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West GamesBy West Games
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West GamesBy West Games
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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 5 years ago

Update 6:

Posted by West Games (Creator)

We've got a new image to show you guys, with more stuff coming soon:

Misery has removed the page on their website full of accusations against us ( and has made the following statement on their Facebook profile: 

"Misery Development Ltd. has been formally asked to resign from commenting on West Games and their Kickstarter project AREAL. Misery Development Ltd. would like to state that whether or not to pledge on a Kickstarter campaign is for the community to decide, and an individual choice."

They have deleted all posts that accused us of fraud. We are in the process of informing the news outlets that wrote allegations against us based on Misery's former comments about us.

Big thanks to the Official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Facebook page, which has over 50,000 likes, for the following posts:

We're going to post the wolf model soon, though you can catch a sneak peak of it when looking at our Kickstarter video. Specifically, you can see the 3d model when the video shows our team working.

Also, regarding Union Studio, we had a preliminary project that was supposed to be a generic shooter, and we didn't agree with that vision. That project became Survarium from Vostok Games and we founded West Games. Now, as you know, we have Areal in development.

We'll continue to post daily updates, with new images, footage and other cool stuff!

And lastly, a message from our artist:

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    1. Ronald Clark on
      Thank you to all the news sites that have written about our new teaser, and a special thanks to (among many others) Polygon, Gamer's Hell, PC Games N, Load the Game and Geeky Gadgets for reporting objectively and without any personal bias. Even bigger thanks to the 1,000+ people who have backed us so far. We are so happy to see more than 780 results show up when we type in "Areal Kickstarter" on google's news section! We have raised roughly 76 percent of our base goal, so we really are in the home stretch now! We need you, our backers' help, to get us to at least a hundred percent -- all you need to do is talk about Areal with your friends and share us on social media sites. If everyone got just one friend to contribute, then we would go way beyond our base goal. We have made some mistakes over the course of this Kickstarter, but the fact is that we are trying our hardest, and we hope that you'll help us make Areal a reality.

    2. Ronald Clark on


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    3. Ronald Clark on

      yes!!! nice update 22!
      NO WAR!

    4. USM-Valor on

      Here's a thought, pull the likely 1 dollar you pledged so you can rant and rave and be on your way. Otherwise, you're just looking to start trouble. The warning has been sounded, major news outlets have posted about this story. What more are you looking to accomplish other than trolling these people?

    5. Missing avatar

      DraxQuin on

      Cry me a river, this team has had all the opportunity to validate itself, and has done nothing to that extent. Thousands of other kickstarters are backed because they do the exact opposite this one has done, they provide gameplay, original concept art (not old Stalker concept art), they don't show Unity footage while talking about their own original engine, they have realistic not minimal budgets, they don't claim to be part of a project (Stalker) which they have no right to claim or no validity to, they show where their funds go, they don't explain they have a crossplatform engine at $50,000 that can make a finished game in a year (which should be at a level therefore that can show gameplay), they show gameplay and they don't denounce their pledgers as some angry mob even when their questions are perfectly valid.

    6. USM-Valor on

      Like I said, these people won't stop complaining and doubting until the finished game is playable before them, regardless of the fact that this is a Kickstarter. Even then, who knows?

      Unfortunately, this Kickstarter is going to have a rough road ahead of it. Adjusting course to try to remedy that will help to some effect, but at a certain point you'll have to move forward as planned and simply ignore those seeking to disrupt the campaign. If the project is good enough to stand on its own, the (legitimate) backers will come.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Neufeld on

      Show us your 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U dev kits. Lmao.

    8. Gabe on

      Hahahahaha.... Ahahahaha... These people (amateurs) in my opinion, are still posting concept art. Where is this alpha game?? Huh?? Where is ANY gameplay videos at all?

      Backers beware this smells like poop, so don't eat it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Arttu Pöyhtäri on

      Haha, i bet that guy in the video is just some dude off the street they gave 5 bucks to. That's what it looks like, anyway.

    10. dal on

      Sorry, Didita. Can't fix my post.

    11. dal on

      What proof, Dadita?
      Better QUOTE this:
      "No! We have never said that we have reached alpha, but people are mentioning it all the time. We are in pre-alpha, meaning before alpha. Pre-production has finished, but we have not reached alpha yet.

      Here is a wiktionary definition of pre-alpha:

      "A development status given to a program or application that is usually not feature complete, and is not usually released to the public. Developers are usually still deciding on what features the program should have at this status. This status comes before the alpha version, and is the first status given to a program.""

    12. Didita Liviu Cristian on

      QUOTE :: " The easiest way to put it is that we've completely exhausted our collective piggy banks in getting Areal to the point that it's at. Areal is in pre-alpha, and we've sorted out the A.I., inventory systems and many of the missions."

      OK... you people are saying here that you already did a good part of the game.... WHERE IS THE PROOF OF THAT ?!?!?

    13. Didita Liviu Cristian on

      I have already backed up the game, people here are right about what they are saying, everything about this new project Areal smells fishy from miles away....

      I suggest that you people start giving some explains about your plan on making the game, a timeline and some proof of development ! and please explain why 50.000$ ?

      How can you possibly believe that we will believe that Areal will be finished by september 2015 when you have NOTHING to prove now, only some drawings!?!?!
      When you ask for a kickstarter of 50.000 that doesnt even cover legal fees and taxes, purchase of game engine license to get this going??!

      All you people have done so far is to deny outer accusations, WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU BEING ACCUSASED OF FRAUD! WE WANT PROOF OF DEVELOPEMENT AND NOT SHORT VIDEOS WITH SOME DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Richard Stuckey on

      Time to stop going on about misery and 'attacks' and talk about the game.

      What stage is it at? What are you working on now? What is the artist doing and how does he see the project? What key types of gameplay are you bringing back?

      All the updates so far are just air so my support stays at $1 until I have a picture of what you are actually trying to achieve!

    15. drakrochma on

      Like I wrote in a comment to your last update:
      We need a Video of gamecontent or , even better, some working parts of the game.

      Right now, I start loosing hope for this project :(
      Stop wasting time with messing around with others.
      Show what you are able to do and what you did so far!

    16. Luke on

      You have just dug yourselves an even deeper hole with this update. All you can do is point a finger at Misery and show us worthless concept art (which tells me you are barely at the beginning stages of development.)

      Oh, you're going to show us a wolf model? Fantastic progress! The $50,000 is plenty to finish an AAA quality game for next-gen consoles, I'm sure. You must be the best developers in the world to be able to develop a project like this with a hundredth of the budget of big AAA studios.

      If your intention is to prove your legitimacy and gain the trust of your backers, I suggest you show us some original gameplay footage (which I doubt you have), and address the concerns regarding your minuscule budget. Where is the $50,000 being used, and once that small amount runs out, then what?

    17. Starker on

      People like Misery were never a problem for you. The problem has from the start been that the (potential) backers have serious concerns about this project. You should be spending your energy on addressing those concerns instead of trying to silence the people raising them.

    18. Missing avatar

      Pimpollo on

      At least Survarium is A REAL game.

    19. William Bakunis on

      You really need to grow a pair and drop the whole misery issue. They have / had more proof leaning against you for being fraudulent. You don't deserve to keep crying because of what they said. Your credibility is next to none. If anything, you should face legal repercussions of slander / defamation & harassment.

      If you want to gain our trust and actually "win" this kickstarter, I suggest giving us gameplay video, in-studio "behind the scenes" development videos, and maybe some free treats. Maybe a proper demo perhaps. Not a demo of a half arsed slightly modified Unity Apocalyptic Asset world. A LARGE part of the internet is looking at you. I wouldn't suggest continuing on with the current path you follow.

    20. Merrick Simms on

      We are all waitings this Jon. But instead of showing us more or responding at our questions, they spend all their time speaking of a conspiracy against them and where Misery is the brain.

      With this Update 6, no change of course. They don't acting like a video game compagny.

    21. Missing avatar


      The difference between Survarium and Areal is....wait for it......Survarium is an actual game. Please make me be wrong on this and I will eat crow happily. Show something more that concept art.

    22. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Christ on a bike, still nothing to actually show, still no gameplay or what you have developed so far, still just concept art... still carrying on with this Misery thing, acting like an 8 year old trying to counter-bully instead of following the 'Actions speak louder than words' thought process by delivering some much requested content...

      This is getting more and more cringeworthy for you guys.

    23. Philomelle on

      The more you speak, the more I refuse to believe that any of you are actual developers.

      Bragging that you bullied a long-standing member of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. community into no longer asking questions about your project by having a famous forum member threaten to isolate him from the rest of the community's support? Now claiming that you were also responsible for the original prototype of Survarium? This is getting beyond ridiculous.

    24. Merrick Simms on

      Still nothing interesting.