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$64,928 pledged of $50,000 goal
By West Games
$64,928 pledged of $50,000 goal

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    1. Avalanche on December 6

      @ d4v33edz

      Work has been going strong obviously, but of course slowed during the summer break, so the piece of concept art every six months plan took a bit of a dent, but now things are back in full swing, so the next update will be soon. Although... Christmas is coming up very soon indeed, so...

      Sooooo, the revised plan for future updates is still very much two updates a year, that's sacrosanct, except for one update during the first six months due to the summer break and another update during the second six months due to the Christmas break.

      Now I know what you're thinking: "Doesn't that mean there won't actually be any updates?", but the key there is to not think about it. The West Games Way(TM).

      @ Jure

      Due to just the sort of nonsensical excuses above :oD I think nowhere. Although I haven't checked in a while.

    2. Jure on September 8, 2017

      Where is this studio now? LOL

    3. d4v33edz on July 28, 2017

      It's been nearly 6 months since Prophet's last update, the prospect of seeing some new concept art is growing. Knowing that more secrets from the "mountain" will soon be revealed it makes you wonder why more people never backed this project.

    4. Avalanche on February 19, 2017

      @ Maurice Burgmans ( & d4v33edz )

      Ah yes. The first two years. Where in the beginning, Prophet spoke during twenty and eight dark, dark days, a thousand times in posts to all those who would listen, and also to those who would not listen whatever anyone tried to warn them about, to say unto the peopl... wait... what do you mean "favourite prophet"? That implies *other* prophets. What other prophets? There are no other prophets. Only Prophet.

      Compared to the first twenty-eight days, another two years up this mountain seems good to me. I'm looking at producing a piece of concept art every six months, or thereabouts, soooo... I still reckon I'll have my game out before West Games.

      @ Nick Evans

      Give 'em time and West Games might come back for another try :o/

      @ Vincent

      Agreed. It still has that wonderful atmosphere and feel to it. Not just immersive, but utterly engrossing. I did really like The Witcher 3. Both flawed, but... there's just something about them.

      @ Raul Strugar


      Has their website been updated with Beta info or...? ;oD

      Probably still in the important pre-proto-early-planning-but-not-just-concept-no-really-honest-alpha phase.

      @ Nobody

      Right, that's me up-to-date. First post in over six months, but progress going along nicely I think.

    5. Raul Strugar on February 15, 2017

      wow there are still people commenting... haha :D funny their website still exists. and so does their facebook page, where I am still banned after 2 years-

    6. d4v33edz on December 27, 2016

      It seems very quiet, I expect the Prophet is back in his mountain lair preparing some more concept art work.

    7. Vincent on September 26, 2016

      What's sad is that no one has really come out with a game like it.

    8. Nick Evans on September 12, 2016

      Amazing how some people still come by to post here..

      It's like a reunion of sorts. God I miss this campaign.

    9. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on August 23, 2016

      Avalanche, my favourite prophet!
      Let us help you find peace in these mountains, we have great ideas for you to find peace. Like, create more concept art. Concept art is always the answer.
      With us by your side the next 2 years up this mountain will show you just how long the first 2 years actually were.

      @Ahmad Khan
      I don't have Twitter unfortunately but i have a facebook account if that's ok too.

    10. Avalanche on August 6, 2016

      < mutters > Great. I try to find peace up a mountain and now *everybody* shows up at once. Typical. < /mutters >

      @ Ahmad Khan

      I would, but Prophet still doesn't do social media :o) He is at one with the mountain, which means he doesn't have a Twitter account, or the like. As for losing contact, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be here for ever, although it is bloody cold up here :o)

      @ Jonny Hurtig

      Didn't we just have the *first* year anniversary? Has it really been two years... and... how long have I been up this bloody mountain? It's curious to me just how much of an effort it really was. All the posts we made. Trying to keep ourselves in check. The AMA on Reddit that just 'happened' to start six hours earlier than scheduled, so the shill accounts could ask all their soft questions, until someone posted here that it had already started and we went over to ask some... *actual* questions. I think I like that people will go to such lengths when we actually give a damn about something.

      You're an 'official' Viking... like... from Norway or Sweden or some su... oh, you are actually from Sweden. Welcome aboard! :oD How's your singing voice?

      Oooo... more importantly though, more concept art... hey... that's not a vehicle! Where would the gun turrets go. Also, the concept art is kinda... original. You know? Not art from a previous project or Unity store bought assets, so... do we really want to go 'original' with this? Seems kinda risky to me.

    11. Jonny Hurtig
      on July 22, 2016

      So here we are, the two year anniversary of slaying the lying beast that is "4XEugene+Kim" took quite some effort but we did it, it had many lifebars and iterations and even its own "almost kickstarter" crowdscamming page RIP Areal, may you never taint the lives of the living again :3

    12. Jonny Hurtig
      on July 21, 2016

      Oh and tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of the campaign being closed, whoop whoop :3

    13. Jonny Hurtig
      on July 21, 2016

      Wow seems I missed quite a lot here :3

      @Avalanche "I think the Vikings, in particular, would add a real sense of credibility to our cause."

      I am indeed an official Viking and your cause have our aproval and undying respect.

      Btw the 4xEugenes+kim released more concept art for areal a couple of days ago, its actually starting to look like something I could get behind :P

    14. Ahmad Khan on July 13, 2016

      Guys would you mind adding me to my twitter link, Avalanche, Maurice Burgmans, d4v33edz. Would hate to lose contact with a bunch of interesting people :-)


    15. Avalanche on July 9, 2016

      As the dwindling and seemingly scattered Followers, join once more, to journey a treacherous path high into the mountains, Terms and Conditions, concept art, definitions of what pre-alpha means, litter the way. A piece of concept art catches their eye, before being taken on the wind. It was new, yet discarded? A tractor, with... some sort of large calibre, quad barrelled thing on top.

      "Tractor. Called it."
      "No promised helicopter though. What was that thing on top of it?"
      "I think it was an anti-aircraft gun. So... kinda helicoptery?"
      "Yeah. Something like that. Close enough."

      The pages lost from a careless or frost bitten hand? Or a mind on other things? As those who seek out he who once held such pages dear, ventured further, the howling winds seemed to give respite just enough, to allow a faint, yet growing voice echo from afar, still carried on the thin cold mountain air. To strain to hear, is to hear the Word of Profi... Prophet...

      Our Project, whose art is concept
      Eugene be thy name
      Thy vehicles come
      Thy shill be done
      On here, as it is in Updates
      Give us this day our daily spam
      And forgive us our stress posts
      As we forgive those who stress post against us
      And lead us not into our 'engine'
      But deliver us from budgets
      For thine is Unity
      The promises and donations
      For ever and ever

    16. d4v33edz on May 20, 2016

      What lonesome winds blow across the now empty landscape of Areal.
      The Prophet has retired to his mountain lair and the followers walk the barren lands.
      The realms of Kickstarter are filled with new false prophets promising spaceships and potato salads and other such frippery.
      You are not alone Brother Maurice, for even in our darkest hour I believe that the Areal Prophet will return with concept art, once it is has been cleared by the might of the "Legal Department", and we will soon rejoice with visions from brought from the mountain.

      On a personal note, I am hoping for the concept art of tractor with a machine gun on it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on May 6, 2016

      Our prophet has left for a secluded life in the mountains?
      I bet he is an old sage now with a pointy beard that reaches the ground (we need concept art of this).
      As a lone follower i will go on a pilgrimage to seek out our beloved prophet, calling him out with the power of Areal posts and concept art requests.

    18. Avalanche on March 28, 2016

      My followers are gone.
      My purpose done.
      I shall withdraw to the mountains.


      And create more concept art.

    19. Avalanche on November 21, 2015

      ** 'Helicopters' are a sub section of 'Expectations' and may not actually be included, in Artwork or in any other media, unless otherwise stated. And probably not even then.

    20. Avalanche on November 21, 2015

      * 'Expectations' are the sole responsibility of those who hold such 'Expectations'. Prophet, or any of Prophets agents, affiliates, associates, representatives, third party organisations or any other interested parties, whether approved or up-to-no-good-in-a-trying-to-fund-something-kind-of-way (who could also be approved), shall in no way be held, but not limited to, responsible, liable or accountable for any disappointment, consequences, anticipation for any such 'Expectations' that one might hold. 'Expectations' are not 'Reality'. Prophet reserves the right to define 'Reality' in accordance with previous sole discretion defining 'Truth' and 'Questions'.

    21. Avalanche on November 21, 2015

      Brother d4v33edz; you can expect* new Artwork immediately. Definitely with helicopters**.

    22. d4v33edz on November 6, 2015

      Oh mighty Prophet of all things "Areal".....when can we expect to be guided by some new Artwork?
      And will it have helicopters??

    23. Avalanche on October 13, 2015

      It's important for a cult lead... I mean for Prophet, to keep watch over his flock.

      And care for what you wish for; be content with quiet, least the Wrath of Spam be brought down upon us all; as it was in the dark time. The time when those who came with empty promises. Oh, and a pool of resources. Don't forget the 'pool of resources'.

    24. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on October 12, 2015

      Damn i forgot the mighty prophet sees everything.
      And like on the same day as i posted.
      Does the prophet have a 6th sense to detect Areal posts?

    25. Avalanche on October 8, 2015

      My Follower; there is no last word.
      There is but one word; the Word of Prophet.
      And that Word is; Donate.
      For this Word is eternal; that which will lead us to Prophet.
      And let us never forget; Prophet is all that matters.

    26. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on October 8, 2015

      The chat got really silent again.
      I'll just sneak in this comment to have the last word and outsmart the mighty prophet.

    27. Avalanche on August 24, 2015

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      Yes, but... but... Vikings. Singing Vikings. Although it is difficult to argue against something that logically ends with a ridiculously oversized set of scales comparing the weight of a woman some villagers dressed up as a witch on one side. And a duck on the other.

      But I do like the Vikings singing about spam.

      Some might argue that Monty Python isn't the way to make such decisions about the fate of Raul Strugar, but contrary to those who would cast aspersions and sow the seeds of discord, I am still very much English, so involving Monty Python is pretty much a given at some point. It's bound to happen sooner or later.

      Fortunately, the possibility of an ordinary English individual, being mistaken for some sort of prophet like entity, whose followers erroneously deem him to be a speaker of wisdom greater than that of mere men or earth, bears no relations to anything Monty Python, so maybe we can still... oh... wait...

    28. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on August 21, 2015

      Involving Monty Python in the judgement of infidels?
      You mean something like this?…

    29. Avalanche on August 20, 2015

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      The stake thing, definitely, the stak... although I do like the polonium 210 angle. Can... we burn him with polonium 210? Is that... can we do that?

      "Or maybe even call him a master troll cyber terrorist from the KGB and flood his comments with spam?"

      Oh, that sounds much better. Forget all the other stuff. Do that instead. That sounds like just the sort of thing a credible organisation (not a cult) like ourselves should do. Very constructive and mature. Professional even. Not at all despicable behaviour. The West Games way.

      Could we somehow get Monty Python involved?…

      I think the Vikings, in particular, would add a real sense of credibility to our cause.

    30. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on August 19, 2015

      What should we do with this infidel, oh great prophet?

      Burn him at the stake?

      Treat him some polonium 210?

      Or maybe even call him a master troll cyber terrorist from the KGB and flood his comments with spam?

    31. Avalanche on August 19, 2015

      @ Raul Strugar

      An Unbeliever!!


    32. Raul Strugar on August 17, 2015

      I think you guys are taking this way too serious... :D

    33. Avalanche on July 29, 2015

      @ Ahmad Khan [… ]

      That had occurred to me :o) Thing is, we're not saying anything untrue. There's irony and stuff, maybe even satire, but... it's very much what happened. Also possible that Kickstarter aren't interested... I mean, I think we might be the only ones here :o)

      [from… ]

      I still don't do social media :o)……

      [from… ]

      Thank yo... < ahem > I mean... be seated my Follower. Rest. It is a time of reflection.

      @ d4v33edz

      A mere man?

    34. d4v33edz on July 22, 2015

      Nicely done Prophet Avalanche, you are a man who's time has truly Arrived.

    35. Ahmad Khan on July 22, 2015

      *Standing Ovation* that was beautiful summery!

    36. Avalanche on July 22, 2015

      My Followers. Let us gather.

      On this day, we should take time and reflect. On the simple things.

      The miracle of the $64,928, which was in no way suspicious, despite well over $20,000 appearing in just four hours, taking Areal over the target so close to the deadline. The wicked who deemed Areal nothing more than a concept, due to not actually showing the actual game in the engine that was *repeatedly* said to have been worked on to the point of exhausting all funds, but not worked on to the point that it could actually be shown in any way, but totally existed because it was said so.

      Kickstarter, who struck down the not at all dubiously funded and described Areal.

      But later events, away from Kickstarter and its rules and oversite and the ability to cancel and delete stuff, as Areal arose again to bring $12,950 from the faithful, who must have indeed had a lot of faith, although the number raised was just a number on a page and could have been manually updated a few times a day by those working on Areal, in an attempt to give legitimacy. Or at least, those working on the *funding* for Areal. Let us reflect on how the faithful, if indeed there even were any, were rewarded with Areal not being worked on anymore and it's presence cast out from the Internet. But only not worked on anymore in a funding sort of way, as opposed to not being worked on anymore in an actually working on Areal itself sort of way, as that would imply that Areal itself was ever actually being worked on and there's really no reason to think that to any real degree.

      Let us reflect on how many of the fans of the actual S.T.A.L.K.E.R. said so many things against Areal and yet these words were somehow heard and interpreted as stopping taking money for Areal, which never seemed to actually exist and somehow decided to start taking more money for another game called STALKER Apocalypse, which it must be stressed is Trademarked, unique and in no way still desperately trying to link itself, only more so, to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise which is the *actual* thing that so many love. It should also be remembered that World Wide Funder in no way tried to desperately link itself to actual legitimate crowd funding sites, in not at all the same way that the Areal site, now gone, tried to look like a Kickstarter Campaign.

      But equally so, let us still not reflect on, or even mention, Unity, budget breakdowns, developers kits, and all those others words that come from the devil. Or that the new game was to use the Unreal engine, in yet another choice that can't help but lend itself to word play along the lines of "The chance of this game being made seems Unreal to me." to much comic effect, in the same way that much hilarity was bound to occur by using the 'A' from Areal in a similar way to words like 'atypical' leading to a combination of occurrences that meant that the name and lack of anything tangible to point of questioning its very existence could both be conveyed with the very name itself: Areal. A gift to comedy. Even in our moments of reflection, let us be thankful for such gifts.

      But, at this time, let us definitely not think about how is currently down and how we should certainly not, in any way, read anything into that at all. Not even by looking at any sort of pattern and wondering if the theories that those who didn't make Areal and weren't going to make Apocalypse, were also the ones behind Soooo, let's not do that.

    37. Ahmad Khan on July 18, 2015

      Can't wait for the 1 year anniversary lol!

    38. d4v33edz on July 12, 2015

      In the name of Eugene, I have yet to recover from reading such words of #wisdom by the prophet Avalanche.

    39. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on July 9, 2015

      Counting down the days til the 22nd of July, taking in the wise words of the prophet. Banning the evil Royjulia devil with posts made on the wrong account. I should donate 1$ again. Areal is such great and cheap entertainment. And i still got my money back.
      I must... really... resist the urge to ask questions about Unity now...

    40. Ahmad Khan on June 29, 2015

      Stay Avalanche stay! stay avalance stay! or atleast swap social media contact info with the rest of use :D

    41. Avalanche on June 27, 2015

      But then it came to be. That he who had just passed thru The Land of Kickstarter, yet not stayed; after being told by Prophet that all Paths would lead back to Areal, was found to have too, along with Prophet, not been placed on The Tablet of Demon Trolls.

      And a great darkness did descend upon The Land of Kickstarter.

    42. Avalanche on June 27, 2015


      Though you may but passeth through, all Paths lead back to Areal.

      My Followers

      d4v33edz; do not concern yourself with profit over Prophet. For Prophet will provide to all those who believe. And donate.

      Maurice Burgmans; do not take the word of those who would tell you of metamorphites. For they are not that which would lead to the miracle that will be the appearance of Areal. And let all know that such an appearance will indeed require such a miracle. It will come to be by my word; It will not come to be through actually being; Just by my word saying it will be shall it be. By your belief in my word, will all that will be shown unto you, be it the numerous rough marks made as to how it might eventually appear to thine eyes or the words I speak as to how it might work in thine imagination, tell of the glory that Areal might be. But wont be.

      Do not trouble your mind with thoughts of those who would wish to speak their mind far more often than many would deem in any way necessary. For those are the words of those that would wish to confuse; conceal; and obfuscate. These are deeds of others and not the actions of those involved with Areal, despite all that might appear to the contrary. To believe that those who would go by the names of Roy and Julia and Ronald and Cristiana, she who began it all, were in any way a part of that which would not be Areal, would be to believe in that which is not so. But remember; despite all that would appear to the contrary.

      d4v33edz; again you say unto me. And those who say unto me, Prophet will say unto you. Do not concern yourself with where I am, for Prophet is all places. Except Russia. Prophet is definitely not in Russia. And do not concern yourself with the tablet provided unto you that would name the brothers who are deemed the demon trolls. For though your name and others like you did appear, Prophet was spared, as it was always meant to be. By that which seemed to some to bring an end through your condemnation, he who was not condemned would rise and unite all in the promise of Areal. But only the promise. It is though belief and support of our brothers that we will succeed, but also, let us not forget, the unity we have our sister, Philomelle. That, and donations.

      But do not talk of time, or ask for that which should happen at such times, for the 22nd of July must hold no sway, in the same way that none shall ask the time that the promise of Areal shall appear, for although the promise that it shall appear is so, such times are fleeting and subject to change without notice. Do not ask of Prophet. For those who question those who believe shall be flooded with great messages. As will those who question our support will drown in such messages. But to those who question our Unity, Prophet shall not bring down a flood; but shall cast them out, for thou wouldst have offended those who say they would create Areal and refuse to answer. For things such as Unity are not to be spoken of.

      But it is good and it is right that such a day as the 22nd of July should be a day to remember. But not a day to remember the words of those who were in no way the words of Areal's Creators, who would say those exact same words again and again and again. Nor a day to remember the 23,000 gold coins donated in just hours, more that the previous 23 days combined, as this was clearly a miracle. As was the miracle of The Sermon on The Reddit, where a number of new followers knew that The Sermon would take place many hours before the time all had previously been told it would take place and they gathered and they asked questions that weren't questions that all would actually ask, even for new followers, but were questions that seemed as though those who organised The Sermon on The Reddit had asked some friends to show up and make those that would say they wouldst make Areal look good. But some of those who would appear on the Tablet of Demon Trolls also found out that The Sermon on The Reddit has started early and descended on The Reddit with better questions, intent on actually finding out what was really going on. But such questions were not answered, as such answers were not for the ears of The Demon Trolls and could not be spoken. As it was always intended. No, do not remember such things on the 22nd of July. Instead, remember Prophet, too, was there at The Sermon on The Reddit and his name was spoken telling all that he was one of the favorite 4-5 negative nancies from The Land of Kickstarter, yet despite his favour, still his name does not appear on The Tablet of Demon Trolls. So remember the path that we took; that we still take. The Path of Belief; The Path of Support; The Path of Donations. But not the Path of Questions about Unity, for that is a bleak Path of desolation and longing, where none shall tread.

      Let it also be a day to reflect. Not to reflect on the miracle of how the 50,000 gold coins might have turned into 2,000,000 as although this would have totally been a miracle that could have happened, it wasn't a miracle that would have been needed, as the 50,000 gold coins would have been enough. No, let us instead reflect on how asking for Updates might result in Prophet having to send his wrath upon you:

      "And I looked, and behold a brown horse: and his name that sat on him was Putin, and Distraction followed with him."

    43. d4v33edz on June 26, 2015

      Avalanche. Where are you our Prophet of Areal?
      The trouble we have here Maurice is all Avalanche's "followers" are nearly all named on the wall of trolls, I can understand how this might at first be seen as being, at best, a little problematic, but nothing a display of brotherly support couldn't overcome.

      In retrospect, this comments pages has been running over for about 12 months now and on the 22nd July, it will be the anniversary of the "suspension". This day should be marked by Avalanche announcing an up-date, that reflects the importance of this day.

      I don't want to be someone who tells a prophet how this day in our calendar should be celebrated, bit in-keeping with the our Areal heritage perhaps some concept art might be in order...maybe a tractor? (in an appropriate post apocalyptic style of course, mounted machine gun on the roof etc.). Any Unreal video footage would of course be the icing on the cake.

      I propose a special day on the 22nd July, a day to celebrate and remember.

    44. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on June 25, 2015

      @anyone reading this

      Please show your support to our beloved prophet Avalanche. Post your messages of encouragement to him now.

      All hail Avalanche, prophet and saviour of Areal!

    45. Missing avatar

      Maurice Burgmans on June 17, 2015

      Ah i'm glad you like the idea of becoming the prophet of Areal. On top of becoming a cult leader, you will also gain the power to perform miracles so you can show everyone that you are the chosen one.

      The process of gaining your powers is quite simple: we will inject some of the new metamorphites from the Areal game directly under your skin. Well normally we would, but the development of the game being what it is, we will have to inject concept art of the metamorphites instead. But it will work just as well, i assure you.
      The miracles you will be able to perform include the ability to spam Areal forums at superhuman speed, the ability to turn anyone's name into Eugene by staring at them and the ability to spin around a model of an AK47 on your computer all day witout getting bored.

      We all believe in you, Avalanche. The time of your ascension draws ever closer.

    46. nashathedog on June 11, 2015

      Just passing thru.

    47. d4v33edz on June 7, 2015

      @Avalanche. Prophet!!!??? Brilliant..The Prophet of blog, here to make a profit.

    48. Avalanche on June 6, 2015

      @ Maurice Burgmans [… ]

      Wow, that actually sounds worse than the previous threat of organised crime like tactics. I think I'd prefer the whole coercion/blackmail thing, to be honest. Look, I'll pay a ransom, okay. Actually, keep my loved ones, just don't make me go to West Games. I don't think they even have real offices. I've said so before. Please don't make me go. I don't want to sit in that classroom or someone's front room or whatever it was.

      Wait a minute... *you're* on the troll list. That means I'd have to defend them against you. *All* of you. d4v33edz is on the list. And Ahmad is back. He was fourth on the list. And Raul Strugar? Who hasn't posted for over six months? Six months and he suddenly turns up. And I'm supposed to believe that's just a coincidence? I'm being set up. That's it isn't it, you're all in on it, you're all trying to push me to the top, so you can strike!

      Having said all that, what do you mean by prophet? That sounds kinda promising... you know, in a cultish leader sort of way :o)

      @ Raul Strugar & Ahmad Khan

      Heya :o)

    49. Ahmad Khan on June 6, 2015

      And i am surprised Kickstarter is letting this go on :D

    50. d4v33edz on May 30, 2015

      @ Maurice Burgmans, brilliant explanation, the truth behind the wall of Trolls becomes ever clearer.

      Hi Raul...long time :D

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