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Pete Fij (Adorable / Polak) / Terry Bickers (House of Love / Levitation) have made an album and want to get it out to the world.
Pete Fij (Adorable / Polak) / Terry Bickers (House of Love / Levitation) have made an album and want to get it out to the world.
188 backers pledged £6,766 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Pete Fij / Terry Bickers 2-time creator on

      Hi Bard, the downloads should be available wihtin the next week....

    2. bard sarheim on

      As the CD`s should be on the way soon,when will the download be available? I signed up for both formats:

    3. James Duval on

      This pretty much made my holiday season! Thank you, kindly gents!! I've been patiently waiting for this for quite a few years now!

    4. Pete Fij / Terry Bickers 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone - i have put some more combination of the packages up. The way Kickstarter works, you can only have one pledge per person. However, Kickstarter suggested the following solution which is the way for us to go:
      Pick the package that is closest to your requriements, and then add onto your pledge the value of any other items you want.

      Say for example you would like signed CD with Terry Bickers plectrum Plus you would also like a postcard sent to one friend, a Christams card to another, and Pete to write out the lyrics of your favourite Fij-penned song, then simply purchase CD + PLECTRUM package. Then add £10(postcard) + £10 (Xmas Card) + £12 (lyrics). Message us to let us know what it is you want as part of yur package, and we'll sort that out for you. Remember to add postage fees if abroad. Hope that makes sense - any problems, please message us. Pete

    5. Pete Fij / Terry Bickers 2-time creator on

      Hi all - have contacted Kickstarter about this. if needs be I will contact you to find out exactly what items you want & then create a package for that for you to buy. You cna then cancel your current pledge and purachse the correct one. Hope to have this resolve din next 24 hours once Kickstarter have got back to me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick Tam on

      Pete could be right. Click Manage your pledge. I was able to add additional pledges but did not complete the process.

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam Hammond on

      Kickstarter say, "Because pledging to projects on Kickstarter is more about helping bring an idea to life, and less about buying items like in a store, Kickstarter backers can only pledge to each project once. Accordingly, it's not possible to select multiple rewards or tiers." Not seen this problem with other pledge sites.

    8. Missing avatar

      sylvie hill on

      Hi Pete Fij & Terry Bickers! I backed the CD pre/after package for 30 pounds, but also wanted some Christmas cards! Looks like one goes BACK INTO the system to ADD additional rewards. I think. I'll try it out!

      Cheers & excited to get some goodies!
      - Sylvie from Canada

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Hammond on

      Sorry, that button only seems to cancel your old pledge.

    10. Pete Fij / Terry Bickers 2-time creator on

      i will have a look in into this tomorrow. It has been suggested that you click on the 'manage your pledge' button and you can then add to it, but I haven't checked that - see if that helps....

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Spencer on

      Me too. I want to order an album for me and an album for a friend and maybe a button badge. How do we do it?

    12. Sarah Read on

      I'm a bit confused, Pete, am I only allowed to choose once? I'd like a button badge and a cd too but it won't let me! Am I being thick, lol?!