing etc etc. They offered no analysis. They generally just ended with the total raised at that point, as a number and that was it. Forbes and other websites have done what some of us have done here: Actually looked at this campaign and Areal *objectively* and asked questions (which you've repeatedly failed to answer), looked at what is on display and being said (or not being said) and put the pieces together. Then voiced our views. That is what has led us to conclude that you need millions of dollars to make this game. That your 'game play' video isn't of your proprietary game engine, but Unity ( ). That you are a start up, looking to make an *actual* engine that *can* do all the things that you say, then make a prototype, *then* look for the funding to make the game and fulfil the rewards. That is against Kiskstarter rules and is very unlikely to make the game. It means the $50,000 cannot fulfil the rewards, again, against Kickstarter rules. The goal has to be able to fulfil all rewards, not be used to start the process. These are Kickstarter rules, not mine.

      On top of that, and so much more, I might ask why you made the accusations in the first place, but then again you also didn't retract and apologise for the massive insult to China/Hong Kong. Or for persisting in this baseless accusation that the people asking the questions again and again, are trolls. We are people waiting for actual answers. To include spam in your update, listing people who are 'negative', is just disgusting. They are not trolls. You just didn't answer their questions. And still don't. Early on, you abandoned the comments sections, not because of trolls or negativity, but because we were asking questions that you refused to answer, so you just ran and hid.

      In Update 25 you said "We don't want to point fingers". Yes you do West Games. That is exactly what you wanted to do. And that is exactly what you did. And yet, all this, and the letter from Putin nonsense, is just a distraction. To get away from the questions, that you don't answer, about the *monumental* task of releasing on six platforms (Kickstarters very rarely do anything like this and certainly not for $50,000), Dev Kits, Budget Breakdown, actually needing millions to make this game, saying you're in pre-alpha when you're in pre-production (at best), not answering any of the actual questions on the AMA ( ), refusing to give your total budget as an actual dollar value, actual details about your "partners" that you've said you have (consoles/translations/personnel), doing *all* this for $50,000 and 'some savings', not saying how much your savings actually are. The list goes on and on.

      You cannot make this game for the goal and you continue to blame everyone but yourselves. Your attempt at humble in Update 21, by saying "We have made some mistakes" is insincere when you follow it up with Update 25 and then the non apology in this Update.

    7. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      This group is in too deep to back down or admit defeat now. Their pride is too fragile to let this go. This is all they have in their lives. They dream about this Kickstarter project. Every night.

    8. TimoH on

      Again, West Games: I demand a personal apology for this fake account which tried to abuse my name! As well as I apologize for my outrage mail coming from my pride as a game designer myself. So....

    9. Daniel S on

      Yes even that 50.000 they want it's not so much, but it will make things harder to another game developers, after Areal gets funded and fail to deliver game. How many people will be willing put money to another project?

    10. Raul Strugar on

      you think stalker series cost anything less? they claim to be stalker's spiritual successors. you think that making a 90% unity game will mean that?

    11. Raul Strugar on

      it is for me... you realize this guys won't deliver anything. 50k isn't enough for anything. a game like this takes many years and millions to develop.

    12. tonkinese on

      yeah cause a whole 25 dollars is a lot of money

    13. Raul Strugar on

      just let him back the game... it's him who will lose the money

    14. tonkinese on

      really that's the proof??? come on that is pathetic

    15. tonkinese on

      i have been reading the updates nothing too bad there

      50000 is a base price considering they have repatedly stated they have used their own money

      as for the unity no proof

    16. Daniel S on

      @tonkinese: They give very little reasons to belive they are able to fulfill promises they give in this ks. Can you tell as why you are defending them? I see you backed few ks in past, so you must see how badly is this one prepared.

    17. Delukz on

      You forgot the biggest and most obvious one: The Putin letter.
      That is so ridiculous, not even my 5 year old niece would believe it.

    18. TimoH on

      @tonkinese: Just some points.
      50.000 dollars funding goal. That is the first lie.
      Showing Unity assets and believing nobody will notice it. That is the second lie.
      Saying they have their own engine and still only show Unity. Third lie.
      Shall we go on? :)

    19. Tugodoomer on

      tonkinese, check all updates.

    20. tonkinese on

      so where is your actual real proof of them being caught lying?

    21. Daniel S on

      @tonkinese, West Games was caught lying, many times, not forbes or backers, so who is lying scum bag here?

    22. Raul Strugar on

      Because Forbes can actually influence opinions that's why. They might be one of the reasons KS actually started deleting comments and banning WG spammers. If you would read the articles you would notice that they are as unbiased as possible, even though Erik Kain did suggest not backing this project.

    23. TimoH on

      Well thank you West Games spam account to try to put mud on my name. You failed. As well as West Games will fail with this project.
      I expect a personal apology for
      Timo Hartikainen · Germany, Clayton, GA · Joined Jul 2014

      Which clearly was meant to take my name and make shit with it. Btw. my last name is not Hartikainen. :D

    24. tonkinese on

      why should they apologise to a bunch of lying scum bag journalists like forbes? grow a pair west games forbes is just trash

    25. tonkinese on

      Ahmad Khan pleas just fuck off

    26. LongDevil on

      How about an apology for side stepping questions, and for calling anyone raising legitimate concerns trolls? How about an apology for censoring facebook questions and comments? How about an apology for the deliberate lies which have been proven time and time again? How about an apology for your unprofessional behavior doxxing KS profiles?

    27. Tugodoomer on

      For WG. Вы несправедливо назвали людей троллями, своим проектом вы привлекли их внимание (как и мое), но с каждым новостным обновлением вы вели себя все более непрофессионально, вы не отвечали на многие вопросы с их стороны, игнорировали, а в конце концов объявили их негодяями, что заинтересованы в провале вашей кампании. Будьте честны и признайте свои ошибки в ведении кампании, люди были заинтригованы, а после обмануты в ожиданиях, последним вашим нелепым поступком стал апдейт №25. Вы повели себя словно обиженные дети, а не сплоченная команда профессиональных разработчиков.
      Вы должны принести свои извинения этим людям.

    28. Timo Hartikainen on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    29. Delukz on

      As with everything this whole campaign wouldn't have turned into a huge pile of shit if you just were honest.
      Answering questions is important, and you never did.
      Not in the AMA, not in the comments, not on facebook (where you delete them all), and none of the serious questions of journalists.

      Not once have I seen anything honest come from people that work for West Games or their friends.

    30. Timo Hartikainen on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    31. Timo Hartikainen on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    32. Timo Hartikainen on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    33. Timo Hartikainen on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    34. Timo Hartikainen on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    35. Timo Hartikainen on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    36. Raul Strugar on

      They call Forbes biased, but how are they when they praise some websites that write nicely about them and do harsh attacks on the rest that actually bring facts about their fail project.

    37. Judicator on

      Are you s*itting your pants WG?
      I'm sure you do.

    38. Delukz on

      And since your spam accounts got banned, everyone can read the comments again you want to see buried!

    39. Matthew Farmery on

      and what about the backers you acused of been trolls?
      we deserve an apology too,

      only because KS is now on the KS and has made KS wake up

      you should be ashamed of yourselves

    40. Delukz on

      Really? I have never seen such an incompetent unprofessional bunch of idiots.
      Every update you made made you look more suspicious.
      The gameplay with unity assets, the putin letter, the flames towards your backers ("trolls").

    41. Raul Strugar on

      No sorry for the troll list?

    42. Ahmad Khan on

      Forbes Technology Section Editor Bruce Updin says about this project: