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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 5 years ago
West GamesBy West Games
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West GamesBy West Games
First created
pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 5 years ago


Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.

    1. Ronald Clark on
      Thank you to all the news sites that have written about our new teaser, and a special thanks to (among many others) Polygon, Gamer's Hell, PC Games N, Load the Game and Geeky Gadgets for reporting objectively and without any personal bias. Even bigger thanks to the 1,000+ people who have backed us so far. We are so happy to see more than 780 results show up when we type in "Areal Kickstarter" on google's news section! We have raised roughly 76 percent of our base goal, so we really are in the home stretch now! We need you, our backers' help, to get us to at least a hundred percent -- all you need to do is talk about Areal with your friends and share us on social media sites. If everyone got just one friend to contribute, then we would go way beyond our base goal. We have made some mistakes over the course of this Kickstarter, but the fact is that we are trying our hardest, and we hope that you'll help us make Areal a reality.

    2. Ronald Clark on


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    3. Missing avatar

      Lars Damsholt on

      This is either the most worth Kickstarter i have ever backed or a scam, but i want to believe! Why is it only 50.000$ though, what exactly can you buy with that!?

    4. Missing avatar

      Tomáš Dolejší on

      Regarding Leo, you better make sure he is trustworthy and check his background, for your sake and for ours. We will feel much, much better about our investment if you do. Honestly, you should care if he has or hasn't filed lawsuits in the past, regardless of any conspiracy theories.

      It would be such a shame to win this kickstarter campaign only to have some scam artist to run away if all the money, with all due respect. You may show us a great game in making but if there is a shadow of doubt West Games or Leo are legit I won't be part of this.

    5. Cihat Kızıler on

      Didn't see Mitchel's msg first, was and am thinking the same.

    6. Cihat Kızıler on

      Why dont you just prove that Areal exists and end all this shit? I dunno share some content some concepts that are not stolen from other games, maybe? Shame on me that I backed you.

    7. Mitchel Pederson on

      I too hope this will succeed. The game world sounds fascinating, but this whole kickstarter is shrouded in a thick fog. You could clear so much doubt just by releasing a reasonable length video (3-5 minutes) of unedited gameplay in whatever state the game is. Spend less time worrying about people making claims that cannot be proven, No one has any definitive proof of a scam, and you guys could easily clear all of the claims in some well thought out updates.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gian-Luca on

      I backed this Project and i hope it will succeed. But please give us some real Updates (Videos, screenshots) and stop put in just some news against trolls or whatever

    9. Merrick Simms on

      What ? This update is still a denunciation of a conspiracy against you ?

      Guys... without true update (video as you've said your game is in alpha), we'll never trusted you.

      Beside, you can't change the internet by yourself. They are use of scammer and you are acting like them for the moment.

    10. David Moosmann on

      I just don't get why you have to push this project through. If its a legit project you could get to the million easy. However now theres a way to huge shitstorm around this kickstarter. Just do a new one in a few month when you have something to show. Then youll get the funding you deserve

    11. drakrochma on

      I backed you - and I hope, that this game becomes true and you get the honor you deserve.
      But, there is some kind of sad taste.
      so, PLEASE, give us a video-update of the gameplay, some infos about the plast progress and so.
      This would help me, and I think a lot other people, to feel better and sleep well :).


    12. Missing avatar

      Darrin Michelson on

      Ha! My kick is a buck too DeafTard! Honestly I'm following just to see if and when this project crashes or takes flight, and a buck is a pretty cheap way to do that. Still I don't disagree that should things turn around and it becomes clear that this is more that a design document and excitement then yeah, I'll kick in something more, but until then there's just too much uncertainty.

    13. DeafTard on

      keep giving us REAL updates and maybe the threats will stop, it sucks that you guys have to go through this but please prove them wrong by doing more than just showing a 1 min video of your team, show us art, real footage and more. Like what darrin said below me and most of all we have to agree that this project could of been presented better since there are more questions that need answering, please fix this West Games and I will raise my pledge back up because it will remain at $1 for now.

    14. Missing avatar

      Darrin Michelson on

      and I want to say you should concentrate less on disparaging remarks on the internet and more on proving your detractors wrong. Drown them in concept art, model renders and descriptions of features that you need a proprietary engine for. I'm struggling to imagine what systems or effects arent reproducible in Unreal Tech or the Cry Engine, but I sure would like to be enlightened, as would the rest of your backers and backers to be!

      To put it another way: 'talk is cheap because supply exceeds the demand'.

    15. Cristiana on

      Thank you so much for this update guys! It was so interesting to read it! You should know, that many people support you and believe you! Keep it up! Que bem! :)
      We will be waiting for a new updates, news, videos, gameplay! Thank ou so much for everything! And don't mind on some idiots who talk nonsense about you! Many people are on your side! You are great! Many people believe, thAT IT WILL BE AWESOME GAME! And... (I only can imagine) let those people who said many shit about you - then they will shut up seeing how much great, interesting and awesome the game will be!
      Muito obrigada pra voces! Voces sao fixe! Forca forca forca Areal! Forca West Games!
      P.S. Those who says that I'm fake or troll - kiss my ass shitty shcoolars! :-P
      I Love you! Eu gosto muito deste! Muito obrigada! Eh, voces voces.... mmmmmwah! ;) <3

    16. Sacsen Foote on

      I want to say thanks for pushing through the storm. It really sucks what is happening to you guys. I really hope things go smoother and we get to have an awesome game from you