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Areal (Suspended)'s video poster

From the developers of the cult hit S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, comes a new post apocalyptic video game called Areal. Read more

Las Vegas, NV Games
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pledged of $50,000 goal

Funding Suspended

Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter on July 22, 2014.

From the developers of the cult hit S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, comes a new post apocalyptic video game called Areal.

Las Vegas, NV Games
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    1. Creator Avalanche about 19 hours ago is gone < salutes > and their facebook page [ ] isn't even deleting negative comments anymore.

      After the announcement of S..Ta.L.k..eR .aP.OC.ol..yP.Se, the top Comment is:

      "Hi guys, until you don´t show me work in progress you can call your game STALKER - half life in metro 2036 during great Battlefield 6 ...and i dont give you any cent.." (16 votes)

      Second is:

      "What is this? 'Our first con didn't work so we're trying again', or 'our first con worked really well so we're doing it again'? Either way, I don't trust you." (14 votes)

      I do want to play 'STALKER - half life in metro 2036 during great Battlefield 6' though :o)

    2. Creator Avalanche about 20 hours ago

      @ ... no one in particular as there's nothing to comment on

      No need for me to actually reply as nothing at all suspicious. Just an everyday string of characters, testing how the characters would post. No hidden message. No using somebody else's comments section. No contact with comrades in...


      < awkward cough >

      ...I've said too much.

    3. Creator d4v33edz 2 days ago


      Great idea, use somebody else's kickstarter campaign comments section to experiment with angle brackets etc. Even WG didn't think of that..... :)

    4. Creator Maurice Burgmans 3 days ago

      Hmm that is particularly suspicious.
      I am certain you are trying to send a hidden message under our plain view without us noticing.

    5. Creator Avalanche 3 days ago

      Weird test to see what Kickstarter does with angle brackets, so no need to read:

      < << >> > <> <<>>

      Seriously, no need to read this :o)

    6. Creator Avalanche on February 20

      @ nashathedog

      Add it to the very long list of things West Games thought was okay? Or tried to *convince* people was okay.

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      This is typical of those out to discredit. I never said that the entertainment centre could have "the exclusive S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy from GoG"... ... that would cost extra ;oP

      Those are good points about the Privacy Policy though. For .t..hE. .b..Lo..G., it seems very straightforward. How about:

      "I have privacy. You do not."

      I think it covers everything nicely.

    7. Creator Maurice Burgmans on February 17

      That entertainment center of yours is obviously a fake. There's no way it could have the exclusive S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy from GoG.
      And you do need a privacy policy. One that forbids the users of the blog to try dig up facts about you, gives you the right to put the names of people who disagree on international terrorism and trolling lists and protects the anonimity of all Eugenes participating in the project.

      Some companies just go way too far in trying to protect their copyright though. King suing the makers of the banner saga for using the word saga comes to mind. No judge in their right mind would agree with them.

    8. Creator nashathedog on February 17

      Fortress fallout developers have been jumped on by Bethesda for using the word fallout in the games title, So a game that has no similarities to the Fallout series can not use that word,

      Yet West games think that what there doing is okay?

    9. Creator Avalanche on February 13

      About GSC :o)

      That's a surprise. Good one though. I wonder how long before they're going to say more. I wish the bit about 'not hesitating to take action' had been a quote of what was actually said, but no messing about with regard to West Games and a Flash Game. A Flash game? Even using the word "steal".

      Personal gripe: I hate it when websites say stuff like "mysteriously suspended". What was so mysterious about it? Just because Kickstarter didn't officially say? And it wasn't cancelled "not long after it began". And why do websites say "It's being made by...", when there's no reason to think it in anyway exists. They said all that about Areal and that never existed either.

      I'll stop. I did think of another possible name for the blog though:

      .t..hE. .b..Lo..G.


    10. Creator Avalanche on February 13

      @ d4v33edz

      Eugene Avalanche is good. It is only *one* Eugene though, which is a concern. Don't get me wrong, it *is* a good start. I wonder though, if anyone in the Kovtun family lives in Eugene, in the U.S.A.? Now I know what you're thinking, *but* there are *three* Eugenes in The States. Three. Add them to Eugene Avalanche and we have the four that we need. I think that's fate.

      Exciting news? Ummm... something about me getting a new entertainment center? 100" surface-conduction electron-emitter display, hex layer X-ray disc player, advanced mulltipositional micro triode vacuum tube amplifier, 36.7.3 surround sound speaker system (joint Bang & Olufsen/Bose technology, naturally), synchronised hybrid holographic interface allowing... oh, you meant something about the blog. Ummm... I bought the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy from GoG. Remember? That's definitely related and I'm... pretty excited about playing it. Will that do?

      @ nashathedog

      Small print? I *love* small print.

      I like "Honesty not guaranteed", but don't you think it's in itself a bit... well... honest? Also, kinda direct and not in the least bit deceptive, evasive or contradictory.

      How about:

      "Copyright of The Blog is absolute and any and all other material becomes part of The Blog's absolute copyright as soon as the material becomes part of The Blog irrespective of the material's previously copyright or if the material even becomes part of The Blog. Definition of 'truth' and 'question' at the sole discretion of The Blog. The Blog reserves the right to represent the information contained within The Blog as representing and representative of the information in The Blog. No liability to be undertaken with regard to The Blog being. Acknowledgement of the fine print waves the right to question and accepts The Blog as fact. All facts subject to change without notice."

      Actually I think you've hit on something rather important here. We may need a full Terms of Use. Obviously no need for a Privacy Policy, as all Backer's names/pledge amount and full details will be in The Blog for all to see, so that will save a bit of time. And I like the NDA idea. That's a whole separate document and I'm thinking it would link to the £10,000 Tier. That way, the Backer pays £10,000 to actually *get* answers, but can't tell anyone about it :o)

      @ Maurice Burgmans and d4v33edz

      Ahhh... okay, E.A. Yeah, I can go with that. Shorter. Also, still very cool marketing-wise. The abbreviation *is* the brand name. And marketing will always tell us: It's in the name. Wait... that sounds familiar... hold on...


      I looked it up and I see what you mean about copyright. EA is already taken. That's a shame. But as you say, there *are* dots in E.A. and I'm sure EA are a pretty laid back company and, I mean, it's not like they're considered the *worst* company or anything ridiculous like that, so I'm sure it will be fine. Besides, the fine print already takes care of copyright and we can add something similar regarding trademarks. As d4v33edz said: "taking shape nicely". What could possibly go wrong.

      Although, now that I think about it: Buying the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy off GoG? That's actually true, so... let's just go with the entertainment center news. I'm sure the Backers will be fine with that.

    11. Creator d4v33edz on February 12

      @Maurice Burgmans

      Infringe on copyrights!!!???

      Remember where you are,... copyrights....bah! Who needs that kind of b#llsh#t, we ARE the makers of this damn thing, we made this, here...a video to prove it! Look NOT robots, see everything is true what we say, damn...I need a drink!....Eugene!!!....where the hell are you??

    12. Creator Maurice Burgmans on February 12


      Eugene Avalanche, or E.A. for short.
      That sounds perfect.
      You do not infringe on any copyrights because there are dots between the letters.

    13. Creator nashathedog on February 12

      @Avalanche, You forgot the small print, " Honesty not guaranteed" That will be available for an additional 2k as long as you sign a non-disclosure form.

    14. Creator nashathedog on February 11

      Damn, d4v33edz's already posted the link.

      Never mind, That's the best quote in there.

    15. Creator nashathedog on February 11

      QUOTE"GSC's Yeltyshev all but dismisses West Games, saying that the team has neither the expertise, nor the permission, to make a STALKER game.

      "We started to develop a Flash-based, a web-based STALKER before 2011," Yeltshev said. "An isometric, open-world STALKER. And that was these guys [that make up the core of West Games]. When we realized that this project would not be as good as we wanted it to be, we closed the project."

      "They are trying to steal money from people with this crowdfunding website. With Kickstarter first ... and now they are using some weird, other platform. Who is so stupid as to give them money? These guys do not even have an adequate team to make a game half as big as the original STALKER, let alone a full game.""

    16. Creator d4v33edz on February 11

      Avalanche, you have got the right idea with all of this, the Eugene issue is easily solved, you become Eugene Avalanche, bingo!

      Also remember with each update you need to be promising some exciting news, which never gets materialised.

      Meanwhile on a separate note:

    17. Creator Avalanche on February 3

      Additional Tier:

      £10,000: I'll actually *answer* your pestering questions.


    18. Creator Avalanche on February 3

      [Your replies made me laugh again :o) ]

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      I would curse at giving you the 'questions' idea, but if this were to ever actually go ahead, I'm pretty sure *someone* would think of it and sooner rather than later, so best, I think, to put it out there right from the start, so everyone knows where we'd stand. And *I* would stand, as already stated, in hell :oP

      "leaders"? Plural? I'd need to have more than one leader? Oh for cryi... how many leaders would I need?

      And "Eugenes" plural, as well?! What... oh... yeah, obviously I'd need as many Eugenes as possible. I'm with you on that one :oD

      @ d4v33edz

      Dollars? What sort of currency is that? It would be in Russian rubles. Or... no, wait... I mean pounds. Great Britain pounds. Yes, that's what I meant.

      I really like the idea of one Reward:

      £1: You are a Troll

      Those unfamiliar with it all, would probably be rather unhappy with such a Reward, but it amused me and that's what's important.

      Maybe a few extra Tiers* leading up to Cave Troll, but that seems a little too Hobbity again. Also, cave troll/stone troll? Which was in The Hobbit and which was in The Lord of the Rings? Was there really a difference? Which could become an issue of contention, then some idiot brings up the Olog-hai and posts a link to and things spiral further into the realms of unnecessary off topic and who needs that... ...

      What was I talking about again?

      I did think about concept art for the blog though. A rough sketch including some wavy lines vaguely representing text. Some boxes representing some sort of border arrangement. And a sketch logo of 'The Areal Kickstarter and Beyond Blog', which is still just text, but crucially: in a bigger font :o) Also, vehicles.

      * although a higher Tier would mean that it wasn't a troll pledge, but would still be a Troll Reward and that sort of paradox is the type of thing than can collapse a Universe. At least such a Campaign would have resulted in something *actually* happening, so I call it a solid Plan B.

    19. Creator d4v33edz on January 29

      Avalanche, this is all taking shape nicely. Now for some other minor things to consider:

      1. Reward system, as backed by pledge amount
      a. $1 - You are nothing more than 1, a troll. 2, a successful mod dev team with an axe to grind. 3, a member of some other game dev studio. You will be completely ignored and if we get fed up with you we will tell everyone.
      b. $2 - Not much better than above, try harder.
      c. $5 - Better, we might mention you in the game (but probably won't).
      d. $10 - More like it, have a free wallpaper of some unique concept art*.
      e. $20 - Now we are starting to get there, lots of wallpaper art for you and a mention in the game.
      f. $50 - Join us for lunch, have a statue of your image in the game.
      g. $100 - We love you, you are the game, yes we will name the game after you, plus lunch and coffee after.
      h. $200 - How much??!!! - All our children will be named after you. We will build a shrine in your honour etc, etc.

      * Concept Art Avalanche, the most important update weapon in your armoury, 1st stretch goal - a new set of crayons and paper.

      I think this will float.

    20. Creator Maurice Burgmans on January 29

      Us asking all kinds of difficult questions about your blog?
      I actually didn't think of it but it's a great idea you have there =p.
      I could go on all day about your blog's translation costs, which world leaders gave you support, the amount of Eugenes you need to collaborate with, if you are really able to think of a new name with the amount of money you ask in your stretch goal...

    21. Creator Avalanche on January 27

      I've got it:

      Stretch Goal:- Come up with a better name for the Blog



    22. Creator Avalanche on January 27

      @ d4v33edz

      Hey. You're back :o)

      I've no idea how many people would back, but it's rather sad that writing about a venture might get more support that the venture itself.

      S..Ta.L.k..eR .aP.OC.ol..yP.Se* was at $15926 and now's at $16026, so a single $100 bet/pledge? (288 backers now and I think it was at 287.) Some poor soul *may* have actually donated, but apart from that I couldn't see any other changes. Although, this time I didn't look through the sections to see if anything was new. So yes, it seems dead. The other front page projects seemed to be unchanged as well.

      * since West Games couldn't decide if it was Stalker, STALKER or the not-at-all-subtle rivets in the STALKER logo to produce 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-but-not-really-no-honest-so-please-don't-sue-us', I tried to cover all eventualities :o) I think it works.

      @ Ahmad Khan

      After you posted, I actually considered it, but sooo many reasons made me think not to. I actually laughed out loud when I thought that if I did, you guys would pledge and just make my life hell asking what experience I had; for examples of my writing; where my blog would be hosted; why I don't already have a blog; for a bloody budget breakdown; on and on :oD

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      Ohhhh, not you as well ;oP People are *voting* now for me to do work? Although, it would be *paid* work.

      In all seriousness, I would actually find it an interesting thing to do. No, really. Not joking. The sequence of events that took place, how far things went and then everything we've been talking about afterwards is rather compelling to me. For a start, we're still here. So I would actually look at it as a... somewhat light hearted, but also serious/detailed account of what went on.

      The thing is, I very much doubt it would have any real appeal outside of a few of us here chewing the fat. Other reasons as well. like if I was even capable of doing it.

      Having said that :o) the way this has all happened and the very fact that we were *just* talking about not being surprised by a West Games return, *if* they did return, then... well... I think I would be compelled to run an actual side-by-side Campaign. I quite like:

      'The Areal Kickstarter and Beyond Blog'

      Still room for improvement. Since it would be a return to Kickstarter for West Games:

      'Areal - There and Back Again'?

      Bit too Hobbity :o) Meh, I'll probably keep thinking about it...

    23. Creator Ahmad Khan on January 27

      Maurice Burgmans: haha one more up vote!

    24. Creator Maurice Burgmans on January 27

      I vote for Avalanche starting the KS too =p

    25. Creator Ahmad Khan on January 25

      @Avalanche: start the KS, really do It!
      @d4v33edz: welcome back mate!

    26. Creator d4v33edz on January 25

      aid!!??? I meant said, I must get into the habit of checking my post before pressing "Post comment". :/

    27. Creator d4v33edz on January 25

      @Avalanche, you would probably end up with more backers. The WWF seems to be heading up a dead-end street and with GSC looking to get back into business then that's another pin for their bubble.
      Will they try and come back again? Well, they are (as Ahmad has aid), a gift that keeps giving.

    28. Creator Avalanche on January 25

      @ Ahmad Khan

      Thanks. I think. Actually, that sounds suspiciously like work again. And what did we *just* talk about regarding that. Look, here's the link to remind you:…


      Although having said that, your suggestion did make me think about starting a Kickstarrter, to support the blog, about the Areal Kickstarter. Which amused me :o) The Campaign alone would be hilarious.

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      A part of me thinks you were joking, but then "it wouldn't be too surprising" takes far greater precedence :o) They started their own crowd funding site for crying out loud and I did not, in any way, think of *that* as a possibility, so... yeah... it wouldn't surprise me either.

      If they did come back and it ran side-by-side with my 'The Areal Kickstarter and Beyond Blog' Campaign, it would surely be a sight to behold :o)

    29. Creator Maurice Burgmans on January 21

      Or maybe they logged in to start up yet another kickstarter project. After project tool and now Areal it wouldn't be too surprising if they came with a 3rd one.

    30. Creator Ahmad Khan on January 20

      @Maurice Burgmans: hahah!
      @Avalanche: seriously dude you should start a blog for this, this is gold!

    31. Creator Avalanche on January 20

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      Proof? What proof? :oD

      @ Ahmad Khan (general ramblings to follow - no change there)

      I got the impression that the West Games account on Kickstarter was far less to do with Leonid Kovtun and more to do with those in Ukraine. Leonid Kovtun was a convenient bank account, in a county (one out of five) that Kickstarter allowed money to be sent to. I have no idea, but I wouldn't think that the person logging in would be Leonid Kovtun. It could also be more than one person with the password. Obviously breaching Kickstarter Terms, but I think we can all agree that was never really a problem with West Games. So it could be any number of people.

      Odd to actually log in though. One doesn't need to log in to read Comments and no comment has been made since June 20th 2014 ( ), so why log in at all? Maybe not odd though. Change profile details? Access messages? But then, the West Games account has just the one created Project, that as I understand it, they can no longer post in anyway, as the Project was cancelled by Kickstarter and I would have thought West Games would have been done with any serious dealings with Kickstarter a long time ago, so... I don't know. They do have one backed Project, so maybe it was something to do with that. Maybe I'm making more of this than it really is.

      But then :o) your point would still stand that *someone* from the whole debarkle still comes here, but I figured that would be likely. Not necessarily often, but someone was bound to show up here and there, if only to see if and what was happening. Maybe someone logged in to let us know they are still about...

      *dun dun duuuuuuun*


    32. Creator Maurice Burgmans on January 19

      @Ahmad khan:
      Oh no! He must be here to steal Avalanche's new mine concept art!
      Though seriously that's a nice find.
      I didn't expect him to come back here so long after his failed scam attempt.

    33. Creator Ahmad Khan on January 19

      Just a friendly remind to to the fine ladies and gents here, Mr.Leonid Kovtun takes a peek here time to time:
      Last loged in: Jan 07,2015. Hehehe like that makes a difference :-)

    34. Creator Maurice Burgmans on January 19

      Well the Areal page was a direct donation just like on wwf so if they donated to both they would directly lose their money for both. I think it is very unlikely they'd forget they already paid for the project.
      If there is actually anything real behind that number on wwf (probably not), they most likely also counted the pledges to Areal as counting for the pledges towards stalker apocalypse.

      Yes just keep on denying that you are a russian troll master cyber terrorist of the KGB, comrade. We have carefully ereased all proof against you.

    35. Creator Avalanche on January 18

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      Well, I've been hard at work and here is the first piece of concept art as suggested:

      I think that really encapsulates what I'm going for.

      Not sure if Vladimir Putin is the way to go though. Despite the murmurings that I was a Russian sleeper agent, I'm still very much English, so I think I'd have to contact David Cameron... oh... now I'm not so sure this is a good idea :oD Maybe I'll just make a cup of tea instead. The Potato Salad guy got $55,492, so it could still be a Project :o)

      @ nashathedog

      The Areal number was said to have been updated manually. And World Wide Funder's accounts creation is suspect to say the least. With the whole massive façade of both systems, I have no idea how many people *really* donated, so you could be right, but I think the numbers are at least inflated, if not totally false. I don't know though, obviously. I do wonder if people actually donated money to these things. I guess some did, but I've no idea how many. As for donating to both: surely people wouldn't be that gullible. I mean... right?


    36. Creator nashathedog on January 18

      What I find interesting is how the amount that's down as donated is very close to what there own Areal page was claiming had been donated for that, I bet it's the same foolish people donating again.

    37. Creator Maurice Burgmans on January 15


      You should try to obtain support from Vladimir Putine. He kind of urgently needs to obtain more resources from the ground than just oil. Also make some concept art of your mine that always works great.

    38. Creator Avalanche on January 14

      @ Maurice Burgmans

      That made me laugh :oD

      For my part, I'm thinking of creating a project to open a diamond mine in my back garden. Thoughts? Suggestions? :o)

    39. Creator Maurice Burgmans on January 14


      Wow great project i'm sure he will make us filthy rich.

      However, Wfunder is definitely lacking some great and credible projects next to this great get rich scheme. For example they need a project where pledgers can win a free iphone, a project that will hook you up with all those attractive women in your region who want to meet you, a project from an arabian prince who needs to smuggle his money out of the country and will give you a cut if you pledge and a project that tells you you are the millionth visitor of this project and offers a great prize for pledging.

    40. Creator Avalanche on January 9

      This project sounds like a winner to me (!):

      @ Ahmad Khan

      Nice: 'information officer'. That's sounds really important and I accept this prestigious... wait... 'work'? You said work. If this is going to involve work, then I'm out :oD

      Happy New Year to you though. And to all for that matter.

      @ Ahmad Khan & Maurice Burgmans [damn, organising these replies is complicated :o) ]

      I *think* World Wide Funder have completely stalled. The press coverage has been been negative and many comments that I've seen have really slammed them. Ridiculed them, probably like GSC Game World have. I hope it's done.

      From what I could make out, there have only been a few new Projects added over the past couple of weeks (a couple in Music and a couple in Games?), but none others that I could see. And I'm not sure if any money at all has been donated to any Project in that time, so I hope they're done.

      Not sure if this one is new though , but it has $125. I *think* it was there before, but the claim "An Emmy award winning animator" is from someone who worked on three episodes of The Simpsons as a "background layout artist", so I'm wondering if West Games' approach of technically being involved with something is catching on.

      No update from that West Games got back to them and nothing new that could find from eurogamer/Forbes etc, so yeah, it seems West Games have gone to ground. Why do I think that they will be back again at some point...

    41. Creator Ahmad Khan on January 8

      Hey Maurice,
      Nothing so far dude, their funding project is till active but after been made fun at GSC gameworld I think they are trying to stay lowkey.

    42. Creator Maurice Burgmans on January 6

      @Ahmad Khan:
      Happy new year to you too.

      There is still no movement from West Games. Did they give up or something?

    43. Creator Ahmad Khan on January 1

      Happy new year to stalker fans here, especially to our information officer Avalanche, keep up the good work sir!

    44. Creator Avalanche on December 31

      For a summary, some more links and the comments section doesn't mess around.

      Also, I do love how people are still contacting West Games and now World Wide Funder for "clarification". It's almost quaint.

    45. Creator Avalanche on December 31

      @ Jonny Hurtig [and general ramblings to anyone still about :o ]

      I would have no idea what laws they would/could have broken. What with them being in Ukraine, but offices in Las Vegas, if they even *have* offices, which seems unlikely, although there is company registration in Nevada (which may have expired), although that's Leonid Kovtun anyway (I think), who may be a partner of Kim, or not and it's all just such a deliberate mess, it would take an actual police investigation, which would have to largely take place in the U.S? I have no idea. I doubt it's big enough to warrant such an effort.

      I still don't think West Games have offices in Ukraine *or* Las Vegas. The 'footage' in the Areal videos looked like a small school room and the other video someone's front room, so I have no idea what's going on in Kim's mind. Which I'm okay with. I have no idea if any part of him believes in what he is saying. "twisted", I think, is the right word.

      I was looking though the Funders list, on Apocalypse's page ( ) and there's one Funder of Tool, Animalbook and Apocalypse ( ) whose account was created on the 2014-09-09, there are a few more created on the 2014-10-25 and then a *huge* number, all created on the 2014-12-12. The vast majority of all the 'Backers', which spills over into the 2014-12-13, by half a dozen or so. All created within the space of about 12 hours.

      So, they've stalled at $15926, but most of the listed accounts must be fake and the total could be fake (like Areal, which was manually updated), so what I'm saying is, yes, magic would be needed to get to 600k :o)

      Interesting information from your reddit link, about Project Tool's end of funding moving ever forward. It's last mention was:

      "Today, November 24: "This project will be funded on Fri, Jan 23 2015 04:25 AM -0800 PST"

      As of 31st December, it says:

      "This project will be funded on Fri, Feb 13 2015 07:39 AM -0800 PST"

      So even that isn't real.

      Very much reached the point for me where it's just a matter of wondering what will happen next.

    46. Creator Jonny Hurtig on December 30

      @Avalanche, that site is quite a little treasure-trove, found this reddit link there, truly amazing that they are not all in jail by now, I still do believe that in Kim's twisted mind is a small part that really do want to make that game, but the incompetence, lack of skill and morals or rather.. lack of a moral compass.will simply make it not happen, even if he should magically get 600k and by even more magic plowed all of it into the project.

      and the Korea update .. I'm at a loss for words :3

    47. Creator Avalanche on December 30

      World Wide Funder admit that Leonid Kovtun is involved with World Wide Funder:

      Despite trying to play it down in the above link, Kim said about Leonid Kovtun in the infamous AMA (… ):

      "I'm [Kim] a shareholder of west games in the U.S.. He [Kovtun] handles legal and organizational aspects and is a partner of mine." Although we never did get any answers about what "partner" meant for that and all the other times it was used.

      World Winder Funder did say "We hope their project is successful, despite the controversy that they've stirred, and we think that people should lighten up on them a little. They look like a passionate team of people who want to make a spectacular game."

      So, what do you think? Do you think we should lighten up about West Games? ;o)

    48. Creator Avalanche on December 22

      [As for the update itself, it's... just read the update :o) ]

    49. Creator Avalanche on December 22

      @ Ahmad Khan

      Huh. Curious. I wonder if it coincided with: update, where West Games talk about not getting away with things and standing up and... no, it's not West Games taking some responsibility. It's about North Korea.

      Good to know West Games are stepping up and doing what's right (!)

    50. Creator Ahmad Khan on December 22

      @Avalanche only for 6 hours, the rest of the site was still up.

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